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DarkSpace - Beta
Scenario : The Cincinnati Brawl
Population: Perfect

Grubbs10/0/0Metals, Heavy Metals, Cryo Metals, Hyper Matter, Dark MatterBlockade
Outpost Kangaroo0/0/0Metals, Heavy Metals, Cryo MetalsBlockade
Two Guns0/0/0Metals, Heavy MetalsBlockade
Deadrock0/0/0Metals, Heavy MetalsBlockade
Lucky Strike0/0/0Metals, Dark MatterBlockade
Upper Atca20/0/0Hydrogen, Oxygen, MetalsBlockade
Lower Atca0/0/0MetalsBlockade
Sentry Levi50/0/0Hydrogen, Oxygen, MetalsBlockade
Little Heaven50/0/0Hydrogen, Oxygen, MetalsBlockade
Bean Station20/0/0Metals, UrdaniumBlockade
Brim Chase0/0/0MetalsBlockade
Happyland20/0/0Oxygen, Metals, UrdaniumBlockade
Lefox Rush0/0/0MetalsBlockade
No Water10/0/0Oxygen, Metals, Heavy MetalsBlockade

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