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“I did not form the ICC to become an Emperor. I formed the ICC to let the people be unified and safe under leaders of their own choosing.” -- High Councillor Shie Jie Sheng, founder of the ICC, on why he could not accept a lifetime term.

The ICC started off a a loose alliance of Frontier worlds. They have grown from these beginning to be one of the 3 main factions, and the 2nd faction of humans. While continuing to use some of the oldest technologies in the galaxy, they use these old and reliable pieces of equipment to great effect.



The ICC are outstanding in the long range. In general, ICC weapons outrange the other 2 factions weapons, in exchange for a dependence on ammunition supplies. While the UGTO rely on heavy armour for defence, the ICC use shields, which means that ICC ships are more agile and the defences can be moved around, either for taking heavy fire or increasing regeneration by spreading the damage around.

Main benefits

  • Cannons are long ranged and very energy efficient.
  • Shields can greatly increase your defence on one side
  • Shields can be turned off to boost energy regeneration if your safe.
  • Very agile and good for dodging
  • Shields get a 4x boost to regen when out of combat.
  • Pulse lasers provide outstanding PD in missile fights.
  • Defenses are less dependent on depots.


  • The shields are a two-edged sword, by rerouteing your power to one side, you weaken the other three.
  • With a few exceptions most ICC ships are bad in energy range.
  • Needs more management of you shields and ammo levels.
  • Shields only get the rapid regen out of the fight, while armor is always repaired when something that can fix it is around.


The Interstellar Cultural Confederation, or ICC started of as frontier colonies of the UGTO. Due to pirate raids, and the UGTO not responding to calls for distress, they created a mutual defence pact, known as the Farstars. This at first is a very loose alliance. Their navy is at first heavy on recommissioned pirate ships, either captured or repaired.

Formation of the ICC

in 2245, upon the defeat of an especially powerful pirate faction, the Farstars begin to return to their status quo of internal bickering. It would appear that Admiral Sheng had been expecting this. In his forces, he had fostered a fatherly relationship with his troops and crew. Not only would his people live for him, but they would also willingly go to their deaths for him. They all knew the stories of how he would personally risk himself for the lives of his crew or other ships. Most of them had lived some of these same stories with him. He ordered the entire Farstars fleet to Exathra. Once there, he blockaded the entire CD system, with all the Farstars diplomats present. He then calmly and coolly stated that there would be a new order. This was not a request, but more of an order. The politicians balked at this thought. He simply informed them that if they did not wish to see the creation of his order, he would be more than willing to end their existences right there. None doubted the sincerity of his words…

Admiral Shi Jie Sheng’s new order would be ruled on Exathra. All member worlds would send two Representatives to help govern in the council. Each representative was voted into power by popular vote of the people whose planet he or she would represent. The council would be lead by a High Councilor who was voted to rank from with the council by popular vote of the people from all the worlds in this new government. Each Representative was required to put forth at least four years of military service to their government before seeking a position in politics. Terms would be limited to six years per Representative, and ten years for the High Councilor. The High Councilor would have direct command of the military, and the military would no longer be the property of individual worlds. This new government would be known as the Interstellar Cultural Confederation.

Shi Jie Sheng is elected almost unanimously as the first High Councilor of the ICC. He maintains a disciplined and orderly military.

Post formation, pre 3rd war

In 2251, the reactive shield is first invented. The UGTO at first show interest in this technology, but eventually reject it due to the cost of refitting an entire navy. The Farstars bought these in massive quantities, because even an light passenger liner or freighter could be equipped with it and some weapons to make a warship.

2255,despite the insistence of the military Council to stay for life, Shi Jie Sheng steps down at the end of his term and resumes service as an admiral in the new ICC fleet.

The Third Stellar War, and the leadup to it.

2256.Needing funding, the UGTO taxes the systems in their frontier and sends in the navy to enforce it. 2258.Resentful, the Cygnus systems asks to join the ICC. They know it will anger the UGTO, but decide it will be worth the risk, and send in 2 fleets to secure the system. At first the UGTO navy refuses to back down, then see they are both outnumbered and outgunned. The ICC have been well prepared for a conflict and have kept their fleet up to strength and up to date, while the UGTO training and ship quality has lagged behind. The UGTO fleet retreats and reports of this event goes to Sol.

On the 23rd of July 2258, the UGTO senate and Grand Chancellor Falica declare war on the ICC, officially declaring Piracy as the Reason. The Third Stellar War begins.

The ICC rapidly take Ross 248 and Epsilon Ind. Outnumbered two to one, two ICC fleets under the commands of admiral Thompson and Sheng completely devastate 3 UGTO fleets,only 5 UGTO ships survived. Most of the ICC 6th fleet seriously damaged or destroyed. The UGTO sues for peace and the conquered systems are added to the Confederation, more than doubling its size.

Grand Chancellor Falica is kicked out, and the new Chancellor, Grand Chancellor Cooper begins an aggressive rearmament of the Trade Navy.Nearly all the fleet is mothballed, Including their enormous fleet of Agincourt Carriers. Almost overnight they introduce radial new technology into their ships, including particle cannons, proton torpedoes and new armours. These new designs are manufactured at every yard that can build it.

Post 3rd war

The ICC sees that the UGTO are upgrading their fleet and continue to develop technologies of their own, including ion cannons and active shields, while continuing to refine the rail guns and fusion torpedoes that have been around since before humanity even left Sol. While the missile dreadnoughts won the Third Stellar War, it was found the M-303 Combat Dreadnoughts were seriously out-gunned. These ships were converted into missile ships and development of the M-400 series dreadnought begins and development is hastened because the 4th war is threatening.

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