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DarkSpace - Beta
Fleet Details
Rogens Raiders
Fleet Name:Rogens Raiders
Max Members:25
Motto:Los Banditos de Queso. Arr! Arr! Arr! 'Tis a pirates life for we. A bottle o' rum and a barrel o' cheese, 'Tis good enough fo' me!

12 Members, 0 Recruits
NameRankScoreLast Login
Edward RogenChief Marshal379773May 19, 2016
Pollo DiabolicoChief Marshal523750May 15, 2016
Bailey ScarrFleet Admiral44773.4March 24, 2018
Bobby BaconbeardFleet Admiral52905.9October 14, 2013
Captain Casey DeadbonesLieutenant Commander387.003September 19, 2011
Dermot NaztonVice Admiral12538.2June 30, 2013
Jorg SalterLieutenant Commander401.281November 18, 2011
One-boot WillyAdmiral37732June 30, 2013
Plundering Melted Cheese2nd Rear Admiral4270.74April 14, 2021
Randal CutlerAdmiral38610.1June 12, 2013
Sammy Two-GunsMidshipman15.791May 18, 2012
Zharf AcorazadoFleet Admiral49077.4June 30, 2013

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