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Knowledge Base Update
- Posted on Sep 21 2001, 12:23:30 by Faustus
The Knowledge base has been updated to include several new fields of information. If you have already added your hardware to the knowledge base, please go back and update your comment. If you have not added your hardware, then please do so as it helps us identify which cards are having problems and helps those who do have problems find the right drivers to make DS work for them.
FSAA Alert
- Posted on Sep 19 2001, 10:30:35 by Faustus
FSAA stands for Full Screen Anti Aliasing, which usually comes enabled by default with many graphics cards. It is highly recommended that you DISABLE FSAA, you might get a 2X increase in your frame rate within the game.

The FAQ contains some instructions on how to change your FSAA setting, click here to visit the FAQ.
Vote @MPOGD !!
- Posted on Sep 19 2001, 05:39:19 by sunshine
DarkSpace is still in the Top10, but some other games are trying to kick us out there! So please go there and give DarkSpace your Vote!
Vote for DarkSpace @MPOGD
New content to building guide
- Posted on Sep 18 2001, 05:19:42 by BIOnicman
Added new content to my building guide. Building guide
Moving SQL Server...
- Posted on Sep 17 2001, 11:17:04 by Faustus
We will be moving the SQL server to a different machine today. This should hopefully make everything more stable, since we continue to have problems with our FreeBSD machine. The move will occur at 12:00 Noon CST, the entire network will be down during this time for at most an hour.

Update: SQL server has been moved
Knowledge Base
- Posted on Sep 16 2001, 16:20:46 by Faustus
The Knowledge Base is now online, which if you do not know is a great way for users to exchange information concerning Hardware / Driver problems and the solutions to fix them.

We encourage everyone, even if DarkSpace is working fine for you, to add your hardware and comments to the Knowledge Base. This allows us to identify those cards which have problems and those that do not have problems. In your comments be sure to include the Driver Version that you are using for your hardware.
- Posted on Sep 15 2001, 19:19:26 by Faustus
The FAQ script has been rewritten, moderators can now add questions and answers to the FAQ.
Development Update
- Posted on Sep 14 2001, 16:19:07 by Faustus
Firstly, Servers will now automatically restart when there is a new version available. Every 30 minutes, they check our mirror server, if an update is available they give a 5 minute warning before restarting.

Rank Limits can now be specified in the server settings, meaning a maximum rank can be setup by whoever is running the server. Players of higher rank can still join, however their available ships is capped at the maximum rank. Players can still advance in rank, this does NOT limit your advancements. This was done to create newbie servers in which new players will not be overpowered by Dreadnaughts.

A distress system has been added, 'Control-H' will send out an 'Attacked' distress signal, 'Shift-H' will send out a 'Supply' distress signal. The 'H' key will target the last received distress signal. Planets will send out distress signals automatically when bombed or invaded.

Some important keys have changed...
Control-B Toggles point defenses
Control-D Self Destruct

For more information on the updates, visit the 'Development Updates' forum...
MPOGD Poll....
- Posted on Sep 12 2001, 17:17:53 by Faustus
www.mpogd.com is polling for the top 10 online games, so go cast your vote and support DarkSpace by clicking here.
DarkSpace Hits 10,000 Players
- Posted on Sep 12 2001, 12:56:35 by Faustus
Austin, Texas, September 12, 2001 - Palestar, Inc. today announced that their action/strategy massive multi-player title DarkSpace has now registered more than 10,000 players to their Open Beta program which began in mid July.

Richard Lyle, Palestar's President and Lead Programmer, comments 'I am amazed at the level of fan support for DarkSpace. We have been able to detect several errors and game play issues with the assistance of our fan base during the last seven weeks of testing.'

Palestar continues to fine-tune the title as they consider their options for a new publisher for DarkSpace. The Austin-based developer envisions continuing the Beta for at least another few weeks. New interested gamers may still download the client and play DarkSpace over the Internet with thousands of other players for free during the Open Beta. Additionally, players may run their own servers or run from Palestar's as they wish. To play DarkSpace head over to http://www.darkspace.net to download the client through Palestar's many host and partner sites.

'We really appreciate all the support from the DarkSpace players. We hope they will continue to inform us of their thoughts and suggestions to make DarkSpace the best massive multi-player action/strategy game available' Richard Lyle went on to say.

Palestar is still looking to partner with a new publisher for its title. The title is nearly complete for publishing online. All business inquiries should be directed to Palestar at publish@palestar.com.

Read the full article

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