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 Author Faction Loyalty and Garage Slots
Orkan [OO-XII]
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From: A Point Perfectly Computed Yet Never Repeating
Posted: 2014-01-24 02:10   
On 2014-01-22 20:05, The Maniac wrote:
"To be more precise you could have a K'Luth garage with Combat and a few utility ships, an ICC garage chock full of transports as well as an UGTO hanger full of 'shrooms! "

oh yeah it can already be done right, forgot about that. I have a full spectrum garage on each side btw and play for a faction for a alonger uniterrupted period, you may ask any admin for an iptrack on that:P. but yeah guess someone could just make other 2 factions full of big ships. So you suggest that fleeted players dont lose that advantage of other players exploiting the triple garage? sigh....o well i guess

"Perhaps you mean that if a fleet pays to take it to a certain level members get the three slots putting them on par with subscribed members? "


'fleeted players fly less ship classes then unfleeted players"

No, just no. rlly how hard is it to understand your concept is wrong?
They both have same ship slots for 1 faction. You cant tranny rush icc with a cargo full of icc transports. You cant station spam vs ugto with a garage full of UGTO stations. every player has same number of garage slots when playing a faction.

It is clear from what I stated that fleeted players fly less ship classes in total than unfleeted players. It is to be understood that each player can only fly a total of 8 or 12 per faction at a time.

An unfleeted player may log off and then log in again after two minutes and access his other factions' ships should they choose to do so.

A fleeted player cannot, they may log off but upon logging back in they again only have access to the same 8 or 12 ships.


Your above quote seems to contradict itself because you state that at first you "can already do that, I forgot" but then you go on to tell me that I am plain wrong.

Perhaps you made an error when you edited your post but I am now not sure what you stand by.


Your problem of players having their other 2 garages full of other ship classes, for instance fly UGTO stats, kluth dreads, and icc cruisers-dessy depending on mood, can be solved by a simple faction lock that has been suggested for friggin years! just choose a faction and be locked to it for at least a month. I dont think i****s who use their garages that way should be a basis for giving all others a bonus. I think its better to prevent the i****s from going deeper in the pit of self loving.

I****s? Self loving? what?

I don't mean to insult anybody and I don't think insulting the playerbase is appropriate.

I don't want to 'solve' the issue of faction hopping as experiencing the game is what DS is about. That is a part of the game. I am sure almost every single player here has flown UGTO, ICC or K'Luth at one point or other, either in the MV, Beta or Scenario. In scenario you are sometimes put on a team you may not want to fly.

That aside, you do raise a decent point concerning the faction lock to stop exploitative faction hopping. I think that one month is a tad excessive, I thought of this a while ago also (obviously I am not the first to think of this) and discussed it with a few Players. I initially thought a week would be fair but after discussion perhaps a day is fair enough?

Such a faction lock, if in place for fleets, should be in place for individual unfleeted players also, making them choose their faction and stick with it for a period of 24 or even 48hours (or roughly two server resets)


allright, the problem if i understand, is that players hop faction using each factions strongest ships depending on their mood, fly small go icc, fly big go kluth, camp at planet go ugto. So you want to come up with either a reward for all other players or a block-nerf for the people not having any faction loyalty at all while flying there.

Er, not exactly... I would say not a 'block-nerf' as I'm not a party-pooper. I would rather level the playing field and increase the amount of faction ships available to all players equally.

I have no problem with people who want to stack their garage with one type of ship for whatever reason, in the end they are only limiting their options. Even if they choose to station stack and rush till death, they will then have to spend a great amount of time repairing all their individual station hulls after respawn that it will not really be worth it.

You have to remember being unfleeted means you can choose which faction you play for whenever you like which can be easily exploited if a player has one specific faction's interests at heart (it should ideally be on a locked daily basis) and you have a greater number of saved ships at your fingertips.

Being fleeted means you should have access to the same number of ships as unfleeted except your bonus is that you get to fly them all for your faction. That should be the reward for your loyalty.


my idea: ... one account allowed per IP (no need for alts with triple garage), no proxy when checking ip route. then only that 1 guy with 5 alts who knows how to work around that, will remain hopping.

Now that's a good idea but will only seem fair and lessen the use of alt accounts if all players equally have access to the same amount of ships in their garage in total whether fleeted or unfleeted. 24 or 36 ships I would imagine would satisfy the majority of 'normal' players.

The choice should be either:

Unfleeted: 8-12 ships per faction but 16-24 available on the other two for a total of 24-36 ships across all three. (ie as it is now)
fleeted: 24-36 ships available for only one faction (what should be changed in my opinion)

Even though these numbers may seem large there is a whole wealth of new ships remember there are approximately 70 (!) ship types on one faction in total in DS 1.7.

Even with the numbers that I propose you would still only be able to store just a touch over half of all available ship types and would still require an empty slot to keep for emergencies to grab whatever you needed at the time as a stock ship.

This would truly open up the game and encourage people to fleet up as well as finally be able to make good use of all the ships without being able to access all at once. An informed choice and preference would still have to be made and the player is still limited and not OP.
8 slots seemed a little limited for the previous incarnation of 1.6 let alone for this great version what with it's great new ships adept as Ewar, missile, fighters, minelayers, transports, engineers, wormhole, command and tier 3 ships that we now have at our disposal.

Please make it easy for us to be able to use them to their full potential.


your idea: fleeted players get 3x the garage size so they fly all the ships there are and make more purpose built ships, like a reflective armor battle cruiser and one with ablatives. This doesnt change any of the problems just gives fleeted players a weapon/bonus vs "the self lovers", all the players in between are getting screwed by this (unfleeted players with an average self esteem)

I don't understand. What players 'in between'? how are they getting 'sc***d' over (language please!)?
What problems?
What has self-esteem got to do with this? : / do you mean loyalty?

Either you are fleeted or unfleeted. There is no in between.

Presenty the 'self-lover's as you call them or unfleeted are the ones with the weapon/bonus as they can have more ships with more enhancements in total and the fleeted players are stuck with less choice.

If you want to fly more ships for one faction you join a fleet - this is after all a team game.

If you want to be a jack of all trades but master of none you stay unfleeted but spread your ships across all factions exactly how it is now.

This solution will net Palestar more money (I know I'll save up and get more enhancements) and make the game even more fun to play with more enhancement pathways available for all without anyone feeling they're missing out on something like at present.


to much text gah! summary: i dont like your idea, is a faction lock better?

You raise some good points.

Faction lock we should go with anyway to lessen exploitation.

I still believe the ideas of increasing ships available per faction for fleeted players has merit.

Summary is this:

unfleeted people who want to hop factions get 8-12 ships per faction and 24-36 in total whilst fleeted players get access to a total of 24-36 additional ships per faction also.

At the end of the day, no matter what the faction a player plays for, DS is about prestige (experience points) gain and badge acquisition in order to progress and unlock all possible ships to do all possible tasks.

Just to make my position clear:

- fleeted players should have access to exactly the same amount of ships as unfleeted players.

- I think paying credits outright for extra slots is also a great idea.

Man, I feel as if I have been repeating myself over and over just to make myself clear, now I'm tired, I'm outta here!

[ This Message was edited by: Orkan [OO-XII] on 2014-01-24 02:35 ]


  Email Orkan [OO-XII]
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Posted: 2014-01-24 02:35   
chiming in again, because this thread is too boring to read now...

at any time, any player can fly only 1 ship. thus, having only 1 ship slot is not going to affect the rate at which enhancements get used up and destroyed (and hence need re-buying).

faction lock may be nice, but players who practice faction hopping will crush themselves with moral guilt >_>

to be tactically useful, players need to have a balanced choice of ships to store on every faction. even if there were a 100 factions (and thus 800 ship slots), you'd still need 100 balanced ships to maximise your usefulness to your faction.

this as a fleeted player : choosing to join a fleet includes choosing to not enjoy ships of all factions. this is one reason why many players of DS do not recommend absolute newbies (and even rear admirals) to get settled in a fleet. want of "enjoying" nifty ships of other factions is better off vented in the scenario or even beta.

this thread is very boring.

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Joined: December 18, 2007
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Posted: 2014-01-24 05:22   
"Your above quote seems to contradict itself because you state that at first you "can already do that, I forgot" but then you go on to tell me that I am plain wrong. "

because i didnt realize i could just make 2 other garages full of crap to spam. But that doesnt make for a good reason to give a fleeted player bigger garage so that player can have half a garage of crap to spam. that was the point i was trying to make. the rest of text is saying problem arises with people who change faction to fast, not difference in total number of ships you can choose to fly (since that number is only accessable when u change faction). and a proposal to fix that > factionlock.Okay so a month is to long, you propose a day, something in between?

more garage slots for 1 faction is a tremendous advantage, it should be an enhancement or fleet level bonus only. not a standard bonus for any fleeted player. and also not the huge number of slots you are talking about.

"I don't understand. What players 'in between'? how are they getting 'sc***d' over (language please!)?
What problems?
What has self-esteem got to do with this? : / do you mean loyalty? "

the fleeted players, the unfleeted players who love themselves a lot but not much else and faction hop all day to gain an advantage in the battlefield they cant live without, and the unfleeted players who dont undulge in self loving > the players in between
[ This Message was edited by: The Maniac on 2014-01-24 05:32 ]

and to reply to the summary:

i agree with the garage slots being purchasable with a max, maybe include fleet level thing to reward ppl for joining a fleet.

but giving a fleeted player 3x garage would make it easy again to make 3 alts, all fleeted on another faction, thus giving a person a huge amount of ships (over 100). Really, any bonus that rewards limiting your options, should be in place AFTER any faction lock systems been brought into place. At least to make it take more time to change alts

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