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 Author Stress Test High Priority issues
Sopwith Camel
Grand Admiral
Galactic Navy

Joined: March 07, 2002
Posts: 651
From: Toronto
Posted: 2005-06-25 21:02   
I've gone through all readily-available (ie. factory) objects and found the following errors in their descriptions. These are pretty well written compared to the ship discriptions .

The words in italics should replace the current word in the description.

In General:
Damage Reading: All objects currently say "Damage: 100%" when fully healthy, which is misleading. Thus it should either say "Damage: 0%" or "Health: 100%" or something similar.

Jump Disruptor Device: Disallows enemy ships within...
A-34 Fighter: ...capable of assaulting enemy ships. (just stylistic change)
P Torpedo: ...Proton Cruise Missile , it is a respectable...
Homing EMP Mine: ...systems and has drives and minimal...

XB-11 Annihilator (courtesy of Bobamelius)
Neutron Bomb: ...leaving most structures intact. (UGTO version might have the same error)

The following devices actually has no descriptions at all:
Shredder Missile, Psi Missile, and Psi Cannon
Shredder Missile: For some reason, it has a diffferent symbol in the factory/starport than it does on board a ship.
Jump Disruptor Device: Disallows enemy ships within...

I'm sure I missed other errors in the descriptions, so please keep an eye out for 'em.

[ This Message was edited by: Sopwith Camel on 2005-06-25 21:15 ]

Fleet Commander, Galactic Navy

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