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Forum Index » » Beta Testing Discussion » » [Official] Ship Configuration Tweak Suggestions
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 Author [Official] Ship Configuration Tweak Suggestions
Grand Admiral
Galactic Navy

Joined: October 08, 2002
Posts: 2073
Posted: 2006-02-24 23:33   
As the title suggests, this is a thread for suggesting tweaks to the ship component configurations in beta.

Keep your ideas reasonable (remember, the keyword here is tweaks not "complete overhauls".) And think before you post. Nothing silly like 'zomg put 20 torps on the combat dessie!'

And to commence the suggestions...

Assault Destroyer - UGTO
Give all 3 of the AD's torps a Forward facing.
Currently, there is one torp with a Front mount, one with a Left, and one with a Right.
Suggest changing the torp mounts to Front, Front/Right, and Front/Left.


Joined: June 11, 2004
Posts: 61
Posted: 2006-02-25 00:05   
Just what Faustus needs, more people trying to tell him how to fix the game. Isn't this the way we got into this mess?

1st Rear Admiral

Joined: December 11, 2003
Posts: 42
From: USA Eastern Time
Posted: 2006-02-25 00:43   
Interesting thread. I've not got much in the tweak request section at the moment, so I'll be stopping by later.

@Michael - Please note who made this thread, and pay attention.
There are things in this world that man was not meant to know . . . and we have most of them convieniently arranged alphabetically by title.

Grand Admiral

Joined: January 24, 2004
Posts: 1729
From: sitting somewhere drinking beer
Posted: 2006-02-25 11:46   
Only suggestion I have atm is:

Make EAD Aft mount torps like the Full mounts of old, and give them a 360 degree Arc.

Give EAD at least one more Aux Generator....if not two.

Set minimum Range on all ship fired Missiles to 500 gu.

A single Aft mount Mine slot would be cool to have on the Heavy supply ships.

UGTO Missile crusier I think should have more fore/left/right arc than Left and Right only arcs.

[ This Message was edited by: Feralwulf on 2006-02-25 12:24 ]
Don't mess with old dudes...age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill!

Fleet Admiral
Sundered Weimeriners

Joined: March 16, 2003
Posts: 1331
Posted: 2006-02-25 12:06   
ICC Combat Dread
Replace the missles on the side archs, with the torps it should have

Chief Marshal
Galactic Navy

Joined: May 19, 2002
Posts: 2576
Posted: 2006-02-25 16:24   
Remove all EAD aft weapons and fighter bays; replace with fore or left/right pcannons/torpedos.

Remove single HCL from the Battle Dreadnought. Replace the missiles with torpedos.


GothThug {C?}
Fleet Admiral
Interstellar Cultural Confederation United

Joined: June 29, 2005
Posts: 2932
Posted: 2006-02-25 16:25   
All I gotta say is, make all ships have Rear Defenses omg, The Assault Dessie should have more Rear Defenses, the kluth should have More Rear PROTECTION!, and the ICC should have Rear Protection while bombing. just my 2 cents

  Email GothThug {C?}
Chief Marshal
Galactic Navy

Joined: March 29, 2003
Posts: 4031
From: The Gideon Unit
Posted: 2006-02-25 16:36   
icc + Numpad-2 = rear protection

  ICQ status
Chief Marshal
Pitch Black

Joined: August 15, 2005
Posts: 2256
From: close by
Posted: 2006-02-25 19:20   
make interceptor fighers useful again

  Email Borgie
Galactic Navy

Joined: March 23, 2003
Posts: 11180
From: Bristol, England
Posted: 2006-02-25 21:53   
Add two Aux gens to the EAD.
Move Aft torps to Fore or Full (preferably Full).
Add an extra rear armour plate and maybe up the level of armour on the EAD (something doesn't sit right with the EAD's armour config. It just doesn't seem right).


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Grand Admiral

Joined: May 30, 2003
Posts: 2449
From: United Kingdom
Posted: 2006-02-26 03:26   
ICC Destroyer/Cruiser Tweaks.

UGTO Destroyer/Cruiser Tweaks.

UGTO Frigate Tweaks.
It's gone now, no longer here...Yet still I see, and still I fear.rnrn
DarkSpace Developer - Retired

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Chief Marshal

Joined: August 11, 2003
Posts: 166
From: Missoula Montana
Posted: 2006-03-01 05:28   

not sure how its gonna be after Core weapons are removed, as in wat weapon replacement if any, but if so all i suggest is one full arc elf like old time

Scarab or other dev intended kluth torp cruiser
no aux gen
one ecm slot
3 FL torp
3 FR torp
1 360 torp
4 AM mines
1 FR ruptor
1 FL ruptor
1 360 elf
Same armor layout as uggy TC.
Someone gets behind u and ur diced.
Did some thinkin an i believe it does not need more cannons or beams do to the cloak factor and mines, it may be too much as is.

Go Griz!!!

Galactic Navy

Joined: March 23, 2003
Posts: 11180
From: Bristol, England
Posted: 2006-03-01 19:11   

On 2006-03-01 05:28, Thugonomics_V1.0 wrote:
Scarab or other dev intended kluth torp cruiser
Same armor layout as uggy TC.

Woah woah woah.

TC is the most heavily armoured cruiser in the game. I don't think the Scarab needs the same armour layout. Especially as it can cloak to avoid fire, where as the TC CANNOT.

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Fleet Admiral
Sundered Weimeriners

Joined: March 16, 2003
Posts: 1331
Posted: 2006-03-01 21:17   
A) Beacons
B)Our Armor is weaker

Grand Admiral
Galactic Navy

Joined: October 08, 2002
Posts: 2073
Posted: 2006-03-01 22:33   
Ah, but beacons are scout only now, no?

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