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Forum Index » » Developer Feedback » » Siege Torp Jump Bug
 Author Siege Torp Jump Bug
Nine Arts Dragon

Joined: March 11, 2003
Posts: 51
Posted: 2018-01-07 15:22   
Earlier today i fired a volley of Siege trops at a stat, that jumped towards me and the stat took no damage.

Video Below


Eledore Massis [R33]
Grand Admiral
Templar Knights

Joined: May 26, 2002
Posts: 2694
From: tsohlacoLocalhost
Posted: 2018-01-07 17:17   
Neutron Siege Torpedo has a Arming range of 400gu.
So while you can't fire the weapon under this range. This means something completely different: The Ordnance has to travel 400gu before it will Arm the warhead.

Mousey hit the Torps when they had only traveled around ~300gu out. So they did no damage..

[ This Message was edited by: Eledore Massis [R33] on 2018-01-07 17:19 ]
DS Discordion

Chief Marshal

Joined: September 11, 2017
Posts: 7
From: 2 has got the lead on the left
Posted: 2018-01-07 23:19   
For dramatic effect.
We, who have done without for so long, are now overqualified to do everything with absolutely nothing using our considerable lack of experience. I don't get it either.

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