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Fleet Details
Exathra Alliance Fleet
Fleet Name:Exathra Alliance Fleet
Max Members:100
Motto:Exathra Alliance Fleet

Welcome to the Exathra Alliance

This is a Fleet of friends and gamers we work vary well as a team, The history Of EA is a powerful one Started in Darkspace and is now in Defiance as well. In Darkspace we played as the ICC and was keeping our territories defended

Fleet commander
Xavier I. Agamemnon (/-CO-\)

Admiral Alucard (2IC)

1.Will you follow me into the fire? into the storm? Into the darkness? Into Death!!
2.Death before Dishonor

23 Members, 0 Recruits
NameRankScoreLast Login
Admiral Alucard (2IC)Marshal167372April 01, 2019
AthranCommander658.295March 02, 2015
EliottVice Admiral10390.3August 01, 2015
MarineKingPrimeMarshal183374April 09, 2016
ThernhoghasGrand Admiral90674.1February 11, 2020
Xavier I. AgamemnonGrand Admiral82901.1October 21, 2015
acffordyce9732nd Rear Admiral3733.66August 15, 2020
Blue_Star1st Rear Admiral5850.88September 24, 2020
cowboyfan267Captain2323.09March 26, 2014
DegonasAdmiral23123.4December 06, 2011
Dr. ZalostVice Admiral12116.4October 28, 2014
drew1938Captain2472.33July 24, 2011
EchoAlphaSierraAdmiral26232September 04, 2014
Grimaldus2nd Rear Admiral3130.39December 17, 2012
iPawD2nd Rear Admiral3274.48September 04, 2011
liamRCommander782.721May 08, 2012
lordhyperionCommander816.801June 02, 2012
msteele999Vice Admiral11695.6April 13, 2011
Paradogma2nd Rear Admiral4582.02October 18, 2017
SuckerpunchLieutenant Commander490.389December 02, 2012
Wierden1st Rear Admiral7178.68June 13, 2017
ZioapiAdmiral25965.5March 30, 2019
zoomer2462nd Rear Admiral3049.76November 28, 2010

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