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Forum Index » » Beta Testing Discussion » » ICC gate don't work right
 Author ICC gate don't work right
Vice Admiral
Courageous Elite Commandos

Joined: March 06, 2004
Posts: 18
From: Napanee, ON. Canada
Posted: 2008-04-14 20:30   
ICC gate would not let me back in to change ships. Checked UGTO and K'luth and they work fine. The spawn location was about 3000 gu away from the gate. If I followed the orbit line of the gate from the gate to I would spawn in the gate ship screen.
Also I was building on Exathra and Minuete and just started the shipyard on Exathra and the game froze, got a {Error - Execption has occured} Window and an error report for MS, that I didn't send. Then I went back in and in the ICC Gate ship screen I clicked on the gate on the map and it moved about an inch to the left on its orbit path.
Hope this helps, I read most of the logs and reports and did not see this bug.

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Eledore Massis [R33]
Fleet Admiral
Templar Knights

Joined: May 26, 2002
Posts: 2690
From: tsohlacoLocalhost
Posted: 2008-04-17 19:05   
Can confirm this.
You spawn far away from the Gate entity, and the gate is not working.
I could not find the spawn point again.
Second can't unload inflantry or use devices inside CD, almost like a verry big safezone.

could a map error, but its annoying. Players can't use ICC resources outside the gate spawn selection
DS Discordion


Joined: May 29, 2001
Posts: 2747
From: Austin, Texas
Posted: 2008-04-20 14:40   

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