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 Author GCQ Chat Suggestions

Joined: December 30, 2001
Posts: 13
Posted: 2008-02-15 01:16   
I haven't gotten inside the beta server yet, downloading it now..

But I do have a couple of suggestions for the lobby.

1) ability to change the background color. Some text just looks hideous against an all black background and can be really hard on the eyes.

2) Ability to right click on a chat name within the main chat screen, not the room members box to the right, and select their profile, etc.

3) Vanity suggestion: Create rank insignia for the differing ranks, and give the ability to display a small rank insiginia icon next to your name in the room member list instead of that little yellow or grey figure.

I'm sure i'll think of more.

Mr Black
Grand Admiral

Joined: September 20, 2003
Posts: 486
From: Gaifenland
Posted: 2008-02-15 07:04   
Please remember that GCQL and GameCQ are designed to be used as a generic publishing platform, so any features that are implemented need to be able to apply to all possible content. This precludes a lot of customized or themed content, unless we can properly implement skins.
DarkSpace Administrator - \\r\\n

Grand Admiral

Joined: January 31, 2004
Posts: 567
From: Mississauga, ON CA
Posted: 2008-02-15 07:52   
I'm sure these are do-able. Maybe not #2 (don't know how tedious it would be to pop up menus like the user list since the main chat frame is an website-like document). #1 sounds possible, just a change in the style of the projected document, however, black is ideal because every colour falls onto it, and it would mess up whats already set in how certain chat mechanics work that use certain colours. As for the rank, that could easily in my mind be dynamic to support other content than just DarkSpace. Instead of actually calling it rank and being focused around it, just make it a type of group GCQL can handle that has an icon to show they are in that group..

But really I have no clue, just scratching the surface

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