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 Author Grouping comming back?
Vice Admiral

Joined: April 25, 2003
Posts: 4058
Posted: 2006-12-15 20:46   

After all, they're volunteer employees (?)

I think everybody is volunteer. Even Faustus :3

[SFEP] - Codex09

Joined: August 16, 2006
Posts: 187
From: Sydney Australia
Posted: 2006-12-27 02:43   

Well I believe the dev team are working as best they can with what Faustus is giving them and for that I am thankful.

Now as far as I can see this game has the following things for players to do

1). Build Planets
2). Bomb planets
3). Fight other players on other factions (when there is enough players online to do this)
4). Give support to the people that are fighting in a supply ship

Now I don't know if I have missed something but there needs to be more to do than just these things. Yes Ds is a very unique game but just being unique is not going to attract the new players. I only say this because although there is no other game exactly the same as this game there are many others that have most of the things above plus more.

As I have said in another post this game is 5 or 6 years old as far as I know and that is a very long time in online game years. For a game to last that long it is doing very well. Once 484 comes out and everything is fixed I would personally like to see some new things for players to do because those things above are just not going to get the new player numbers that DS really needs.

Old enough to know better, yet young enough to still learn.

Grand Admiral
Templar Knights

Joined: October 01, 2005
Posts: 1553
From: Newport News, Virginia
Posted: 2006-12-27 12:40   
how about we learn to type and stop posting crap posts that noone can read, hmm?

captain of the ICC Assault Cruiser C.S.S. Sledgehammer

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doda *EP5 no longer exception...*
Grand Admiral

Joined: December 11, 2005
Posts: 1012
From: happy land
Posted: 2007-01-01 14:15   
like they say some ds is better than none
I mean we should be happy they are willing to keep the game running with such low profits.
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