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Forum Index » » Beta Testing Discussion » » Ship fitting quick overview.
 Author Ship fitting quick overview.

Joined: February 06, 2008
Posts: 157
From: Dorset
Posted: 2011-06-24 07:13   
I decided, to play beta more considering the depot change being made recently (see development log) and thought that I would look through the setups of every ship on each race.

From the overview I have one or two things to state that may or may not have slipped through the net.

Please note that I am not criticising or making an argument but merely pointing out these ship fittings. If you find a reason (logical) as to why the fittings are as such or believe after testing this is better then please say so.

UGTO Heavy Supply Ship
- I question the use of two tractor beams on a supply ship considering the recent changes in depots on planets. It might be better to have 3 repair drones and one tractor beam for platforms. This making the ship more viable in all situations and needed in most situations. It would also make a little more sense as dragging two depots into battle would be silly.

UGTO Supply Ship
- The basic supply ship has 3x as many PD as the heavy supply ship. While the defence is higher on the heavy supply ship I have to wonder if this was a desired change? Just saying.

UGTO Blockade Corvette
- Why? Every other corvette can be used for 'blockading' with the current mechanics and has combat usage whereas a single bomb won't accomplish anything on a planet with the way PD works and considering the small ammo of such a ship. Should it not just be removed?

UGTO Assault Transport
- Just wanted to say, this made me laugh damned hard when I read the name. Brilliant idea.

ICC Line Station
- Unlike other race's ship of the line this station has two reload drones instead of one. While I fly the LS and ICC ships I must point out that the extra drone can be used for something (anything) else as the LS doesn't need drones as much as the other races and would make no sense having more than other races. (Being a shield ship and all)

ICC Sector Command Base (the builder station)
- Still has one missile rack. Fairly useless. Not sure if this ship has yet to have a refit, but wanted to point it out.
- Still has a WH device as standard. While WH's are 50/50 I thought I saw all stations would be having Hyper Mass Accelerators. This probably just confirms my thoughts that the SCB has yet to have a serious refit.

ICC Engineering class vessels
- I question the need for 3 types of engineer class ships. Granted they each get better as you go up the ranks but considering ICC isn't more of a building race than the other 2 I question the need for one more engineer type than the other races. Does it serve a purpose?

That's all. I checked through the other ships but the larger dreadnaughts I would have assumed been looked through more times than anyone can count due to the high demand in dreadnaughts. That being said I would like to point out that you can get a hilarious constant stream of torps from the krill that just makes you smile.

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Forger of Destiny
Chief Marshal
We Kick Arse

Joined: October 10, 2009
Posts: 826
Posted: 2011-06-24 08:19   
UGTO Heavy Supply Ship

intended, because a supply ship is not meant to outdo a station dedicated to supplying. also dragging platforms into battle is a difficult tactic, but rewarding at times.

UGTO Supply Ship
yes the regular supply has more PD (and extra armor?) in exchange of tractor beams and 1 repair drone. its a fair trade considering those tractors can be refitted for helping the heavy engineers who don't have beams at all.

UGTO Blockade Corvette
blockade corv has 1 mine launcher and 2 ecm. it is called blockade because it can nimbly lay mines in enemy territory, especially near gates. that way it can blockade the trade and traffic near the gate (and indicate presence of kluth too).

since its unique it shouldn't be removed.

ICC Line Station and ICC Sector Command Base (the builder station)

yes you are right they arent refitted yet, so ur review is old and stale

ICC Engineering class vessels
yes it serves a purpose. the first engineer is your combat engineer which can build near war zones. the better engineer is for heavy building in the backwater and rear line planets (which should not have enemies nearby).
the third engineer is a special one which can both build and supply. kluth got a special supply ship too but ugto doesn't .

I would like to point out that you can get a hilarious constant stream of torps from the krill that just makes you smile.

don't worry because cannon ships are not worth compared to beam ships which can roll in, laz0r them chickens, then roll out. laser DPS was increased incase you forgot. that krill lost a good number of beams for that improved anti-station battery. (also krill doesn't have torpedoes. )
[ This Message was edited by: Inactive-001 on 2011-06-24 08:20 ]
Forging legends and lives outside till naught remains inside.

Chief Marshal
Galactic Navy

Joined: May 19, 2002
Posts: 2576
Posted: 2011-06-24 10:09   
Don't knock core weapons. Their faster firing rate makes the more accurate, and the increased dedication of them on the general combat ships makes them a standard weapon to be used at medium range. Well out of beam range.

Beam damage takes the damage cake (finally!), as it is close range, but remember you have to be close, especially for CLs.

And finally, you have torps which actually hurt now and missiles which hurt ALOT if they hit.

So if people want to go all beams, have at it. Just know that you make yourself really vulnerable to medium range fire. The way the layouts are setup is pretty much this:

You have close range vessels, that are vulnerable to long range vessels.

You have long range vessels that are vulnerable to close range assaults.

You have medium range vessels that can handle both but not as well.

Take the EAD. It will absolutely get slaughtered by long range ships if they are nimble. However, the EAD will absolutely pound to hell anything that gets too close. See: Station killer role.

Or the Combat Dread. Lots of cannons. Role? General combat, Dread/Cruiser killer, but destroyers and frigates and throw missiles at it and kill it without much risk.

The stations are the biggest example so far. Take a Hive. Its got alot of missiles but you can only fire two core weapons. It means if you get within the minimum range/have good PD support, you kill most of its DPS. Its about how specialized the ships have become.

Everything has a role, and every role has a weakness to be exploited by the right ship. So flying an EAD is nice, but you don't want to fight a Combat Dread because it will maul you before you even get close. But then you star factoring in tactics, etc. But still, you get the point.

The best thing about this patch is giving ships a specific role to play. A ship armed with tractors can be creative, and tow in platforms to help in a fight, especially if its already a support ship. As an example.

It means that your favorite ship won't always be the best solution to the current situation. Got a bunch of missile ships attacking you? The current train of thought is to bring out a bunch of Dreads, but in Beta you will die. Fast. Very very fast. So instead you get a bunch of nimble EWAR ships to get in close and kill them. Counter, counter-counters, and so on. So yes, thinking will be part of the curriculum this quarter.

Remember this. Because the biggest QQ storm in history is going to happen when UGTO suddenly realizes their Battle Station isn't the answer to every fight.


Templar Knights

Joined: May 11, 2010
Posts: 2039
From: Michigan
Posted: 2011-06-24 10:20   
Yeah. It's going to be fun when groups of Missile Frigates are suddenly viable as large ship killers again, since people won't be able to just camp a depot planet and be invincible anymore.

Not to mention the carnage that will ensue from groups of Border Cruisers.
Adapt or die.

Grand Admiral

Joined: May 05, 2010
Posts: 1005
Posted: 2011-06-24 15:09   

I hate how every non-UGTO thinks *ALL* UGTO love stations.

On topic:

I think all suppies have the same point max, so the Heavy gets more utility with being able to help mine for platforms or being able to drag them into combat. The smaller suppie has to have its points invested somewhere, so pd makes a good choice.

For the blockade corvette I find it a bit pointless, as the Minelayer frig can lay more mines (I think 2x as many) and the speed difference of a corvette and frigate aren't that much different. Double Mines > 5 gu speed. Not sure if bloackade has more EWAR however.

ICC stations have not undergone a refit yet.

ICC engis are a bit questionable since they do have a huge engineer known as the command carrier that seems to be better than an engi in almost every way. (They also have very little weapons to defend themselves with, also like an engineer)

Fleet Admiral

Joined: November 15, 2008
Posts: 709
Posted: 2011-06-24 16:49   
Every faction NEEDS to have unique, awesome stuff. we


need carbon-copy factions.

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