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 Author the command ship
Grand Admiral

Joined: August 05, 2004
Posts: 185
Posted: 2005-07-03 09:16   
love the new K'luth command ship...

just 3 things though (and a note)

one cannon/beam slot arc is wrong (aft)
one torp/missile slot arc is wrong (fore)

sometimes all my bombs would not deploy (and i dont mean the little bug that says you have 1 bomb remaning and you realy have 0)... it is like hitting the bomb limate (and yes im sure i was not resupplyed)


lvl 10 bio bombs kill troops dead... hit a few planets (well the whole cluster)

picks target... 32 toops... makes run... 5 troops... scored 26 - 30 troops in one run every time... lvl 10 seem a bit too strong for bio bombs, a little nerf may be needed...


Joined: October 14, 2003
Posts: 146
From: A state with too many A\'s....
Posted: 2005-07-03 17:17   
well considering they dont really have any bombers that are all that great till FA... I think its not overpowered, and in comparison to the neutron bombs used on ships like Bomber dessies, and bomber cruisers, and the infamous Bomber dread thats just about right for the number of bombs they have to work with.

Grand Admiral

Joined: August 05, 2004
Posts: 185
Posted: 2005-07-04 04:04   
ya i agree that taken as a whole the ship is fine... also did some more bombing on some larger planets (med sized... no large planets to hit) and it is about the same as bombing in the current RC... though im still not sure i want to be bombing in a ship that costs 50million to mod...

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