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DarkSpace - Beta
Fleet Details
Lethal Assault Group
Fleet Name:Lethal Assault Group
Max Members:25
Motto:Recruitment is open.
UGTO Strictly. Be nice until it's time to not be nice!

If you can't see the fleet join button, try this:
/clan join @5201


10 Members, 1 Recruits
NameRankScoreLast Login
LAGMarshal306297January 16, 2014
Admiral Starkiller1st Rear Admiral6668.51August 14, 2014
boatmasterMidshipman11.2426April 22, 2014
boopalasMarshal172400June 18, 2015
cantrelli20Commander764.119March 25, 2017
fin231st Lieutenant162.27August 25, 2011
gmatt2nd Lieutenant89.7132April 20, 2010
Kaganader1st Rear Admiral10239March 30, 2010
killereeeeFleet Admiral49008July 16, 2010
Monkey (USF Exodus)Fleet Admiral64577.1September 29, 2013
Nietono2nd Rear Admiral2614.15March 21, 2012

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