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 Author /Report and You
Grand Admiral

Joined: January 24, 2004
Posts: 1729
From: sitting somewhere drinking beer
Posted: 2007-07-01 15:48   
Ok. It would seem that some players assume that simply

: /report [Username] is beacon spamming/ Friendly firing/illegally modded//t or /y harassing/cussing/posting inappropriate links please Ban him.

Will be enough to get action taken.

Well we would love to However. The Staff MUST have more information.

[Username] *please spell it correctly* or ID#
[Server] This includes The Lobby
[Faction offender is playing] IF in game
[Screenies, Chat logs, Copy Paste offenders remarks etc.]

How to on Screen shots

Furthermore. Simply because a staff member does not acknowledge your Report and or inform you of action taken if any, does NOT mean it was ignored. RoC section 3.2.5 prevents us from informing you of any action taken against another player. Sometimes However we MAY say "Ok, Thank you. We'll handle it." or some such thing , but NOT ALWAYS, nor are we required to do so.

Also, merely because you see the aledged offender minutes later appearing for all the world as if nothing has been done, know that NOT ALL actions taken include OR Warrant Banning. We Warn, Watch, Mute, Kick, Ban, adjust Stats, Wipe Garages, ....drop planets on em, as the situation and the Rules of Conduct Dictate.

Thank You.

Don't mess with old dudes...age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill!

Mersenne Twister
Fleet Admiral

Joined: May 11, 2003
Posts: 1161
From: Sector C Test Labs and Contol Facilities
Posted: 2008-07-03 10:37   
We've been getting some very poor quality reports lately, and with the influx of returning players, this is as good a time as any to remind people of what we look for in a good report.

I wouldn't screw with it if I were you. The doctor already holds you in poor favor. Messing with this might really fry his shorts.

Chief Marshal
Galactic Navy

Joined: March 29, 2003
Posts: 4027
From: The Gideon Unit
Posted: 2009-01-06 20:24   
it's that time again.

come on people, we need WHO, WHAT, WHERE (server AND team)
and if no other staff happen to be around, WHEN

the better information we get in reports, the sooner we can act on them

  ICQ status
Galactic Navy

Joined: March 23, 2003
Posts: 11178
From: Bristol, England
Posted: 2009-02-13 18:26   
Time for another bump.

If you have any bugs to report, do so via email to support@palestar.com.

/report is not a tool to report bugs.

  Goto the website of BackSlash

Joined: July 03, 2002
Posts: 3695
From: San Francisco Bay Area
Posted: 2010-05-04 14:53   
Unless someone is purposely friendly firing, interfering with Duels is NOT a /reportable issue.

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