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 Author luth cloaked dictor...

Joined: May 13, 2004
Posts: 173
Posted: 2005-06-27 18:21   
well... i think it's good as everyone here insists luth is to attack, cloak, regroup and uncloak, the only thing a dictor can do while cloaked is run a dictor. it cannot sustain speeds over 10gu while cloaked and with dictor on. and having a cloaked dictor gives luth the chance to A: prevent reinforcements from getting too close while regrouping, B: keeps enemies from going too far or following luth while they regroup.

i think it's fine but i don't speak for devs or everyone else. so post your opinions here and justify em.


Chief Marshal
Galactic Navy

Joined: May 19, 2002
Posts: 2576
Posted: 2005-06-27 18:24   
I think it's a bad idea personally...

Main reason is this, because a K'luth can't be really found when cloaked, a dictor could follow around, jump when it needs to catch up, and could quite literally, keep a ship dictored forever cause none could find it or destroy it.


Galactic Navy

Joined: March 23, 2003
Posts: 11180
From: Bristol, England
Posted: 2005-06-27 18:25   
Too much of an advantage.

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Chief Marshal

Joined: October 22, 2001
Posts: 1276
Posted: 2005-06-27 18:37   
I wouldn't care personally as long as the dictor had some other restrictions, like:

running it and the cloak causes energy drain such that you're empty in 30 seconds, and have to turn one of them off

that way you'd at least have some options

Though you could just have two on your team and stop people that way I guess...

I dunno.

  Email Mithrandir
Fatal Squadron

Joined: August 29, 2002
Posts: 1384
Posted: 2005-06-27 18:39   
Way to much of an Advantage.

While were on the subject of Cloak, why can they Use Tractor beams when cloaked also??

all i have to say is that if were spending 20miL to mod a dread, I can see the Rant and the Whine posts now about Cloaked Tractor Ships pushing unlikely foes into there death.


Joined: July 03, 2002
Posts: 3695
From: San Francisco Bay Area
Posted: 2005-06-27 18:51   
heck no on the interdictor while cloaked.

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Joined: May 13, 2004
Posts: 173
Posted: 2005-06-28 01:53   
you do realize that a cloaked dictor is less a threat than a supply ship that supplies while cloaked... a dictor can only keep you from running, a supply can keep everyone shooting

and like i said modded with 2 aux power supplies a dictor only can go 10gu before draining energy... that could be adjusted so it's practically immobile

but better yet how bout we just make it so the luth cloak prevents luth from doin anything that'd be better.. infact how bout they can't even move while cloaked

as is they can't jump, so you know they aren't leaving the area when they cloak, they can't fire so you don't gotta worry bout them shooting you while cloaked, they can't unload inf so you don't gotta worry bout being capped while they are cloaked, they can't bomb so you don't gotta worry bout that while they are cloaked.... what else .. oh ECM? yeah that'd be retarded since they can't A: mount enough to be hidden B: sustain the energy to run it and do anything else

so yeah they are waaaay too uber with a cloaked dictor that can't shoot you nor go fast. and hell that reload while cloaked is uber too since you can't shoot the supply ship which is waaay too much advantage, should remove that

hell just remove the faction since being luth is getting kinda stupid..

honestly you'd think giving them 2 things that really doesn't hurt any other faction wouldn't be so bad, so you can't see the ship.. DUH they are an alien race with cloak tech!! you know the only thing that makes luth differant is the cloak? if they can't do anything but fly in circles at half speed to conserve energy while cloaked then why have cloak?

just get rid of the cloak idea cuz it's not a means to escape and not a means to do really anything but leave ppl guessing .. "oh where am i?/ haha stupid h00mans!" thats all it's good for anymore
[/rant] i'm really disappointed about this

Fleet Admiral

Joined: January 06, 2005
Posts: 202
Posted: 2005-06-28 02:00   
Have you considered, dark, the dictor could just cloak, while all the OTHER luth ships go and kill the poor dictored sod. Also, a dictor could just sidle up cloaked next to a ugto/icc planet, other luth come and bomb and ugto/icc get caught in dictor, there's not a damn thing they can do about it. It could stay there forever.

  ICQ status
Fleet Admiral

Joined: April 12, 2002
Posts: 126
From: WinterRose
Posted: 2005-06-28 02:17   
Please keep in mind that there's also the problem of the fact you do not know where the cloaked interdictor is at. This means that even if the interdictor can remain cloaked and be made where it can't even move anywhere, you still have no idea which direction to run to get out of it.

Face it, in beta the prestigue lost when losing a ship is extreme now. No one will want to lose their ship, period. Add in the costs of upgraded and you got it bad.

This game should stop being about killing your target. Even now in Release the loss of a ship you've used for a long time brings up feelings of anger and desires to return the feelings as revenge. This will be a much larger feeling when it involves the 50 million credit ship you have, due to a interdictor you could not even see. Maybe if it was a ICC or UGTO Ship that could do this you can MAYBE go with that, since their ships don't do the massive amount of damage that K'luth are capable of.

Frankly, I think interdictors should be removed entirely now and leave planetary.

I guess I'm simply not the type that would enjoy losing any ship. I always try to weigh the situation of a battle before going in. It becomes a much harder decision (in release) for me to go into battle when I see a enemy interdictor. Couple this in beta, I might not even enter the battle where a interdictor is at. ESPECIALLY if said interdictor can remain cloaked while doing such.

Remove them, or let us see them at all times when they're interdicting. They're supposed to be the main targets on a battlefield. As far as I'm concerned, they are allowable griefing tools.

Face it, beta's changing DarkSpace. At this point, our ships will be our DS lives. THey'll like a character in a MMORPG like WoW or EverQUest. You spend alot of time and money to get it to the type of ship you want. You don't want to lose it. In RPGs like above, death is a annoyance, but not the end of game. Losing your precious Battle Dread is something that'll make you log out in disgust.

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Joined: May 13, 2004
Posts: 173
Posted: 2005-06-28 02:28   
uhh... all you gotta do is fly straight, full speed, as with any dictor ship it has a distance of effect...

and i was flying the dictor in beta in question, and let me tell you how boring it is to be in a ship that has role which requires you to do nothing but sit there while everyone else is fighting, i can't shoot you, i can try to follow you but that won't do much good at bio bombing speed

and you'd think the supply ship would be a primary target... i can't wait til you destroy it's ability to supply while cloaked, it's the reason you can keep getting shot in the first place

that'd be the end of luth, so go ahead, take that out too so we can just not have the luth faction

Fleet Admiral

Joined: April 12, 2002
Posts: 126
From: WinterRose
Posted: 2005-06-28 02:31   
Right. But let's say said interdictor was 900 gu in front of me. And I do a straight bee-line in hopes of getting out of it's field as soon as possible. That's 1900 gu I gotta travel. At a dread's speed, this is not all that good and would take awhile, more than enough time for me to be destroyed. Add in flying a EAD or other assault class dread which has very poor rear armor, you're dead when going in a straight line.

  Email WinterRose   ICQ status

Joined: February 02, 2004
Posts: 237
Posted: 2005-06-28 03:02   
this is easy to fix

1) give the interdictor rings like ecm/eccm, that way it can be seen if are looking for it Visually but cloak still works

2) take one of the Aux Gens off it, that way if it wants to move i has to do it slowly.


Telekinesis, thats what you need, just lay back and let your mind do the walking

Grand Admiral

Joined: March 03, 2004
Posts: 1956
From: Vancouver
Posted: 2005-06-28 03:06   
cloaked dictor? bad idea.

cloaked supply.... why not? this is something i really dont mind, and im going to tell you why.

Make the luth supply ship weak. like i dont mean 'kluth weak' i mean 'icc supply' weak. make the luth ship capable of Cloaking and running supplys, supplying and running away, running away and supplying..... not all three.

get where im going? theyll be regular supply ships if they fallow the brusers into battle, or if they want to be mobile depots, they can be invisible for it.

to make this feasable, the energy drain from luth supplys and the energy recharge of said ship woul dhave to be tweaked. but i think it woul dbe worth it.

i agree with coeus, dont neuter the luthies. (Az wouldnt like it )


  Email Meko

Joined: Jun 07, 2001
Posts: 1072
From: Czech Republic
Posted: 2005-06-28 04:01   
Kluth ships should be not cloaked when using dictor, reload/repair or build devices ...

simple as that ...

... Ideas? ... that's Ocean w/o borders !

  ICQ status
Grand Admiral

Joined: May 30, 2003
Posts: 2449
From: United Kingdom
Posted: 2005-06-28 09:12   
I agree with Dwarden on this.
It's gone now, no longer here...Yet still I see, and still I fear.rnrn
DarkSpace Developer - Retired

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