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Forum Index » » Developer Announcements » » Developer Meeting Log April 19th, 2005
 Author Developer Meeting Log April 19th, 2005
2nd Rear Admiral

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From: San Francisco Bay Area
Posted: 2005-04-19 21:58   
* Joining 'Developer Meeting'...
* You are away...
* You are visible...
18:59:56 [Admin]Faustus: "hello..."
* EVENT: 'Developer Meeting' event is starting now...
19:00:06 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Hello F"
19:00:06 [SYN]Antdizzle: "Hi."
19:00:12 [MoD]Yitram: "woah...F is like.....early"
* [-GTN-]$wiss waves to [Admin]Faustus...
19:00:17 [MoD]Yitram: "XD"
19:00:19 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "I heard you were attempting to procure a new server?"
* EVENT: 'Developer Meeting' event is starting now...
* You are back...
19:01:39 [Admin]Tael: "Ah ok, so i posted a couple more things to Mantis..."
19:02:05 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "hi"
19:02:13 [Admin]Faustus: "yeah, bid ends tomorrow... I enlisted an auction sniping service to help get it..."
19:02:31 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Can we have specs?"
19:02:36 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "its that for both of them?"
* [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack* has entered the room...
19:02:59 [Admin]Faustus: "It has 8 CPU's.... it's a dell 8450"
19:02:59 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "i noticed there was a second..."
19:03:09 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "omg"
19:03:11 [Admin]Tael: "oh and I closed the bug entry on the 3ds Max exporter since its done"
19:03:10 [Admin]Faustus: "each CPU is 700Mhz.... "
19:03:18 [Admin]Faustus: "not the latest and greatist... "
19:03:23 [Admin]Faustus: "@tael... thanks"
19:03:31 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "would run DS better than what we have though F, right?"
* [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise has entered the room...
19:03:38 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "still more than enough to run mv and then some"
19:03:57 [Admin]Tael: "but are Xeon processors with 2mb of cache..."
19:03:56 [Admin]Faustus: "but each CPU is a XEON, which is probably faster than the 1.3 ghz CPU's we have in these peices of crap we have now.."
19:04:13 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Wonderful"
19:04:15 [Admin]Faustus: "yeah, 2MB cache on the CPU... "
19:04:21 [-GTN-]$wiss: "omg"
19:04:23 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Sweeeeeeeet"
19:04:26 [-GTN-]$wiss: "250 dollars?"
19:04:28 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "Plus, you have single pc's networked, dont you?"
19:04:30 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Maybe the lag will soon end..."
19:04:30 [Admin]Faustus: "I should be able to run the entire MV on this one single machine..."
19:04:32 [-GTN-]$wiss: "i might just have to out bid you"
19:04:32 [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "Meaning bye bye lag."
19:04:33 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "those are all housed in the same unit..."
19:04:44 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "are you still bidding for the second one F?"
19:04:46 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "so DT will be a lot faster"
19:05:08 [Admin]Faustus: "@swiss... keep in mind, it requires a 208 volt hookup... you can only get that at some colocations.. "
19:05:21 [Admin]Faustus: "and please don't jump the bid up on me "
19:05:33 [-GTN-]$wiss: "ahhhh"
* [-GTN-]Bobamelius looks at Swiss threateningly...
19:05:34 [-GTN-]$wiss: "lol"
19:05:36 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: ":p"
19:05:44 [-GTN-]$wiss: "and shipping is 1/2 the price of the whole unit"
19:05:50 [-GTN-]$wiss: "ouch"
19:06:03 [Admin]Faustus: "I'm sure it will sell for more that $250.... "
19:06:15 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "same"
19:06:19 [Admin]Faustus: "some people wait until the last possible moment, so they can be the last bidder..."
19:06:22 [Admin]Tael: "ack i just thought of something, getting a version of Windows server that supports 8 way processing is going to cost, less ya are ready to move the core server backend to linux... "
19:06:27 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Yup"
19:06:32 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "how much are you willing to go up to (if you dont mind me asking)"
* Sobaan waves to [SYN]Antdizzle...
19:06:58 [Admin]Faustus: "@back... yeah, actually I do mind... don't want to show my cards so to speak... "
19:07:15 [-GTN-]$wiss: "smart"
19:07:28 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "woops"
19:07:34 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "@F, I have some good news from the UK..."
19:07:35 [~Z~]RedXIII: "@Faustus Mind if I state something from a meeting or so back?"
* [-GTN-]$wiss laughs at [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*...
19:07:46 [~Z~]RedXIII: "well, a response so to speak."
19:07:55 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "I emailed PCGamer about darkspace....they were waiting for the blue byte release...and they thought it got completley cut."
19:08:13 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "They say they are interested and will definatly be taking a look (at beta aswell)"
19:08:14 Sobaan: "blue byte?"
19:08:24 [Admin]Faustus: "LOL.... ahh cool"
19:08:36 Sobaan: "go DS and back s"
19:08:37 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Faustus, remember when I told you about BMP?"
19:08:48 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "so, you might get a sudden flux of input of UK players going "crikey!""
19:08:50 [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "Silly internet."
19:09:04 [Admin]Faustus: "cool... great then..."
19:09:05 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "ok im done with my bit."
19:09:18 [Admin]Tael: "PCGamer is a global mag, just subscription rate in the US is lower than Europe"
19:09:24 [Admin]Faustus: "@red... BMP, you mean the graphics file format?"
19:09:27 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "yeah"
19:09:32 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Nooooo"
19:09:41 [~Z~]RedXIII: "I mean the http://www.battletechmodproductions.com website."
19:09:57 [Admin]Tael: "Barnical Mutation Projectile?"
19:10:04 [Admin]Faustus: "ah, yes..."
19:10:38 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "Bovine Monkification Project?"
19:10:46 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "Imagine cows swinging from trees.."
19:11:04 [Admin]Faustus: "Butt Munch Project?"
19:11:08 Sobaan: "the trees would fall"
19:11:10 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Welp, All I can say from that is that there is some interest in Darkspace, but there is intense discussion on what to do. I am not at liberty to say what exactly is being said (Nothing bad, but top-secret stuff that should be kept behind closed doors)."
19:11:15 [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "@Drafell Yeah, that was Goth. Shhh."
19:11:29 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "Palestar Productions gives you....Developer Meeting gone BAD!"
19:11:31 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "lol"
19:11:39 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "ahem lol"
19:11:51 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Back on topic..."
19:12:05 [Admin]Faustus: "well, just so you know, I'm still getting closer and closer to a release of medusa... along with the world system, for a MMO type game..."
19:12:18 [SYN]Antdizzle: "=)"
19:12:31 Sobaan: "ooh, what's this working toward"
19:12:37 Sobaan: "besides an MMO"
19:13:14 [Admin]Faustus: "basically, it's all working towards making Medusa a WORLD class game engine that can be used to make an MMO..."
19:13:17 Sobaan: "wow quiet"
* [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise has entered the room...
19:13:20 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "Its the commercail release of the Medusa engine. the one that DS runs on, means peoplecan by a liscense to develop game son it"
19:13:30 [Admin]Faustus: "or even a single player game..."
19:13:31 [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "Dang thing..."
19:13:43 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Interesting"
19:13:52 [SYN]Antdizzle: "It is going to be commercial or some kind of GPL?"
19:13:54 Sobaan: "ooh, that's pretty interesting"
19:13:59 [Admin]Faustus: "basically, the game plan, if your a small time developer, then the engine is basically free for you... "
19:14:06 Sobaan: "it just worries me on how origenal the games can be"
19:14:12 [Admin]Faustus: "but for commercial uses, you'll need a proper license.."
19:14:13 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "Well ,the server backend itself is already something thats in demand. with hte seemless trasnition"
19:14:19 Sobaan: "ooh thats generous of you all"
19:14:21 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "transition*"
19:14:37 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Actually, Faustus."
19:14:37 [Admin]Faustus: "@sobaan... when you have full source code, it can be as original as you want.."
19:14:59 Sobaan: "hmm, very true"
19:15:37 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "Shall we get back on topic?"
* Sobaan says: yea
19:15:49 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Veeeery interesting."
19:15:51 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "Let faustus and tael tell us what they've done."
19:16:12 [Admin]Faustus: "ok, if you guys have not seen the ICC carrier cruiser.. it ROCKS!"
19:16:21 [Admin]Faustus: "and it's up in beta now..."
* [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise slaps Jack for making fighters and mines be in seperate slots...curse you!
19:16:31 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Ohhh"
19:16:32 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Me must see"
19:16:33 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "I need to check out beta... haven't played it since the beginning of the month"
19:16:34 [~Z~]RedXIII: "BRB"
19:16:53 Sobaan: "it is!?"
19:17:04 [Admin]Tael: "lol i want gonna tell them wanted to see how long it took before screenshots got posted like with the ugto carrier"
* Sobaan jumps 4 joy!
19:17:25 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Does it have a new model?"
19:17:25 Sobaan: "hee"
19:17:37 Sobaan: "i would assume so"
19:17:51 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "going in now "
19:18:00 [Admin]Faustus: "now, I finished the trait code .... and have just implemented a generic interaction interface for all nouns... this is so I can generilize interactions betwen nouns (i.e. repair, supply, build, etc...)... makes it alot easier to add the platforms into the game.."
19:18:34 [Admin]Faustus: "in addition... I fixed a orbit bug that I uploaded last night... you would only see this bug in a multi-zone game like in the MV... "
19:18:35 Sobaan: "ooh, sounds fun"
* Sobaan hopes for an orbital defense platform like in halo 2 ^_^
19:19:15 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "OHMYLORD"
19:19:16 [Admin]Faustus: "basically, I'm really REALLY close to have the platform code implemented and ready to attach some models and then we'll have buildable space platforms in-game..."
19:19:25 [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "What would this bug cause?"
* [MODTALK] [-GTN-]Bobamelius @56098 Sent "This is a stupid question, and probably the result of my not paying attention... but how much more stuff is planned to be added before the patch is 'done'?"
19:19:55 [Admin]Tael: "There are actually a couple of other new models in the game noone has mentioned yet... one is displaying as it should the other isnt yet, need to figure out why"
19:19:53 [Admin]Faustus: "the orbit bug.... slaming into planets in the MV that your nowhere near too..."
19:19:59 Sobaan: "sounds fun"
19:20:06 [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "Ah..."
19:20:20 [Admin]Faustus: "* [MODTALK] [-GTN-]Bobamelius @56098 Sent "This is a stupid question, and probably the result of my not paying attention... but how much more stuff is planned to be added before the patch is 'done'?""
19:20:20 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "ones the old minlayer model?"
19:20:22 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Faustus... that happens in release already"
* [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise hopes for l33ter EAD model...
19:20:29 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "and the other would be icc carrier?"
19:20:32 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Probably because of lag though"
19:21:00 [Admin]Tael: "The core of the devices are done, while F works to close out his todo list I am working on a few bonus items here and there"
19:21:18 [Admin]Faustus: "basically, if tael emails me tomorrow and says everything is ready for release, then I'll skip the platforms and we'll release... really waiting on his balance changes... so while I'm waiting on that, might as well get something productive done.."
19:21:24 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "is the upgrade interface done?"
19:21:28 [Admin]Tael: "basicly slipping them in doesnt slow down anything else we are waiting on and are simply bonus's"
19:21:43 [Admin]Tael: "Ah hehe i was waiting on your low level code"
19:21:50 [Admin]Faustus: "@drafell... no, it hasn't even been discussed .... and don't plan to do that until this version gets released.."
19:22:00 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "We gonna have a big stress test and make sure everything is good and balanced before we push this into Release right?"
19:22:22 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "ahh, so the only way to get upgraded items will be to strip themfrom ships?"
19:22:25 [Admin]Faustus: "tael, well I'm about done with the low-level trait/interaction changes... so we might be ready to release this week then?"
19:22:31 [Admin]Tael: "One of my hold outs has been waiting for the upgrade interface... i figure fighter ai and control can be in the next patch..."
19:22:28 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "well...thats gonna be wierd faust, because ships are near...well..useless stock"
19:22:46 [Admin]Faustus: "have we done full out balance testing between all the ships?"
* [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise raises hand.
19:23:02 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "more people needed"
19:23:06 Sobaan: "any plans for frigate balance? i wish they had a specific role besides in between ship"
19:23:10 [Admin]Tael: "not large scale, one on one they have been, but not against each other in a full fleet battle"
19:23:19 [Admin]Faustus: "well, concerning the upgrade system..."
19:23:53 [~Z~]RedXIII: "I gotta sleep, night everybody"
19:23:53 [Admin]Faustus: "my thought process, is if an engineer targets a gadget on his ship, then uses his build device... perhaps that could upgrade the device ..."
19:24:02 [Admin]Faustus: "night red.."
19:24:11 Sobaan: "night red"
19:24:34 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "That would be kind of a pain, F"
19:24:36 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "Faust, stations would be uber..free upgrades"
19:24:36 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "ahh yes, you can target subsystems.."
19:24:37 Sobaan: "engis and command carriers sure would be wanted then"
19:24:49 [Admin]Tael: "there are a few structures left to be tested too, the new def bases for example"
19:24:51 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "or atleast one with a build"
19:25:04 [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "New defence bases?"
19:25:20 Sobaan: "dtto"
19:25:26 [Admin]Faustus: "the problem with that... is it just adds a tread-mill into the game..."
19:25:35 [Admin]Faustus: "and I don't think we would want to head that direction..."
19:25:45 [Admin]Tael: "i have minor design changes in mind for the 2 bonus stations per faction, but those can be rolled out later since not as many people can and will fly them in groups"
19:26:01 Sobaan: "yeah, grinding is present as is, not too much tho"
19:26:06 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "I would be up for a way to upgrade them while in orbit of a shipyard. use the engineering screen for something..."
19:26:09 [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "Command Dreads need a role ."
19:26:14 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "just pay to upgrade"
19:26:23 [Admin]Faustus: "would rather... head away from griding / tread-mills..."
19:26:29 [Admin]Tael: "The original plan was to pay at the shipyard structure.."
19:26:38 [Admin]Tael: "then instant upgrade"
* Sobaan has baaad memories of anarchy online
19:26:49 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "yup.."
19:26:56 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "just display the devices, then the cost to upgrade them 1 level or two levels at a time...or to MAX"
19:26:57 [Admin]Faustus: "that might work... give the credits a use.."
* [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise has worse memories of SWG...
19:27:33 Sobaan: "yeah, not just mine alot then mod to your content"
19:27:49 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Then we need a way to GET credits besides bumming them off of someone who has a ton from 1480"
19:27:49 Sobaan: "heeh, i was on that for almost a year before i quit"
19:27:51 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "double cost for each level or something"
19:27:56 [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "You'd need to reintegrate the mission system though."
19:28:08 [Admin]Tael: "there is a cost modifer in the code already, i planned for that"
19:28:06 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "bob, salvage"
19:28:09 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "max level would need to be around 5k..."
19:28:16 Sobaan: "I do that alot"
19:28:23 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "you think about a dread with 30 odd devices...thats 150k"
19:28:30 [Admin]Tael: "the system needs to simply see the value of what you got and compare it to the value of the level you want"
19:28:30 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "only 5k?"
19:28:36 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "mhh...maybe more"
19:28:45 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "500k a dread ..."
19:28:59 [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "Yeah that would be better."
19:29:04 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "having insane upgrade costs isnt gonna be fun "
19:29:05 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "we want people to value upgraded ships and not throw em away"
19:29:05 [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "500k would make a reasonable dent."
19:29:08 Sobaan: "@tael, is the modifier active for the entire cost?"
19:29:35 [Admin]Tael: "its part of the value code, all upgradeable devices have a value modifer in the code"
19:29:45 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "yeah"
19:29:51 Sobaan: "an opposite might be c+(modifier) where c is a set cost number to ensure that things wotn cost 1 ctredit if a guy has 5 credits"
19:29:52 [Admin]Faustus: "ok.... so you spend your credits to buy/upgrade devices... "
19:30:00 [Admin]Faustus: "so how do you earn credits..."
19:30:02 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "i noticed when selling lvl 4 and level 8 items to starport"
19:30:09 [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "Unfortunately then Draf, people might value them so much, people will run away at 70% armor..."
19:30:11 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "mines or salavage or trade"
19:30:20 [Admin]Tael: "mining, salvage, trade.."
19:30:16 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "salvage*"
19:30:28 [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "Er...Mission system?"
19:30:28 [Admin]Faustus: "I propose, that your fleet/clan makes money from all the planets it controls... they goto all the clan members distributed by player rank.."
19:30:37 [Admin]Tael: "the economy is slotted for 2 or 3 major updates from now, we can move that up"
19:30:36 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "enterprise. oyu would run away at 70% if you were actually in a ship...."
19:30:45 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "Faustus how about bounty on ships"
19:30:46 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "hmm"
19:30:49 [Admin]Tael: "lol @F i proposed that to you last year"
19:30:50 [Admin]Faustus: "or shares... perhaps, we need different clan types you can form.."
19:30:53 [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise: ";) Shaddap."
19:30:55 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "say for killing a destroyer in a dread = 1k"
19:31:02 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "so the unfleeted would ge income from unlfeeted planets? or?"
19:31:12 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "killing dread v dread = 100k a kill or value on a part of the ship damaged"
19:31:17 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Unfleeted wouldn't get res from any planets, I guess"
19:31:24 Sobaan: "like stock? woot"
19:31:40 [Admin]Tael: "Part of the politics system, clans set tax rate (to high and moral goes down) so much money per planet goes into the Fleet Treasure"
19:31:41 [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "That would encourage joining a fleet Bob.."
19:31:42 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Unfleeted peopple could have the bounties"
19:31:54 [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "But that might also have other fleets on your own faction get a little...hostile."
19:32:00 [Admin]Tael: "er, Treasury, then the Fleet admin can allot money to people in the clan"
19:32:11 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "go faction friendly hostilities"
19:32:13 Sobaan: "ooh, i like"
19:32:15 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "like on a level basis tael?"
19:32:18 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Problem: there are going to be heated fights about what fleet caps the planet"
19:32:22 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "that would be nice"
19:32:29 [Admin]Tael: "The political system has allowances for interfaction feuds..."
19:32:29 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "so 50% to higher ups, 35% to the advisers and the rest to the members/whatever"
19:32:38 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Stealing each other's inf and re dropping them to try and make sure your fleet has the msot, and they get the planet"
19:32:45 [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "@Tael Oi meh..."
19:32:45 [*MYTH*]FireMoth: "and people will probably try to steal planets aswell"
19:32:46 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "if you allow planets to be traded within the faction..."
19:32:46 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "like back in the old days when GTN almost always somehow magically captured the planet..."
19:32:47 [SYN]Antdizzle: "Finally, SYN vs. KES. "
19:33:12 [MoD]Yitram: "lol"
19:33:15 [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "What if a fleet gained a monopoly on all the planets?"
19:33:26 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "anyway. the problem is getting upgrades."
19:33:26 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "like GTN"
19:33:29 [Admin]Tael: "The ammount each person gets is set by the fleet admin... he might make it an open treasury anyone can take out of. everyone gets paid X per week, or make it you have to request money and a fleet admin has to ok it before you get it"
19:33:31 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "or KES"
19:33:52 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "sweet tael"
19:33:55 [-GTN-]Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "AFK shower."
19:34:05 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "that would be nice"
19:34:21 [Admin]Tael: "but those are all proposals in slotted for review in other updates"
19:34:43 [Admin]Tael: "We can look at fixing the mission system and then they use that"
19:35:09 [Admin]Tael: "say we look to stress test this weekend, and if it works we can go live, then work missions into 1.484"
19:35:07 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "You can easiliy earn 500l to 1 millioni n an hour through trading"
19:35:08 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Another idea... regardless of what FLEET caps the planet, all that planet's income goes to the whole faction, and is split between the fleets depending on their prestige/members?"
19:35:16 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "500k - 1 million"
19:35:42 [Admin]Faustus: "sounds nice tael..."
19:35:46 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "hmm I need a mil..."
19:35:48 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "So money isnt really an issue from what i can see. its will jsut give it a ause"
19:36:01 [Admin]Faustus: "sounds like a objective for the next version (after platforms) "
19:36:19 Sobaan: "however what if costs went up if one had large ammounts of territory, thus helping the underdog?"
19:36:25 [Admin]Tael: "that will also help us burn down a lot of the cash surplus people got from the mission system issues last round"
19:36:32 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "Faustus, you could just put free moding into 1.483 to fix the non-upgrade issues if times an issue etc."
19:37:41 [Admin]Tael: "no free modding, i'd like to burn some of the surplus cash people have, so we do the upgrade interface via shipyard, shouldnt take long to implement, then those people with 40mil credits will find a use for them"
19:37:50 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "another option. that might work..."
19:37:59 Sobaan: "reminds me of planetside, which was generaly fun, because if someone had over a third of the territory they got thrown back by the enemy because they were pread thin"
19:38:02 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "modding through SY?"
19:38:03 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "re introduce transports.."
19:38:06 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "like in SFC?"
19:38:19 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "that would be cool but lag increasing..."
19:38:33 [Admin]Tael: "3 RedXIII 71,086,032 "
19:38:31 [MoD]Party Boy: "Ahoy hoy!"
19:38:31 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "The obvious advantage of stuff being really expensive and money being hard to get: people will value their ships alot more. Disadvantage: new/poor people will find it hard to get a combat-worthy ship, and uber-rich people from last version will have no problem making tons of uber upgraded ships..."
19:38:39 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "if you give them max armor for planet trasnports they wont be so simple to farm"
19:38:46 [Admin]Tael: "thats just the number 3 person on the credit rankings"
19:38:46 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "Red, gimme moneys"
19:38:53 [Admin]Faustus: "well, a major objective... is the profiling system... that almost has to be added to this version, so we can identify the slowdowns in code and get rid of the lag once and for all time.."
19:39:07 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "do we get any free credits for testing beta ?"
19:39:13 [Admin]Faustus: "thats probably going to be my next priority..."
19:39:31 [MoD]Party Boy: "Add up all the credits, divide it by the number of subbed people, and pay a lump sum out"
19:39:36 Sobaan: "go anti lag!"
19:39:41 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "how long will that take ?"
19:39:54 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Good idea "
19:39:59 Sobaan: "sweet marxism"
19:40:04 Sobaan: "sorry"
19:40:22 [MoD]Yitram: "In Soviet Russia, Inf drop you!"
19:40:29 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "OR just wipe everyone's credits down to a default amount... like 10k or something"
19:40:44 [MoD]Party Boy: "I forgot to change my font to Utterly Dem-tastic..."
19:40:49 [Admin]Faustus: "oh the crap-storm we would have then..."
19:40:50 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "what about China?"
19:40:52 Sobaan: "I'd go with mean setup"
19:40:58 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "lol"
19:41:02 [MoD]Yitram: "whew glad bob said that"
19:41:05 [MoD]Party Boy: "No, thats what I meant. Wipe the credits, them guve out [XXX] amount"
19:41:06 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "I am up for credit wipe, its been done before. and current high credit levels are lots due to bugs with the system"
19:41:12 [MoD]Yitram: "i was going to say wipe everyone's creds.."
19:41:20 [Admin]Tael: "hmm oh one device that needs major testing is the HMA..."
19:41:28 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "i know we capped it at 10mil"
19:41:30 [MoD]Yitram: "yeah...about two days after i joined ds....i had 3 million creds"
19:41:30 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "or friendly GAs giving poor admirals money..."
19:41:32 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "Yeh Tael"
19:41:37 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "13:50 for charge on it so far"
19:41:38 [MoD]Yitram: "HMa?"
19:41:46 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Eek"
19:41:46 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "well...I havnt tried it since last, so I dont know the recharge time"
19:41:49 [MoD]Yitram: "OH NM"
19:41:58 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "station jumpdraive"
19:42:09 [MoD]Yitram: "i know draf"
19:42:10 [Admin]Tael: "its just got random numbers in it now... having trouble getting the calculations right because recharge time is affected by hull size"
19:42:12 [MoD]Yitram: "i had to think"
* Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt} whispered "btw any way we can update the map for the beta server?"
19:42:22 Sobaan: "what's an HMa?>"
19:42:25 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "But im figuring it should be shorter than the wormhole. I mean, a wormhole device has to have some SERIOUS energy to create the WH...a jump drive wouldnt use as much if you think about it..."
19:42:26 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "ahh"
19:42:36 [MoD]Yitram: "hypermass accelerator"
19:42:39 [MoD]Yitram: "its a station jd"
19:42:48 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "hmmm what about a black hole generator..."
19:42:56 [Admin]Tael: "I havent tested the latest code change yet, should be at a 6 minute charge..."
19:42:52 Sobaan: "ooh, sounds purdy"
19:42:59 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "wait wrong thought..."
19:43:12 [Admin]Tael: "We need a wob update tonight, that will fix the factories so we can build it again"
19:43:12 Sobaan: "that would be h#$% in physics"
19:43:17 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Shaddap Trekkie. No Vore-ism in this meeting! "
19:43:18 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "isnt 6 mnutes longer than the womrhole?"
19:43:26 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "you fixed the station tael?"
19:43:31 [Admin]Tael: "wh is 10 minutes"
19:43:39 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "I meant White hole generator..."
19:43:40 [MoD]Yitram: "would could use a microblackhole launcher XD"
19:43:42 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "WH Is 10 0.o?"
19:43:43 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "its gone up?"
19:43:47 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "There, something original"
19:43:49 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "eek..."
19:43:51 Sobaan: "so is the HmA more JD or WHD?"
19:43:56 [Admin]Tael: "suppose to be 10..."
19:43:56 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "same as WH but just for laughs it kills everyone and everyinthing in the area"
19:44:00 [Admin]Tael: "on stations atleast"
19:43:59 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "i thought wormhole was 2 and a half"
19:44:00 [MoD]Yitram: "jd"
19:44:03 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "JD Sobaan"
19:44:10 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "lol Trekkie, I like it"
19:44:16 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "People will fear stations once more..."
19:44:25 [Admin]Tael: "ship size determines how long it takes to charge"
19:44:22 [Admin]Faustus: "ok guys.... time to wrap it up."
19:44:24 Sobaan: "k"
19:44:27 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "Oh and Tael/F, it might be an idea to add a Wormhole timer to a player"
19:44:34 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "thats why HMA is what FAs are going to want..."
19:44:35 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "That would stop the wormhole fishing we are seeing now"
19:44:35 [Admin]Faustus: "I've got too much work to get done tonight... "
19:44:37 [*MYTH*]FireMoth: "wh's are currently 5 draf"
19:44:52 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "Arite F, thanks for the meeting "
19:44:53 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "ahh yes Firemoth"
19:44:57 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "thats right"
19:45:03 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "goodluck with the server"
19:45:06 Sobaan: "cya guys, thanks"
19:45:16 [Admin]Tael: "@F on the todo list in mantis i have added pres cut-off for killing ai's in the mv so noobs havesomething to do"
19:45:16 Sobaan: "yes, gl"
19:45:40 Sobaan: "you can get pres in beta?"
19:45:48 [Admin]Tael: "and something else, i forgot, its in mantis. lol"
19:45:47 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "see my idea with the white hole is that instead of a WH failing when it fails it has a 1% chance of turning into a WH and killing us all..."
19:45:49 [*MYTH*]FireMoth: "yes"
19:45:50 [MoD]Yitram: "yes"
19:45:55 [MoD]Party Boy: "If i just could just get rid the bug where I spin in circles when i press "J", id be happy"
19:45:58 [MoD]Yitram: "but its seperate from the release pres"
19:46:07 Sobaan: "oh, k"
* You sent to [Admin]Faustus @1: "are we gonna get that wob update tonight?"
19:46:17 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "you wont get given prestige for free, only a transfer"
19:46:25 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "will ther pres cut off still work if you are unsubbed tho?"
* [Admin]Faustus @1 Sent "no...."
* [Admin]Faustus @1 Sent "hehe... just kidding"
* Sobaan recovers from coughing fit
* [Admin]Faustus @1 Sent "doing it now.."
19:46:54 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "because that is an issue, people gaining GA without ever plying"
19:47:00 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "paying*"
* You sent to [Admin]Faustus @1: "lol hey, ya want to get this out... check mantis though 2 things we need to look into"
19:47:06 Sobaan: "ow"
19:47:30 [Admin]Tael: "hmm have to look into that..."
19:47:51 [Admin]Tael: "ok there is going to be a wob update in a little bit, so what i am going to do is, I am going to wipe the beta servers clean once it happens"
* [Admin]Faustus @1 Sent "which bugs..."
19:47:50 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "I gotta hit the rack... good night everyone"
19:48:14 [MoD]Yitram: "*Gasp*"
19:48:18 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "There not really a problem until you go over newbie max ranke. but its annoying vcome free trial you have these long term unsubs who have stations out and have never payed"
19:48:23 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "ok"
* You sent to [Admin]Faustus @1: "should not be able to spawn from blockaded planets"
19:48:41 [MoD]Party Boy: "HEY TAEL!!!!"
* You sent to [Admin]Faustus @1: "a new one i am gonna post, unsubbed over the rank for newbie are going in there to get points since unsubbed they appear to the server below the rank"
19:49:19 [Admin]Tael: "once this wob update goes out the entire system will need to be rebuilt"
19:49:28 [Admin]Tael: "even home clusters will be barren"
19:49:22 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "what about those of us that were subbed admirals that dont have the money to pay atm..."
19:49:28 Sobaan: "last question, do you need to re-sub every now and then or something? my billing info expired and im on a coupon"
19:49:32 [MoD]Yitram: "fun -_-"
19:49:51 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "EAD fun"
19:49:53 [Admin]Tael: "reason being, i need to check the new def bases and other structures to make sure they are updating, the scriptted planets use the old def bases"
19:49:54 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "if you genuinely worked for it fine"
19:50:03 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "but if you just camp newbie for life..."
19:50:09 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "arite guys im off"
19:50:10 [*MYTH*]FireMoth: "@tael, will ships in garages still be there?"
19:50:10 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "cya later "
19:50:19 [MoD]Yitram: "ah"
19:50:22 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "there should be a benefit to subbing other than just ship access"
19:50:31 Sobaan: "cya b slash"
19:50:32 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "hey Ive fought with you in MV in an EAD you were on my team many moons ago..."
19:50:41 [MoD]Yitram: "you get the love and affection of F?"
19:50:45 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "forum access"
19:50:53 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "ie stat gain over a certain level"
19:50:59 Sobaan: "I have fiction there"
19:51:14 [Admin]Tael: "garages should not be affected when i do wipes"
19:51:18 [Admin]Tael: "they werent last time"
19:51:24 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "cool"
19:51:29 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "cool"
19:51:30 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "i lost all mine, hehe"
19:51:36 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "Ill fly my carrier"
19:51:47 [*MYTH*]FireMoth: "yeah mine went poof too"
19:51:54 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "when I log in 3 days from now"
19:52:12 [Admin]Tael: "i have two commands, /clean planets|ships depending what i run, it affects it"
* [Admin]Faustus @1 Sent "ok, add them... and I'll go fix them.."
19:52:32 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "I had fun flying a new EAD vs a release EAD"
19:52:40 [MoD]Yitram: "i thought it was funny when the update last week was messed up and i kept trying to spawn the new carrier and it wouldn't let me, since it didn't "exist""
19:52:48 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "one alpha at 150 gu 80% hull..."
* You sent to [Admin]Faustus @1: "already did... i;ll look at closing out a few loose ends so we can move towards a stress test this weekend"
19:52:55 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "new eads are nice when upgraded with pcannons"
19:52:59 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "yeah"
19:53:01 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "at lvl 4-8"
19:53:04 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "thats what I had"
19:53:09 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "all lvl 8 p cannons and EMP"
19:53:11 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "much better than cl's imo"
19:53:24 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "CLs use way too much power..."
19:53:30 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "its either cannons or ruptors"
19:53:36 [MoD]Party Boy: "p cannons replace cls now?"
19:53:39 [MoD]Yitram: "hmmm i hope someone got a log of this, since i was working on a lab report for the first 4/5s of this"
19:53:41 [*MYTH*]FireMoth: "yes"
19:53:43 Sobaan: "so do the EMPs still flash, trekkie was gonna wring my neck when i used them too mcuh"
19:53:44 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "yeah"
19:53:47 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "nah theats about right. but i have always prefered using range"
19:53:53 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "yeah that was annoying..."
19:53:59 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "THAT HURT"
19:54:06 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "I still have a headache from you doing that..."
19:54:14 [Admin]Tael: "ok meeting closed, i will be here until the update goes in, then i will reset the beta server and let everyone have at it... if i will look at trying to close out the loose ends and see if we cant get towards stress test this weekend"
19:54:15 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "yes partyboy, same slot now"
19:54:16 Sobaan: "see?"
19:54:30 [MoD]Party Boy: "Well that sucks. All of us wo figure out close jumping after 2 and a half years are screwed..."
19:54:30 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "ok"
19:54:48 Sobaan: "so whens the reset?"
19:54:50 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "why?"
19:55:18 [MoD]Party Boy: "Why waste the power of CLs when I could use Pcannons?"
19:55:19 Sobaan: "i want to take a look at the server and play around for a bit"
* [MODTALK] [*MYTH*]Drafell @77651 Sent "do we have a list of MMO sites to mail news to?"
* You sent to [Admin]Faustus @1: "actually if your major stuff is ready... as long as we are updating each night this week, i should be able to close everything out and we can plan for the stress test this weekend"
19:55:31 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "or lvl 8 ruptors..."
19:55:36 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "or lvl 8 assault ruptors..."
19:55:36 [MoD]Yitram: "siioon"
19:55:38 [MoD]Yitram: "soon"
19:55:51 [MoD]Party Boy: "Ah. Can Humans use disruptors?"
19:55:52 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "because you could use Railguns... those are better"
19:56:00 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "to a degree and far worse in many other degrees"
19:56:00 Sobaan: "so i should wait?"
19:56:03 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "yeah humans can atm"
* You sent to [Admin]Faustus @1: "Reflective armor HAS to be working though before we can release it..."
* Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt} whispered "hey tael"
19:56:22 [MoD]Party Boy: "Will they be able to in release?"
* You sent to Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt} @84635: "yo?"
* You are hidden...
19:56:36 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "uhm dont ask me ask the white guy..."
19:56:39 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "Darkspace 1.483 and guildwars are going to be released at sametime. im going to be soo torn"
* Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt} whispered "how are you"
19:56:47 [MoD]Yitram: "eh?"
19:56:51 [MoD]Party Boy: "Draf, you're British..."
* You sent to Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt} @84635: "tired"
* Joining 'Beta Discussion'...
19:56:58 [*MYTH*]Drafell: "Yes?"
19:56:58 Trekkie_zero {Gaifens hurt}: "me too... wait I dont like guild wars..."

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