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 Author has the end finally arrived
1st Rear Admiral

Joined: April 19, 2011
Posts: 2
Posted: 2016-05-01 13:22   
On 2016-05-01 08:26, Enterprise wrote:

I just know that most gamers aren't very forgiving. Back in the early 2000s, this game would be par the course.

That's true, that's why I said the game needs a *small* bit a of coverage. Now the game is not bad at all, and by all means, the mechanics are still pretty good.

This game could use a bit of re-texturing, 3D movement, GUI update, and new sound and music. Perhaps then the game would be up to par with the current gaming world. Of course this is not easy, but should not be too hard on the developers, right?

I would say that we would have to control how popular this gets, should we get coverage, considering that backlash would permanently ruin DarkSpace's chance to shine. That would be the most difficult part (community management).

Chief Marshal

Joined: May 29, 2002
Posts: 256
Posted: 2016-05-03 13:41   
So to address the original issue and hopefully put an end to this thread.

On 2016-02-26 08:12, gocrazyonu wrote:
can,t seem to log on , no servers online.

Occassionally the SQL server crashes, which results in a failure to authenticate logins. The only option is to wait for an admin to restart the service. There is a news post about this on the front page of the website.

Fleet Admiral
Galactic Navy

Joined: October 06, 2001
Posts: 3405
From: Charlotte, North Carolina
Posted: 2016-05-09 08:23   
Put an end to this thread, and another will rise to take its place.

You cannot stop it.


Fleet Admiral

Joined: September 24, 2011
Posts: 778
From: Fluttershy
Posted: 2016-05-11 21:11   
Steam green light is turning into (or has already turned into) a huge joke anyways.
Darkspace will just get buried under literal garbage.

A remake (and possibly a revision going back to roots for inspiration) sounds feasible to me because space games of this type are not exactly difficult to program if the network stuff is already largely handled. You have pinpoint projectiles and sphereical hitboxes, hardpoints with no render model, gradual velocity changes and slow turn rates that are very friendly to client-side prediction techniques.

None of it really seems technically outstanding or difficult to reproduce if all the low-level stuff has been taken care of.

Of half the people I showed this game to, and who tried it, the user interface is what scared them off, it would bug out on them, their controls or throttle would get stuck, they'd get blind-sided by a planet, and jump drives went so fast they'd blink and die or something. So they died a lot confusingly, lost patience and quit, and then just told that nothing of value was lost. The other half couldn't even run it for some reason or another, buttons not working or something, I forget.

Galactic Navy

Joined: November 21, 2001
Posts: 1130
From: Bandcamp
Posted: 2016-05-12 08:18   
On 2016-05-09 08:23, Demorian wrote:
Put an end to this thread, and another will rise to take its place.

You cannot stop it.


Holy Batpoop Batman! It's Demorian!

Anyway, do you guys even bittervet?

1.482 and I'm back. However, sadly, this won't happen because of how the repository that was used worked. Those snapshots of those codebases are gone. They aren't coming back. Believe me, I've been yelling that for longer than almost anyone I know.

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Galactic Navy

Joined: November 21, 2001
Posts: 1130
From: Bandcamp
Posted: 2016-05-12 08:31   
On 2016-03-01 08:59, Doran wrote:
On 2016-03-01 00:47, Crim wrote:
to make me a mod

who you gonna moderate cracky? goththug dont come 'round here no more

I literally spit drink everywhere.

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