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 Author [1.484] Beta Testing Rules ** IMPORTANT READ **
Galactic Navy

Joined: March 23, 2003
Posts: 11180
From: Bristol, England
Posted: 2008-03-03 18:28   
Temporary rules

Scrapping infantry

At no point is a player allowed to scrap infantry if there is a Dome or Colony Hub on that planet.

Static rules

Bombing in Beta

If an engineer is building a non-flag planet and is actively in orbit of that planet and asks a bomber to not bomb, then the bomber is to leave the planet alone until it is finished and the engineer is no longer in orbit.


Building in Beta

Build flag planets first.
Optionally you may build rare resource planets as long as they do not have defense structures that attack mining ships until all flag planets are fully built. Rare Resources are considered: Hyper Matter, Dark Matter, Uridium

Once all Flag planets initially reach 30 structures, building defense structures on rare resource planets is permitted.


Flag Planets

In beta each faction should be permitted to have atleast 1 flag planet, if possible allow each faction to have as close to an equal share of flags as possible.

Do not capture flag planets to end the map quickly. If you want, or require the map to be changed for whatever reason, ask a developer or admin.


Capturing Planets

Normal invasion and capping of non-flag planets (including non-flag rare resource planets) is permitted. In the case of rare-resources, building of defense structure rule is still in effect.

Point Defense shooting down of Troop Pods and Bombs are permitted at all times and do not violate a engineer or miners non-aggression protection clause.


Special Case Rules

Only a member of the developent team can excuse or augment these rules. If a developer needs to test something, they can give a moretorium for the period of time they are testing. At the end of their testing, normal rules and restrictions are placed back into effect.


If people continue to abuse or violate these rules and those included in the Beta Testing Guide and RoC, then those accounts will have their beta pres reset to 0 and will no longer be given free prestige.

Should we continue to have issues, the we will simply switch back off the free trial flag that allows everyone to play on beta and no-one will have over a scout unless a developer gives individual permission. Switching of flags will be at developers discretion and when "they feel like it", so could take days.

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