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Forum Index » » Beta Testing Discussion » » K'luth and cloak
 Author K'luth and cloak
Grand Admiral

Joined: August 05, 2004
Posts: 185
Posted: 2005-07-03 09:44   
dont get me wrong it is better... i only get hit once or twice before my wepons come on line and i can shoot back... but...

im in the middle of a fight and just recloaked to reposion for another run when a team mate calls for ammo... i select him and he is in range... i hit the resupply button and nothing happens... the cloak has my reloads disabled... so i decloak giveing my possision away hit the reload and recloak (reload still works like the jump did... hit jump then cloak.. well hit reload and then cloak a bug im sure)...

why must we uncloak to render aid?

beacon hell... a couter would be nice... something like button to fry them off... even if it took 100 power and only removed them one at a time... would be something...

also a beacon limate would be good... atm five beacons on the hull is as good as one beacon on the hull... game tends to get choppy when you have a lot of beacons on the hull (well not for me anymore but anyone with a not so good computer say speeds under 900)


Joined: May 29, 2001
Posts: 5726
From: The Land of Taxation without Representation
Posted: 2005-07-03 14:23   
The fear was that you'd have supply ships hanging out in battle invisible keeping a ship or two invincible while it fights.
* [S.W]AdmBito @55321 Sent \"I dunno; the French had a few missteps. But they're on the right track, one headbutt at a time.\"

  Email Shigernafy
Chief Marshal
Galactic Navy

Joined: March 29, 2003
Posts: 4031
From: The Gideon Unit
Posted: 2005-07-03 14:30   
if i can fly thru combat in a engie sup, flying thru combat in a ultimate worker sans cloak should be pie

  ICQ status
Grand Admiral

Joined: August 05, 2004
Posts: 185
Posted: 2005-07-03 17:55   
i guess but it takes a large number of supplys to to keep a ship alive... unless the highter the lvl the reload is the better it is a repareing but i dont think it works that way... higher lvls just seem to give you more reloads... i guess i can live with it... though you may want to fix the repare while cloaked noted above...

1st Rear Admiral

Joined: November 28, 2003
Posts: 469
Posted: 2005-07-03 20:26   
I like the idea of a beacon burner...perhaps a special luth weapon activated with a special key that took 50-100 energy to destroy a single beacon then had to reload...that'd be a nice counter...As for resupply while cloaked I feel it's not a good idea...an invisible resupply ship would be overpowered...
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