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Forum Index » » Beta Testing Discussion » » DarkSpace installation walkthrough (Beta client)
 Author DarkSpace installation walkthrough (Beta client)
Eledore Massis [R33]
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Joined: May 26, 2002
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From: tsohlacoLocalhost
Posted: 2008-05-31 17:09   
DarkSpace installation walkthrough (Beta client)

56K warning!

People who have a bad connection read fast, this page contains about 350 Kb of pictures!
Either quickly stop loading, click some place else or let it all load.
Normally this should be larger if those where JPG pictures but i used PNG, just for you 56k people ;p

DarkSpace installation walkthrough (Beta client)

This is for all the people who are interesting in the GameCQ Beta client.
This client allows you yo play "DarkSpace" and "DarkSpace Beta".
It has added functionality and is more stable than the current Release Client.
(And is not affected by the MS Internet Explorer Updates)

  • Foreword

This installation walkthrough is made so people can easy understand how to install the Darkspace Beta Client.
The installation was preformed on Windows Xp professional (dutch). deviations in theme, color and Language should be ignored.
For people using Vista there is a extra set of options that are required to do. The walktrough will tell you when to go to Extra, follow the instructions shown there and resume the walkthrough.

For Darkspace Players who used the previous GCQL version:
This installation is a big change from the old GCQL. No game information has been added to the GameCQ client to keep it small, the client will download all game aspects for you.

  • The Download

Please go to; http://Beta.Darkspace.net and go to the Downloads Section.
Or click this direct [link].

It will look like this:

Pick a download
I recommend the bottom one, its a direct link

  • The Installation

When you have downloaded the file, Run it.

Or run it later just open the file. it should look like this



This installation directory is correct, but you can still change the location if you want.
Do not overwrite the old Darkspace directory "c:Program filespalestarDarkspace",
As said in the foreword this is a totally different kind of GCQL.


You can change the location or name of the Start Menu directory if you want.

The Client is installing, this won't take long.


  • Running the Client

Once the installation is completed you wil notice a New icon on your desktop.

Vista users beware! You have to run this as a administrator.
Visual Walkthrough how to run GameCQ as Administrator found in "Extra's" at the end of this document.
Go to extra and Preform the vista required options.

Once you have set it to run as administrator, or if you are just using windows XP.
Just dubbed click to run GameCQ.

If none is found on your desktop look under start and run it from there.
If you still can't find it run the GCQL.exe located in the installation directory e.g. "c:Program FilesPaleStarGameCQ"

The client wil connect to the Palestar server and search for a updates.
100% guaranteed it will find some after the installation.

You can restart if you want. or do it later.
If you don't want to restart just hit "No" and launch the GameCQ again.
! this should work, but might give some problems with updating games.

After the GameCQ updates you will have the next window.

Fill in your account information and hit the "Login" button.

You made it in to the "DarkSpace English" Chat room, aka the Lobby.

  • Installing Darkspace

If you aren't here to Lobby-Camp than i your probaly here for the game.
Click on the "Launch" tab to get to the next page.

As shown above click the "DarkSpace" game and Press the "Install" Button.

A tricky question, so far i have always Pressed Yes.

The GameCQ will start to download the game.

(There is no pause button so if you want to stop downloading you have to Close the client.)

your free of choice if your are going to download the "DarkSpace (Beta)"
But to show you how my "Launch" tab looks like.

  • Launching the game

Since i'm this far, ill even will show you how to launch the game.

Go to the "Servers" tab
Pick a server and press the "Connect" button.
A alternate method Right click and select <Connect>.

You will get kicked to the "Launch" tab and the Game will look for a update before launching.
This way you are guaranteed to always have the latest version when starting to play.

The game will either start or will tell you to run "Client Setup"

If you need to run Client Setup.
Go to the "Launch" tab, if you are not there already.
Select "DarkSpace Setup" and press "Launch"
Most settings are self explaining,

Select the autoconfigure, Low/Medium/High. then pick the proper or preferred resolution. and Press ok.
(Other options are up to your own preference.)

Rejoin a server and all should work.
Should you have any problems beyond this point place ask in the Lobby about hem, where a close community and we are happy to help anny member.

If you are using this walkthrough, say with your question that you are using it and tell them at what point you are experienced problems or deviations.

  • Extra's

You need to run GameCQ as a Administrator since DarkSpace and other parts of GameCQ require direct access to computer resources.
These images are from a finnish Vista installation but the english translations are added.
Tanks for "Leviatan @113470" for these Vista pictures.

Right click on GameCQ shortcut

Select "Properties".

Goto the "Shortcut" tab.

Select "Advanced"

Select the "Run as administrator" and press "Ok"
Followed by "Ok" again in the Properties window.

You are new ready to start GameCQ.

Closing GameCQ
If you close the GameCQ by the top right X, it will still continue to run in the background. to really close it you have to tell it to.

Either inside the GameCQ to the top left <GameCQ> and choose <Exit>.

But there is even a other option shown here.

GameCQ Update doesn't requires Reboot afther updating
When updating the GameCQ it sometimes will ask you to reboot your computer.
Mostly a reboot is not required but its just that the autoupdater can't replace it self while still running.
[This] Immage shows you where the autoupdater has placed his own updated file.
Just delete the SmartUpdate.exe. and remove the .upd from SmartUpdate.exe.upd
Your done.

v 0.0 | 28-05-2008
v 1.0 | 31-05-2008 - posted
V 1.1 | 02-06-2008 - Moved Pictures over to DSCW

[ This Message was edited by: Eledore[NL] on 2008-06-01 17:26 ]
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Joined: April 04, 2007
Posts: 448
Posted: 2008-05-31 17:31   
I think we sould put this into FAQ. Good job anyway ;]

Eledore Massis [R33]
Fleet Admiral
Templar Knights


Joined: May 26, 2002
Posts: 2691
From: tsohlacoLocalhost
Posted: 2008-05-31 17:51   
On 2008-05-31 17:31, Sparx™ wrote:
I think we sould put this into FAQ. Good job anyway ;]

Where are the hidden camera's ??
Because i don't recall a FAQ on beta.

Second i could place this as a document on release but that would make no sence yet. There hasn't been a decision to replace current release with GameCQ yet, so can't place it there.

This would be perfectly for a Beta Document but its been burning a hole in my hand for the past three days, with Drafell knowing about it.
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