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DarkSpace - Beta
New User Quickstart Guide[DOCUMENT INDEX]
1 Welcome
Hello, and welcome to DarkSpace. To make your transition to ship command as smooth as possible, we've created this guide to cover the immediate essentials to get into combat.
1.1 GCQL (GameCQ Lobby)
First, look along the top of the launch interface (The Lobby) for four tabs labeled Chat, Browser, Launch, and Servers. Click on the Launch tab and then double-click on DarkSpace Setup. This will begin an update process to ensure you have the latest version of the game. The update process may take several minutes, and the best way to spend that time is looking over the more detailed information resources available to new captains.
1.2 The Rules
The Rules of Conduct, or RoC, is the most important thing you will read, as it goes over the laws of the community. Part of signing up for the game was an agreement to abide by this, so make sure you've given it a good look at least once.
1.3 The FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions
Being the captain of an interstellar warship bristling with cannons and capable of tachyon jumps is complicated stuff, and this guide can only cover so much. You'll have many questions that need to be answered quickly, and we've anticipated that and provided this list of responses. While the staff is glad to answer your questions and provide assistance, it's no secret that being able to educate yourself will earn you more respect in the community. Fleet command favors those who can help themselves.
1.4 The Manual
The Manual
This is it. The greatest compendium of knowledge available. There is very little not covered by this library of information, and the best captains know it like the back of their hull. If you want your ship to excel in all situations, to be capable of tackling anything effectively and decisively, read this. Read it twice. Some elements are still being updated for the recent content changes.

Section Five in particular is essential reading for new players.
1.5 The Metaverse

It's dangerous to navigate alone! Take this.

Lacerta, Cassiopeia, and Andromeda are the home sectors of the three main factions of DarkSpace- UGTO, ICC, and K'luth respectively. There are two sectors in the Metaverse reserved for low-ranked play: Ursa Minor and Rogen's Rift. These limit access to larger ships and prestige gain past certain ranks, making them ideal for new captains to learn the ropes. When you're ready to join the war proper, head to the most conflicted sector, Sagittarius.
2 Entering the Game
Your DarkSpace installation should be fully updated by now; The setup window will open when it the update is complete. Look over this interface and set options to your preference. Click "OK" to confirm your settings and return your focus to the launcher.

Either double-click "DarkSpace" in the Launch tab, or click on the tab labeled Servers. The Kraken server is used for set-piece scenario battles, which are good for learning some absolute basics or engaging in fleet wargames. The Orion server houses the Metaverse, the main theater of war in DarkSpace. Here you will work with allied captains to seize planets from the enemy factions. Double-click on the server of your choice and the game will begin loading.

Once you're looking at the in-game navscreen of the Metaverse or Scenario system, you have two options for entering play. You can launch one of the smaller ship classes from a homegate, or you can look for a white planet and click on it. This is a shipyard world, and can launch any vessel you are certified to command as long as the world has the requisite technology and resources. From this point onward, you are free to engage enemies at will. Good luck.

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