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 Author Upgrading Costs
Mersenne Twister
Fleet Admiral

Joined: May 11, 2003
Posts: 1161
From: Sector C Test Labs and Contol Facilities
Posted: 2005-06-28 13:48   

On 2005-06-28 02:39, Tael wrote:

Once you no longer want that device, you take it and sell it to a Star port. You will get the items Value.

while this is technically true, theres no practical use for it, as the net change in credits is 0

modded icc MD, removed a fighter (L0), lost 8k. sold fighter to port, for 8k. for a grand total of [drum roll] as much as you had to begin with - minus the obscene upgrade costs.

if you had a l8 fighter, thats ~305k you dont get back, even if you did get postitive net credits for selling parts, you'd still be down ~266k for that one fighter. and while a 40k fighter is obviously cheaper than what someone paid to upgrade it, a 780% increase in cost doesnt seem like lot of incentive to sell it or upgrade it (..if you cant get most if not all of your investment back...if it'll cost more than its worth to upgrade it...)

~players can sell upgraded items for the total cost they spent to upgrade it, item values can stay the same, 40k for a L8 fighter. (players will atleast break even when they get rid of parts or ships they no longer want or need to clear out to make room for something else, and helps provide a pool of cheaper high level items for newbies and players without deep pockets)
problem with that is tracking if a player upgraded a device (and how far) rather than buying it for [-40k], upgrading once [-78k] and selling for [+420k] and making a large [+300k] profit
~cut the upgrade cost in half, if not more (it'll still be cheaper to get items from the port than upgrade, but you're less likely to go bankrupt on one ship)

[ This Message was edited by: FireMoth on 2005-06-28 13:49 ]

I wouldn't screw with it if I were you. The doctor already holds you in poor favor. Messing with this might really fry his shorts.

Fatal Rocko Willis
Fleet Admiral
Fatal Squadron

Joined: March 01, 2003
Posts: 1336
From: Kentucky
Posted: 2005-06-28 14:12   

On 2005-06-28 02:39, Tael wrote:
No plans to change this at this time as Mission system is slotted for return in the next patch.

*gets down on knees and bows at Tael's feet*

Thank you Tael and Faustus! Will it be simular to the past version? Could you elaberate a little bit on how it will work?

Nuff Said™,


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Coeus {NCX-Charger}
Sundered Weimeriners

Joined: February 16, 2004
Posts: 3634
From: South Philly
Posted: 2005-06-28 16:54   
I like the idea of bountying ships...

I'm trying to remember how XP was shared in Asheron's Call 2... I think it went something like this.

Say a ship is worth 100 credits & has 100 base HP (easy example) - and it is repairing through a battle so the actual hull damage is way more than the base HP. The way around the "Who gets what" is to, when the ship dies (SDs, crashes, is killed), percentages of the damage done are calculated.

So if the ship repairs another 100hp in the course of the battle, 200 total HP damage is required to kill it. If I did 100 hull damage, and Rocko did 50 and a planet did 50, I would get 50 credits because I did 50% of the total damage, rocko would get 25 because he did 25% and the planet gets nothing... obviously, the other 25 credits are just lost (maybe we can use this to impliment the mission system pay out, a planet gets so many credits from whatever and then pays out to successful missions... but thats another issue...)

Bottom line, it doesn't matter HOW MUCH damage you do, what matters is what PERCENTAGE you did.

And for SDing and crashing, you get the percentage of hull damage done prior to the crash.

This seems EXTREMELY difficult to code... so you math monkies get to work!

Darkspace: Twilight

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Chief Marshal

Joined: October 22, 2001
Posts: 1276
Posted: 2005-06-28 17:57   
Seems very simple to exploit as well.. though it sounds like it'd require a death to get the bounty, which would reduce it slightly.

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