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 Author eXS is recruiting
eXcellent Strategists

Joined: December 16, 2001
Posts: 664
Posted: 2004-10-05 18:28   
We are looking for commanders and higher.

We don't want fleet jumping people!

If you join eXS, there are a few rules you should accept:
- Your reallife must always be the 1st
- Respect your clanmates and try to follow the orders of the more expierienced members (must not result in rank)
- Do not act against the RoC

Plain and simple.

For your information, eXS is on of the oldest existing fleets in DS. eXS exists since the closed beta of DarkSpace and we had up and downs in activity since then.

Additionaly I want to present a small video a friend of mine and I made for eXS. (it is much older then a year)
We tried to release a much better second version... but we don't get the time to finish it (:
Anyway, here's the video: eXS-Towers (MPEG-4)
You cannot win a war!

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