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 Author New to Darkspace

Joined: April 13, 2022
Posts: 1
Posted: 2022-04-13 16:21   
Found this game while looking for old mmorpgs. Is it worth playing solo?


Joined: August 10, 2007
Posts: 4
From: Sitting at the Helm
Posted: 2022-05-07 01:07   

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Fleet Admiral
Sundered Weimeriners

Joined: March 16, 2003
Posts: 1336
Posted: 2022-05-07 07:35   
It is, if you're a bit patient. DS is an old game, and can play like it too. Sometimes there's a bit of a grind for something, but it's worth it when you achieve a certain badge or rank. If you're just starting out there will seem like a lot to learn. Luckily you can take your time and learn things your way, and there will occasionally be another player who will 99% of the time be helpful. DS has a lot of mechanics, and most of them are pretty fun and often unique.


Joined: June 12, 2006
Posts: 2
Posted: 2022-05-19 18:39   
I've been playing solo lately and I definitely think the game is worth playing, even if you're the only one online. I end up having to stop by shipyards to switch out ships fairly frequently to perform different tasks, but that provides some variety in play style which I enjoy. The server spawns enough NPCs to keep things interesting - no shortage of fights to be had. It can be a little frustrating to have a constant stream of NPCs, including dreads, dropping in on you but there are ways to work around it. You can pull hostiles towards friendly NPCs, start captures on different planets to pull enemies to jump away from other battlespaces, etc etc. The ability to hire and command NPC allies helps some with this too.

Have been having a great time jumping into the metaverse for just a few hours each day, and gaining prestige fairly quickly, even if it's a pale substitute for true fleet play. It would be nice if there were a way to get short term allies besides the items which spawn them for credits, like being able to command certain NPCs with sufficient rank or something. Of course, the game really shines brightest when you're cooperating alongside a group of other players.

Hope to see you in-game!

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