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 Author Hello strangers, its been a while...

Joined: May 29, 2001
Posts: 1780
Posted: 2018-01-21 12:24   
It should come as no surprise that DarkSpace has been through a, shall we say, quiet phase. Although the project was uploaded to GitHub to allow the game to live on in the open source community, the fact it had to be compiled and edited in Visual Studio 2005 was a major barrier to entry for most. This is extremely antiquated, not available to purchase anymore (Im not even sure its survived the pirate scene), and not used in schools and universities across the world. The world has moved on to Visual Studio 2017, and so if DarkSpace is to survive, so must it.

A number of weeks ago the DarkSpace Discord server became active with chatter again, mostly on the topic of development and the inability for most who wanted to work on it to do so due to the above mentioned issue, and so into the weeks of work I went, porting the entire DarkSpace project over to Visual Studio 2017; and rejoice did they, when he succeeded, only to find, oh horror, the bugs.

Firstly, an apology. At no point did I ever intend for any of the in-progress work to make its way onto release servers. For some reason, somewhere along the line, the distribution system for our builds broke (maybe it just wasnt used to being run), and with that, so did DarkSpace. BlackYous resolved the GCQL system crashing on launch, and I fixed people getting negative hundred thousand prestige when bombing, and I believe that to be the end of the issue. However, if there are any to be found, please let us know so we can look into them.

You may have also noticed a few changes with the Metaverse. Yes, the old gigaMV is back, with all of its funky z-axis irregularities and AI. Weve also taken a leap of faith and decided that multi-core should be the new default enabled, although I have taken the liberty to only enable this on system powered by Intel Core and AMD Ryzen processors. You can further check if your system is supported by checking the Client.log file, which will now spew out some SysInfo lines regarding your system.

With this all said, hopefully this brings some changes to DarkSpace. We have a number of people willing and wanting to work on the project, and if youre interested too, check the information below and join Discord to join the discussion.



Visual Studio 2017 (Free):

- P
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