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Forum Index » » Developer Announcements » » Dev Meeting Log January 25, 2005
 Author Dev Meeting Log January 25, 2005
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From: United Kingdom
Posted: 2005-01-25 20:35   
01:19:51 [Admin]Tael: "calling F now"
01:20:05 BackSlash *Jack*: "0088-hows-my-coding"
01:20:10 [Admin]Tael: "he is on his way to log in"
01:20:14 [=CEC=]Antdizzle: "*The number you are calling is no longer in service..."
01:21:20 [Admin]Faustus: "sorry, I was eating dinner... and the time slipped by.. "
01:21:40 BackSlash *Jack*: "glad you could make it"
01:21:59 [Admin]Faustus: "glad tael could make it this time "
01:22:04 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi (Cookie Sensei AHG): "lol"
01:22:15 BackSlash *Jack*: "hehe"
01:22:15 [Admin]Faustus: "tael, did you reply to my email about the dev meeting times yet?"
01:22:23 [Admin]Tael: "hehe works been crazy"
01:22:38 [Admin]Faustus: "understand.."
01:22:48 [Admin]Tael: "i have a new server coming in for job tomarrow and 12 new pcs to load up thursday... "
01:23:10 BackSlash *Jack*: "0.o"
01:23:11 [Admin]Tael: "not yet, i was missing these because januarry is always my busiest time, now things are balancing out"
01:23:23 [Admin]Faustus: "okie dokey... first off, I'm feeling better this time... last time I felt like crap.."
01:23:29 [Admin]Faustus: "ok, good then..."
01:23:41 BackSlash *Jack*: "glad to hear it!"
01:24:04 [Admin]Faustus: "anyway, has anyone had a chance to go test out the graphics optimizations... ?"
01:24:25 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "No, only just downloaded them"
01:24:28 BackSlash *Jack*: "im having a few machine problems so litraly everytime I start a game my machine freezes...so no"
01:24:35 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "Was going to head in after the meeting"
01:24:46 [Admin]Faustus: "I'm working on a solution to fix the translucency problems which is why the cloaking effect is currently disabled.."
01:24:50 [S.W]Dane: "Didn't know they were up yet. Would it be possible for the dev log to be updated more often? Never know what's new/fixed etc when a new patch is out"
01:24:55 [Admin]Tael: "havent been in server in a week"
01:25:12 [Admin]Faustus: "@dane.. your right, I added a news item instead.."
01:25:24 [S.W]Dane: "k"
01:25:29 [Admin]Faustus: "I'll go update the dev log as well... you do the same tael when you make changes.."
01:26:07 [Admin]Tael: "Roger that, i havent been able to do anything this last week, i am hoping to get some stuff done tonight though"
01:26:20 BackSlash *Jack*: "so what changes have been done/made can we expect next?"
01:26:30 [Admin]Faustus: "anyway, like I said in the news... all rendering is grouped by texture/material now... which should result in more efficent rendering... "
01:27:43 [Admin]Faustus: "as for next... first off, I've got the fix the translucency problems... (i.e. cloaked ship in front of planet, but no planet through the translucent ship)"
01:28:08 [Admin]Faustus: "then after that... I'm moving onto the orbital structures like we discussed a couple of dev meetings ago.."
01:28:29 [Admin]Faustus: "and ofcourse, I'm fixing taelrons changes as we go.... "
01:28:29 [Admin]Tael: "oh, been toying with an idea for the stations..."
01:28:41 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "lol"
01:28:59 [Admin]Faustus: "lets hear it... "
01:29:01 [Admin]Tael: "right now they have worm hole devices, though some people have wanted them to have a jump drive option"
01:29:40 [Admin]Tael: "so i am creating a device that fits the wormhole slot so stations can have a swap out option... though I was wondering if for it we can enable the thrust value in the jump device..."
01:30:10 [Admin]Tael: "then the effect is it hyper accelerates to jump speed and has to decelerate... so if you abort a jump you might still travel 2000 gu or so"
01:30:38 [Admin]Faustus: "well, there is no enabling a thrust... since it's not implemented... that probably would require a re-write of the jump drive code to acomplish that effect.."
01:30:56 [Admin]Faustus: "to be honest, I have considered that option..."
01:31:07 [Admin]Tael: "oh well then back burner for now then..."
01:31:30 [Admin]Tael: "i like small ships getting straight to jump speed, but stations and maybe dreads should have to slowly build up and slow down"
01:31:33 [Admin]Faustus: "and I agree... it would be much cooler if jumps accelerated and decellerated as well... so it looked more the like the star wars jumps.."
01:31:49 BackSlash *Jack*: "be carefull not to do it too much"
01:31:50 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "or eve... "
01:32:19 [Admin]Faustus: "well, haven't played eve.. so I wouldn't know really."
01:32:39 [Admin]Faustus: "*bastards*"
01:32:44 [Admin]Faustus: ";)"
01:32:48 BackSlash *Jack*: "hahaha"
01:32:52 [S.W]Dane: "lol"
01:33:04 [Admin]Tael: "have the resourcer bugs with the ICC ships been resolved yet?"
01:33:06 BackSlash *Jack*: "oh about this vertex shader"
01:33:09 [*TS*]Hellza *i am quiet*: "well if u can slow down abit when jumping then u would be able to se a planet comeing and u able to stop in time"
01:33:13 [Admin]Faustus: "@tael... yes"
01:33:46 [Admin]Tael: "good i was holding off doing anything to the icc ships cause of the graphics ghosts i kept seeing"
01:34:00 [Admin]Faustus: "yeah, those should all be fixed now... "
01:34:08 [Admin]Faustus: "fixed by my update yesterday.."
01:34:24 BackSlash *Jack*: "Could the vertex shader effects be applied to a jump effect (stretching the ship as it enters FTL)?"
01:34:37 [Admin]Faustus: "@backslash... yes"
01:34:54 [Admin]Faustus: "yes, it could... going to write it for me?"
01:34:55 [Admin]Faustus: ";)"
01:35:03 BackSlash *Jack*: "give me 2 years"
01:35:11 [Admin]Faustus: "hehe"
01:35:32 BackSlash *Jack*: "so what else is on the agenda?"
01:35:33 [Admin]Faustus: "well, on a side note, my discussions with 2015 on getting involved with DS continue to progress.."
01:35:52 [Admin]Faustus: "we're thinking re-release of the PC/XBOX version, then a DS2 down the road.."
01:35:53 [Admin]Tael: "oh when is the 3dmax export scheduled for an upgrade, as it is now if I decide to roll any new models I need to send them to you to import..."
01:36:16 BackSlash *Jack*: "nice"
01:36:17 [Admin]Faustus: "you already sent me the max SDK right... "
01:36:46 [Admin]Tael: "yeah we did that a long time ago, had to ftp it up to sylea and then you got it"
01:36:58 BackSlash *Jack*: "What sort of imput will they have over DS. I mean, will the game change dramaticly if they get involved with their idea's. Or will it be purely yours?"
01:37:03 [Admin]Faustus: "yeah, I think I've got it around here somewhere.."
01:37:43 [Admin]Faustus: "@backslash... I'm sure they will have alot of input.. I don't think the core gameplay will change, but we may see a much better user interface to make the game work for a console system.."
01:37:43 [Admin]Tael: "probably typical, they;ll get 15% input and 85% of the profit. lol"
01:38:06 [Admin]Faustus: "the fact of the matter is, I will be leading the project.."
01:38:38 [Admin]Faustus: "so I should continue to have final say-so on all changes.."
01:38:46 [Admin]Faustus: "anyho..."
01:39:23 BackSlash *Jack*: "@Tael, how many components are done now"
01:39:43 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "how about the bugs that have been posted in the forums, have any of those been adressed?"
01:39:44 [Admin]Faustus: "yeah, tael, how many more items do we need to change before we're ready to release 1.483... ?"
01:39:54 [Admin]Tael: "worm hole devices and jump disruptors have not been edited yet"
01:40:06 [Admin]Faustus: "because, oribtial structures can wait obviously to get an update out the door.."
01:40:07 [Admin]Tael: "and the jump drive option for stations, thats all that needs coding"
01:40:22 BackSlash *Jack*: "wow"
01:40:26 [Admin]Tael: "oops and the aux power gens, i can have all those coded tonight..."
01:40:30 BackSlash *Jack*: "Busy fingers 0.o"
01:40:39 BackSlash *Jack*: "Will the power gens go in tonight?"
01:41:00 [Admin]Faustus: "sweet... what about additional ship configuration changes, any others planned? "
01:41:09 [Admin]Tael: "the resourcer will need adjustments for still for several of the new items, but suffice to say over 65% done"
01:41:12 [Admin]Faustus: "have we set the levels on all devices on all ships yet?"
01:41:34 [Admin]Faustus: "one bug, I need to fix, make sure gadget levels don't reset when the device is removed and refitted.."
01:41:36 [Admin]Tael: "i wanted to close out the engines and wait till the resourcer bug was done so i will get on those"
01:41:51 [Admin]Tael: "the EAD, 7010, and icc 245 have device levels set"
01:42:10 BackSlash *Jack*: "Because one of hte major annoyances of the forums at the moment, is the lack of knowledge about the engines/power of the ships"
01:42:17 [Admin]Tael: "yeah i noticed that, and we need to implement the interface for the ship yard to do the upgrades"
01:42:18 BackSlash *Jack*: "People seem to think that ships WILL be like that in release"
01:42:45 [Admin]Tael: "basicly take the devices mod value to get its upgrade price"
01:42:50 [Admin]Faustus: "well, I think we all know this version is going to piss some people off "
01:42:58 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "Yup"
01:43:22 BackSlash *Jack*: "as long as dreads are 15+ I can deal with it"
01:43:23 [Admin]Tael: "so have the system figure out current value and the difference from the new value = upgrade cost, so people can opt to upgrade more than one level at a time"
01:43:24 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "you can't please everyone"
01:43:44 BackSlash *Jack*: "have a saver plan on upgrades Tael?"
01:43:47 BackSlash *Jack*: "save 10% on two levels ?"
01:43:49 [Admin]Faustus: "I think the ship slow-downs is a great idea so far.. I want to try it out in combat a bit more, but is certainly slows down the combat.."
01:44:00 [Admin]Tael: "dreads dont need to be... hold while i get the spread sheet up"
01:44:15 BackSlash *Jack*: "@F, 4 gu for a dread is a little too slo"
01:44:21 [*TS*]Hellza *i am quiet*: "it seems dreads r going to get more ubr... what about friagtes and scouts.. they never live getting jumped"
01:44:51 [Admin]Faustus: "@back... the speed will increase after he sets the "levels" for the engines correctly.."
01:45:04 BackSlash *Jack*: "just checking"
01:45:12 [Admin]Tael: "a scout with level 8 armor only has 55% of the armor of a dread with level 8 armor"
01:45:13 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "considering weapons seem to fire faster i think that combined with the current speeds is to much, epsecially as nfew weapons have levels"
01:45:56 [Admin]Tael: "i have noted that the armor is repairing way to quick, so we may have to adjust it and slow down the repair rate"
01:46:01 BackSlash *Jack*: "tael 55% armour of a dread is a lot..."
01:46:14 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "is there a basic defauly level for all newly equipped items then? or are devices supposed to 'remeber' the level they have?"
01:46:19 [Admin]Faustus: "tael, I think the repairRate() is in the GadgetArmor class.. "
01:46:45 [Admin]Tael: "but a scout might only have 1 or 2 such armors while a dread has 4 or more"
01:46:55 [Admin]Faustus: "well, when you get a device from a port, it's always going to be level 0..."
01:47:06 [Admin]Tael: "currently its takikng the max ammount / 600 to determine time to full repair."
01:47:07 BackSlash *Jack*: "ah now Iunderstand"
01:47:09 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "ok, so oyu have to upgrade it..."
01:47:11 BackSlash *Jack*: "I thought you meant Total armour"
01:47:14 [Admin]Faustus: "unless it was stripped from a ship.."
01:47:23 [Admin]Faustus: "oh wait.."
01:47:32 [Admin]Faustus: "perhaps not... yeah, from port, always level 0.."
01:47:44 [Admin]Faustus: "that will need to be corrected.."
01:47:46 [Admin]Tael: "so (hp + (hpmod * level) / repairrate"
01:48:06 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "even devices sold to port will be reset to lvl 0?"
01:48:13 [Admin]Tael: "er repair time, not rate..."
01:48:24 [Admin]Faustus: "@tael... no the repairRate() of armor, I think is points repaired per second..."
01:48:54 [Admin]Tael: "then whats the time to repair function fore?"
01:48:58 [Admin]Tael: "er for?"
[01:50:36 26/01/05] * BackSlash *Jack* slaps [Admin]Faustus in the head...
01:50:36 [Admin]Faustus: "hmmm..."
01:50:52 [Admin]Faustus: "email me, as I'm on the laptop downstairs right now.."
01:51:00 [Admin]Faustus: "and don't have access to the source code right now.."
01:51:13 [Admin]Tael: "i am pulling up the source"
01:51:27 [Admin]Faustus: "I look it up for you, and document how the armor works.."
01:51:49 [Admin]Faustus: "ok... getting some coffee BRB..."
01:52:15 BackSlash *Jack*: "@Tael, you said something about 3d max and models earlier"
01:52:22 BackSlash *Jack*: "can we expect new models anytime soon?"
01:52:41 [Admin]Tael: "rgr, so for now until the exporter is updated and we get some new effects made up, many objects will share the same older models..."
01:52:48 [Admin]Tael: "was already typing it lol"
01:53:18 [Admin]Tael: "once we get the exporter done we can start rolling out new models to replace models being used by multiple devices"
01:53:42 BackSlash *Jack*: "these new models, will they have more polys? more detail? bump mapping?"
01:54:20 [Admin]Tael: "actually the current models have to many polys, thats been on of the issues... trying to get the poly counts down."
01:54:22 [*TS*]Hellza *i am quiet*: "and would this be 56k friendly?"
01:54:36 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "most new models were reduced polies from the work gideon did"
01:54:52 [Admin]Tael: "i dont know if the game engine supports bump mapping, i know it doesnt support 3dmax lighting currently"
01:55:14 BackSlash *Jack*: "how long would it take to code in that sort of support"
01:55:27 [Admin]Tael: "actually gideon only made new fighters and platforms... I dont have the carrier he did in any of the files i got..."
01:55:43 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "the last i remember F saying was that bumpmapping needs to be coded in. i think the shaders have moe affect atm tho"
01:55:45 [Admin]Tael: "dont know thats all tied into the engine, so is an F question..."
01:56:05 [Admin]Tael: "shaders are needed for the new cloak..."
01:56:20 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "yeah"
01:56:30 [Admin]Tael: "i think this release is more about getting the core game play done, and then we'll tweak the visuals"
01:56:49 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "once we have shaders we can have better nebula effects and more hiddens system WITH stars.."
01:57:00 [Admin]Faustus: "yeah, bump mapping... and realistic ship damage (i.e. scar marks) would be nice visuals.."
01:57:23 [Admin]Faustus: "I'd especially like to let parts of the ship get blown off.."
01:57:23 BackSlash *Jack*: "bump mapping would be a real nice bit of eye candy"
01:57:36 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "yeah, would be good"
01:58:00 BackSlash *Jack*: "is any work being done server side this patch?"
01:59:01 [Admin]Faustus: "well, the only thing on my list I would like to get done, is go back to pushing the verbs locally as well... "
01:59:04 [*TS*]Hellza *i am quiet*: "oooo like a wing blow off?"
01:59:36 [Admin]Faustus: "@hellza... yeah, exactly.."
01:59:41 BackSlash *Jack*: "The big question is I suppose"
01:59:46 BackSlash *Jack*: "Is lag going to improve?"
01:59:54 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "if a gun was mounted on that wing, you lose it..."
02:00:27 [Admin]Faustus: "@back... thats not the current focus of this patch... I thought lag was better now.."
02:00:30 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "need to test the new code with fighters..."
02:00:43 [Admin]Faustus: "phone call... BRB"
02:00:45 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "still get system wide freezes in mv"
02:01:08 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "1-5 second pauses"
02:01:16 BackSlash *Jack*: "Isnt there a bug when backing up zone servers?"
02:01:28 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "nothing in beta though, mainly due to lack of peopleto test it"
02:01:29 [Admin]Tael: "oh i adjusted the scenario times so they should be twice as long per map now in the beta"
02:01:34 [S.W]Dane: "I mainly get them in fighter infested areas, will have to test the new code"
02:01:36 BackSlash *Jack*: "thanks tael"
02:01:41 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "cool"
02:02:37 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "@ backslahs -from dev log - Changed string formatting code so that is uses thread-local storage instead of a semaphore internally. This should actually result in a speed increase, especially for servers which do quite a bit of string formatting."
02:03:05 BackSlash *Jack*: "ok"
02:03:10 BackSlash *Jack*: "fingers crossed it works"
02:03:16 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "we probably need 30 people in the server to see how it works under longer term load"
02:03:41 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "although i think most mv problems are when it shifts zones to other servers"
02:04:12 [*TS*]Hellza *i am quiet*: "a big map in beta would be good"
02:04:20 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "still should help there too"
02:04:31 BackSlash *Jack*: "yeh Gid said there was a bug with the zones and something to do with when they backup or something"
02:08:31 [*TS*]Hellza *i am quiet*: "can all of this be done?"
02:10:58 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "quickly reconnecting"
02:15:13 [=CEC=]Antdizzle: "..."
02:15:35 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "patience young jedi"
02:17:33 BackSlash *Jack*: "well I have to go"
02:17:39 BackSlash *Jack*: "can someone post the log after this?"
02:17:43 [Admin]Tael: "hmm dont think he is going to make it back lol"
02:18:04 BackSlash *Jack*: "he's enjoying his away status to much"
02:18:10 [Admin]Tael: "i think we may just call it here for this week..."
02:18:21 BackSlash *Jack*: "not much mor eto be said"
02:18:32 BackSlash *Jack*: "anyway I gotta go, cya guys"
02:18:38 BackSlash *Jack*: "good work on the coding Tael "
02:18:38 [Admin]Tael: "i'll get started on the remaining devices and then tweaking the ships... "
02:18:41 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "Cya Jack"
02:18:50 [*TS*]Hellza *i am quiet*: "cya jack"
02:19:05 [Admin]Tael: "next week we will try to hammer out some of the bugs such as area weapons not doing damage"
02:19:36 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "hmm i forgot to check if that applies to lfux too"
02:19:42 [^TEFLON^]Drafell Moraxi: "flux*"
02:19:53 [*TS*]Hellza *i am quiet*: "cool keep up the good work guys"
02:20:07 [Admin]Tael: "ok thanks for coming, night all"

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