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Development Update
- Posted on [07:39 PM] August 01 2001 by Faustus
We found a pretty major bug in the update code, which was causing many people some problems. The bug had to do with the time/date not being set correctly on downloaded files, which in turn forced those files to be downloaded again. This has now been fixed, however you might need to reboot a couple more times to get all your files up to date.

We have just added a scripting language to DarkSpace, called Lua, for those of you who might wish to create your own scenerios you can go ahead and brush up on the language syntax by going to www.lua.org. A scenerio editor is in the works, and might be available towards the end of this month.

A message box has been added to the server, this allow you to send a message to all connected players. Nice and handy to let them know your fixing to shutdown.
Development update
- Posted on [10:03 AM] July 25 2001 by Faustus
We have put up two new fixes for DarkSpace, firstly some display code was corrected to fix the graphics glitches some people were experiencing. Additionally, a fix for the file update problem in which the same files were downloaded again and again asking the player to reboot.

If you were experiencing any of these problems, and they are not corrected on your next update, please let me know ASAP.
Wait VB Option
- Posted on [12:58 PM] July 25 2001 by Faustus
I've added a new option to the DarkSpace setup. The 'Wait VB' checkbox will cause DS to wait for a verticle blank before flipping the page. This should hopefully fix problems some people are still experiencing with a flickering display. If not, then please post a message to the 'Bugs' forum, include your machine speed, video card, and any other information that will help in fixing this problem.
Development uddate..
- Posted on [09:33 AM] July 23 2001 by Faustus
  • Orbitial platforms have been removed from the engineering ships for now, this should prevent any more bogged down servers.
  • Fixed the 'Failed to open parent process' error for those running W2K, this turned out to be a security problem with NT based operating systems. We now open the parent process with the correct rights
    - Posted on [08:36 PM] July 23 2001 by Faustus
    We are currently working on several problems, and I just wanted to let everyone know what is currently being addressed/done this week.

    • Update problem with W2K and ME systems, currently files are not being updated properly which is causing the update system to keep asking the user to reboot their machine.
    • Graphical glitches on Nvidia chipsets. A bug in the display code is causing all kinds of artifacts to appear in game.
    • Tuturial, currently for most new players the learning curve can be stiff since there is no tuturial in game. We are working to implement a in-game tutorial by next week.
    Server Bug Fixes
    - Posted on [10:15 AM] July 20 2001 by Faustus
    The servers went down this morning from 2:00 AM until 9:00 AM, this was caused by the database backup we beleive. We are working currently to correct this problem.

    I've added code to check client connections from the server now, so the problem with logging off then not being able to log back in should be corrected. Currently, the timeout is set to 5 minutes, if you get the message 'Already logged in' when trying to enter the lobby, just wait 5 minutes then try again. Additionally, this fix corrected a problem when connecting to a game server in which your profile information is not passed correctly. This was due to your session not being updated by the server. This has also been fixed.
    Prestige Bug / Server Update / Lobby Update
    - Posted on [12:35 PM] July 19 2001 by Faustus
    The server prestige bug has been fixed, however everyone must make sure to update DarkSpace and their Lobby as some internal structures have changed.

    • Prestige and player statistics are now correctly stored in the database
    • The player list is now updated dynamically, instead of every 30 seconds.
    Open Beta Begins for DarkSpace
    - Posted on [02:45 PM] July 19 2001 by Faustus

    Austin, Texas, July 19, 2001 Palestar, Inc. today launched its online-only title into an Open Beta. Previously only available for private beta testing through another Game Channel, its now available to all from Palestar directly.

    During its final testing interested gamers can now download the client and play DarkSpace over the Internet with thousands of other players for free. Additionally, for the first time players are allowed to run their own servers. To start playing head over to http://www.palestar.com to download the new client now.

    Command your own capital ship and immerse yourself in the 3D universe of DarkSpace. Scouts are nimble and quick, while the transport is necessary for capturing new planets. The engineering ship can enhance and even build defenses for captured planets to protect it from enemy bombardment. The possibilities are endless, as DarkSpace is truly a never-ending game. Code and data updates are downloaded automatically and seamlessly every time you connect to play DarkSpace.

    Palestar is looking to partner with a new publisher for its title. The title is nearly complete for publishing online. All business inquiries should be directed to Palestar at publish@palestar.com.

    The full press release can be found by clicking here.
    Servers Stable
    - Posted on [10:13 AM] July 18 2001 by Faustus
    The MetaServer is finally stable enough to begin the Open Beta officially, which means we will be making the official announcement very soon. The server database code required a major overhaul, additionally player game data was being stored corrupted into the database which was causing everyone to lose their prestige once they exited the game, this has now been fixed.
    Lobby Crash Fixed
    - Posted on [11:16 AM] July 18 2001 by Faustus
    The crash when joining games has been corrected, you will get the update next time you quit and enter the lobby.

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