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 Author Combat Prestige Concerns...
Chief Marshal
Galactic Navy

Joined: May 19, 2002
Posts: 2576
Posted: 2005-05-31 16:48   
This post is to point out a single major flaw, in the current ships designs.

I see the trade off in Beta, ships have High Armor, but very low hull, this raises a large concern on prestige, combat prestige to be ascertain.

How? Combat prestige is only gained through damaging a ships hull, but its low hull, meaning a few strikes, and its gone, if resource loss is going to be jumped to phenominal levels, this means no one is going to stick around as soon as that hull is breached.

That means no combat points.

No combat points, means no prestige.

No prestige, means no combat.

A solution needs to be made, either re-trade off so Armor and Hull are balenced, or make it so all type of damage gains combat points, however, as it stands, it would be almost impossible to gain any.

Concerns, and looking for that fix.


Grand Admiral

Joined: October 30, 2001
Posts: 2337
From: Starleague Cache
Posted: 2005-05-31 16:51   
Personally im going to support upping hulls. Or rather balancing them in comparison to armor. Shields/Armor should not be paper thin, but neither should hull. Not to mention, in order to keep people in combat longer, I recommend that systems be immune to damage until the ship hull reaches 30 to 50 percent integrity. This also give supplyships something to repair too.
Ghostly Specter of an Ancient Past.

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Fleet Admiral

Joined: January 06, 2005
Posts: 202
Posted: 2005-05-31 19:54   
I agree. With armour/hull the way it is, most people jump out when the armour fails, so you could expect no - or very little - pres even in large fleet battles.


  ICQ status
Galactic Navy

Joined: March 23, 2003
Posts: 11180
From: Bristol, England
Posted: 2005-05-31 20:20   
hull should be weak, armour should be strong.

Easiest way to fix this is add a small damage modifier to the armour, so you get prestige off it for every point of damage done. Nothing huge, or great. Perhaps 0.25 (or even less if you take into account the x3 multiplier for prestige).

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