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DarkSpace - Beta
Fleet Details
Army Of Darkness
Fleet Name:Army Of Darkness
Max Members:100
Motto:Clatue Verada Armmmphpghgnngh

We are currently invite only.

If your interested in becoming a part of a growing fleet then please message one of the officers. We are a strong K'luth fleet looking for players who are loyal to the K'luth cause and know how to fly our squishy ships. If you do apply for the fleet, play with one of our officers and we will decide if you meet our requirements, if not you are welcome to try again! We work as a team to help each other and make us more effective as a whole and for the glory of K'Luth.

"You can boil us, But you can't Butter us"

27 Members, 0 Recruits
NameRankScoreLast Login
-Apocalypse-Admiral23172.2October 12, 2022
-xTc- ExisTChief Marshal399979May 09, 2023
AnimyxChief Marshal413788October 12, 2022
AutoTimerChief Marshal367665September 02, 2023
Deth *CO2*Chief Marshal374424February 04, 2020
Died~2000~Deaths[+R]*CC*Chief Marshal570678February 04, 2020
KinthalasChief Marshal428660January 06, 2018
RedBandit *XO2*Fleet Admiral46436.5February 04, 2020
.Locke2nd Rear Admiral3541.33February 14, 2016
AntiwelfareCaptain2401.25May 26, 2012
asdfgahmedFleet Admiral58514.7October 05, 2014
CamilleKreemersVice Admiral17408.3July 22, 2020
Cheu612Admiral22437.1March 25, 2020
CreatureSlayerAdmiral25124October 26, 2013
DarkCombatAdmiral32190.2February 18, 2018
DevastationVice Admiral11767.4November 01, 2013
Fly Got OwntFleet Admiral45501.8February 12, 2020
Frost ByteCommander666.048December 10, 2012
ISuBaRuI2nd Rear Admiral3438.52April 04, 2014
jimmikael215Commander932.581July 23, 2013
LurkisFleet Admiral65383.2April 14, 2020
nickcrazy1st Rear Admiral5207.63September 27, 2012
PewPewGrand Admiral93117.5June 30, 2012
SirasFleet Admiral68174November 02, 2018
TorlokVice Admiral10859.5March 06, 2013
ToskaVice Admiral13279.7March 06, 2013
VenomousBiteCommander828.193May 28, 2012

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