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MetaVerse Reset...
- Posted on February 6th, 2002 - 09:58 by Faustus
Due to the massive balance problems created by uber-ships created in the MV before the new rules concerning refitting of ships were implemented. The entire MetaVerse will be shutdown, and all player ships and the metaverse will be reset later today at 12:00 CST.
Newest Community Administrator
- Posted on February 6th, 2002 - 01:22 by Selvarian
I would like everyone to welcome -mac our newest Community Administrator for the North American Region. Please congratulate him when you next see him in the chat room or in-game.

Note: -mac- is to be considered practice target instead of Selvarian.
Updated Rules of Conduct (RoC) - Exploitation Section Added
- Posted on February 5th, 2002 - 18:00 by Selvarian
The DarkSpace Rules of Conduct document has been updated with the latest information. Access it by clicking on the 'Terms of Use' link in the menu.


All Game Officials are expected to begin implementing the changes immediately.
Development Update...
- Posted on February 4th, 2002 - 17:05 by Faustus
We've finished some initial documentation on what we plan to implement into DarkSpace over the next months. We really want your feedback concerning this list, so please post your thoughts on the General forum.

Version 1.3 – High Priority Patches
- AI transports use jump drives, and fix bugs with transportation of goods.
- AI transports send distress signal when attacked.
- Fix missile code to track their targets better.

Version 1.4 – 02/28/2002
- Mining beam for extracting resources from asteroids/planets.
- Wormhole device, which allows a ship to open a wormhole to another ship with the same device.
- Barracks use Hand Weapons to train ground units from Green to Elite. Barracks also suck population to make units.
- New Planet management interface
- Revise planet production interface – production of goods is controlled via priority instead of percentage
- Units require credits from home planet to maintain; otherwise they start taking damage until destroyed.
- Hydro farm structure – Increases food production of the planet.
- Stronger defense bases – and upgrades
- Planet projects/Technology tree
- Restrictions on ship selections – Each team has a budget, the planets they control and the value of those planets increase this budget.

Version 1.5 – 03/31/2002
- Jammer device – which prevents all communications within 500gu of device when active.
- Missions – Player and AI generated missions for players to fulfill for credits or prestige.
- More control of units on the surface. Allow units to fortify, making them harder to destroy
- New ground units – Spy, Diplomat, Artillery, Heavy Infantry, Armor
- Send message when attacking player in FF zone
- Space based platforms build able by the engineering ship – Defense platform, supply platform, sensor platform, storage, shipyard, etc.
- Bunker structure – Protects unit and some population from bombardment
- Shield ship – which can protect several ships within 250gu with it’s shields

www.darkspace.net has a new look...
- Posted on February 1st, 2002 - 16:25 by Faustus
The DarkSpace web site has been redesigned by Oliver 'StarDust' Poetzelberger. If you haven't thanked him yet, please do so the next time you are blowing up his cruiser in the Luyten system.

In Addition, the Online Manual has been brought up to date with the current 1.3 release. Currently, the manual is only available in English. We will be translating it over the next couple of weeks.
Database crash...
- Posted on February 1st, 2002 - 10:59 by Faustus
Due to a database crash we lost some data from 2AM until 9:40AM this morning. The database has been restored and is functional, however some data may have been lost. We apologize for any inconvenience this crash may have caused you.
Action Vault Reviews DarkSpace..
- Posted on Jan 31 2002, 10:24:18 by Faustus
IGN Action Valt posted a review of DarkSpace on their website, Click here to read the full article..
New Poll...
- Posted on Jan 31 2002, 09:43:17 by Faustus
Please vote in the latest online poll concerning the ICC shield strength. Click here to vote...
Version 1.3 Update...
- Posted on Jan 28 2002, 16:31:42 by Faustus
We have made several new fixes and updates to version 1.3, you can read complete details on what has been changed or fixed in the Development Updates forum.

- More restrictive customization of ships has now been implemented. Keep in mind, any ships that are already customized in the Metaverse, keep their configuration until they are destroyed.
- Systems can now be bought and sold for credits at the Starports.
- Resources lost is now calculated differently. Lower ranking players lose less prestige for getting destroyed, than higher ranking players.
- Code has been fixed which was causing syncronization errors.
New Community Manager...
- Posted on Jan 25 2002, 08:51:42 by Faustus
Selvarian has become the newest DarkSpace community manager. Everyone, please congratulate him on his new position as an administrator for DarkSpace when you see him in the lobby or in-game.

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