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Forum Index » » DarkSpace Events » » Darkspace Dueling League (Discussion)
 Author Darkspace Dueling League (Discussion)
Sens [R33]

Joined: September 27, 2008
Posts: 1020
From: Edge of th...
Posted: 2009-12-27 01:37   

A player organized league where players can duel in different categories. Each participant will have a ranking that will increase/decrease with wins/losses/ties. There will be both a one on one and team league. Once and if the league is set up and active, challenging and rating tracking will be automated.

Main Categories:
Same Ship (same faction)
Same Class (same faction)
Same Ship type(different faction)
Same Class (different faction)

Secondary Categories: (Mix and Match)
Stock ships
No Cloaking
No Capturing
No Jumping
No Armor/Shield modding
No Weapon Modding
No Electronic Warfare

Team Categories:

General Rules:
No Enhancements
No Betrayals
No Supply vessels
No outside interference
Fight to the death
Stock infantry only (Heavy or regular, veteran or green)
Ships start out 2k apart
No boundaries for duel ring
Players must be within 1.5k of each other after the start of the duel*
Participants may not flee to avoid death
Winners recieve a "free walk" to safety
Duels will be watched by an approved official

A player-run dueling league will be held based on the honesty and integrity of the players. Duels will determine the
ratings for each player in the separate categories. Challenges are to be posted on a main duel challenge thread and issued
through a private message. Any player may challenge any player. Guidelines will determine the acceptance and declinement of challenges.
Ratings will be used for player seeding in bi-monthly tournaments, where prizes will be issued.

Challenge Guidelines:
A player with a rating 20 points higher than their challenger may decline at will.
A player may decline any challenge from a player of a higher rating.
All challenges from a players with a rating equal or less than 20 points below must be accepted.
Each player will have a limit of three pending challenges at any time. (three issued challenges and three offered).
Players may participating in the league must respond to the challenges within five days, or accept a mandantory forfeit.^
Players may choose to automatically decline all challengers more than 20 points below or above their rating.
Challenges MUST be sent through a private message AND posted on the challenge thread. If a duel is accepted, both participants
must private message the head duel official to confirm their duel.

Away conditions:
Players may opt to decline all duels if they are unable to play.
Players leaving for personal reasons may submit a notice at least two days in advance.
Players taking a break from the league may go away under the condition that they will not be able to re-enter the league in a week.
Players caught faking a leave of absence under an alias will be penalized.
When away, all challenges will be nullified. No additional challenges may be issued to the away player until he/she returns.
Players who have not logged in for four days will be assumed as "away," if no alias has been seen online.

Duel Procedure:
Once cleared with the head duel official, the participants will be assigned an official.
The players and participants will meet at an agreed location at least 50k from the nearest star system.
Both players must state publicly that they are participating in a duel. Screenshots will be taken by the official and particpants.
Once in starting positions, the players must state that they are ready. The official will take a screenshot and yell, "begin."
Once a duel has begun, any violation of the general rules will result in an immediate invalidation and potential penalty.
If a violation is spotted, the accuser must take a screenshot (official or participant) and the duel is immediately ended.
Both participants and the official are offered a free walk to safety.
When a player dies, the official must capture the screenshot, and the duel is over.
All screenshots from the players are to be sent to the official.
Both players must private message the head official with the duel's outcome.

Official Guidelines:
Officials will be selected on a volunteer basis
Officials may participate in the league
Officials may not oversee their own duels
Screenshots taken are to be forwarded to the head official after each watched duel
Officials will remain objective

Official Hierarchy:
League Coordinator
Duel Master x2
Referees x10

Officials will be selected based on senority, judge of character, and availibility.

Player ratings template:
Category W/L/T Rating

Requirements for participation:
Signed statement agreeing to the dueling league's rules


Debate, discuss, digress
This is not a sign up thread, feel free to contribute or criticize. Officials will not be selected in this thread, so do not ask.
Trolling will be crushed with an iron gaifen.


*will not invalidate duel if an ejump misses by <500 gu.
^does not apply if away
all prize offers are purely speculative
Proud member of the Order of the Gaifen
Founder and former Club chair of the Shigernafy Fan Club
Co-founder of the Doran Judication Comittee

  Email Sens [R33]

Joined: June 08, 2007
Posts: 301
From: Behind you
Posted: 2009-12-27 02:06   
I like all you said sounds like fun to me i bin itching for duels... id gladly take part in this if it goes threw..


Chief Marshal
Pitch Black

Joined: August 15, 2005
Posts: 2256
From: close by
Posted: 2009-12-27 03:21   
fix balancing issues first then discuss this.

  Email Borgie
El Guapo
Chief Marshal

Joined: February 24, 2004
Posts: 276
From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Posted: 2010-01-04 15:07   
I would be up for this...


Joined: December 13, 2004
Posts: 554
Posted: 2010-01-04 16:50   
so am I to presume correctly that points are gained through wins and lost through losses?
it seems like an interesting idea, I'm hopeful it gains approval and momentum.

oh, I can't really think of any suggestions off the top of my head, it looks pretty solid as is.

one comment though, what will happen if a duelist runs out of ammunition? are they allowed to reload or will they have to make due with what they may or may not have?

Chief Marshal
Pitch Black

Joined: May 31, 2002
Posts: 1351
From: Clean room lab
Posted: 2010-01-05 00:12   
subbed players only?
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  ICQ status
Fleet Admiral
Interstellar Cultural Confederation United

Joined: March 15, 2006
Posts: 41
From: USA
Posted: 2010-01-05 07:03   
sounds good... but what about ammo? what happens when you run out?

Grand Admiral

Joined: October 14, 2003
Posts: 784
From: Germany / NRW
Posted: 2010-01-05 10:00   
nice idea, but no jumping
i prefer to e-jump in order to get some distance (~1k) to reposition myself
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