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 Author Client Crash comps
Fatal HI NSA PadmaVajra *XO1*
Chief Marshal
Fatal Squadron

Joined: May 24, 2005
Posts: 184
Posted: 2013-10-05 14:33   
Where is the best place these days to ask for a comp? I just lost my station at Melando after the client froze up. When I came back "killed by Melando"

Typically, so what...
but I've been trying to finish off my last rank, don't want to keep throwing out enhancemence, etc....

Thus, what is best way to get comp on my client crash?

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Pitch Black

Joined: January 11, 2010
Posts: 3823
From: LobsterTown
Posted: 2013-10-05 14:34   

As mentioned in chat, Use the "Submit Ticket" link on the left of this page.

Put the date, time, and location of the incident. An admin will check out the logs for you and act accordingly.
... in space, no one can hear you scream.....

Grand Admiral

Joined: March 24, 2009
Posts: 301
Posted: 2013-10-06 07:25   
ah compensation...i thought u ment compilers to make a decent report of what happened
"I shouldn't be alive"

Chief Marshal

Joined: March 14, 2004
Posts: 2816
From: United State of Texas, Houston
Posted: 2013-10-06 08:05   
I thought it meant Crash Compactors, and my dyslexia got the better of me.
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