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Forum Index » » eXS » » 2 Years DS
 Author 2 Years DS
eXcellent Strategists

Joined: December 16, 2001
Posts: 664
Posted: 2003-12-17 07:17   
*Looks at his reg date*

Anyway, 2nd DS Year for me

Although I had another account that is older.

I'd like to thank all people here that helped me with learning english, otherwise I'd still sit at a 5 (E)
Also thanks to this very nice comunity, I did always like to come to DS because most ppl here are nice.
Special thanks go to my clan, eXS.


KC, hf means have fun!

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You cannot win a war!

chris aka sunshine

Joined: May 29, 2001
Posts: 1649
From: Germany
Posted: 2003-12-17 07:55   
gratz.. somebody slaps lobbyghost on 21st, 2-year-DS-gold-festival.. christmas-vacation sucks.. erm, no.. not really
Christian 'sunshine' Weyand

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DOM700 [-IMO-]
Fleet Admiral

Joined: July 26, 2001
Posts: 3175
From: Eckental, Germany, Sol-System
Posted: 2003-12-17 08:02   
hopefully I dont meet Sunny on vacation
If the buildings on your planets disappear, guess who was there....

Never forget what you fight for
I have earned my betatester badge for being part of the open beta

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Axianda The Royal
Fleet Admiral
Terra Squadron

Joined: November 20, 2001
Posts: 4273
From: Axianda
Posted: 2003-12-17 08:36   
Grats bro.

- Axi


Joined: February 26, 2003
Posts: 165
Posted: 2003-12-17 08:45   
Grats man, btw what's a 5 (E)? I'm assuming that a failing grade?

  Email Trag
Grand Admiral

Joined: August 03, 2001
Posts: 595
From: Island of Zealand
Posted: 2003-12-17 09:22   
GARTULIERE [eXS]Schakal!!!

Now we both have are on our 3rd DS year

And Trag, yes, it's failing = F



Been dealing out FF in your neighbourhood since 2001

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Been dealing out lag in your neighbourhood since 2001

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Fleet Admiral

Joined: November 20, 2001
Posts: 182
From: Riegelsberg/Germany
Posted: 2003-12-17 09:48   
crap, i missed my anniversary! if im adding the time in beta, its almost 2.5 years. i think i joined somewhen in august like myo, but i pay since nov.

gratz anyway!

and at our 5th anniversary the patch will be out.... j/k


I am number one
Don�t matter if ya like, hear take it, sit down and write it
- Nelly

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eXcellent Strategists

Joined: December 16, 2001
Posts: 664
Posted: 2003-12-21 17:05   
Hmm didn't read the thread...
If I get more then 2 5's I would not have qualified for the school I'm now at.... ( Still the same)
But It would be to much to explain the german "Gesamschule"-System.. though it rocks and I think I don't have the vocabulary I need to explain.. maybe some1 else wants?
You cannot win a war!

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