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Forum Index » » Beta Testing Discussion » » Dev Meeting Log - 5/17/05
 Author Dev Meeting Log - 5/17/05
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Galactic Navy

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From: The Gideon Unit
Posted: 2005-05-18 11:18   
* EVENT: 'Developer Meeting' event is starting now...
19:01:28 [Admin]Faustus: "right..."
19:01:41 [Admin]Faustus: "I'm going through some emails... AFK for a sec"
19:06:53 [Admin]Faustus: "ok, I'm back.."
19:07:30 [Admin]Faustus: "anyway..."
19:07:36 [Admin]Faustus: "nice and quite in here "
19:07:47 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Have we started yet?"
19:07:49 [Admin]Faustus: "@tael... did you see the bug's I assigned to you?"
19:08:03 [Admin]Tael: "still waiting for those items to get updated in resourcer"
19:08:07 [Admin]Faustus: "@bomb.. just getting started"
19:08:15 [-GTN-]Bobamelius: "Good, good"
19:08:41 [Admin]Faustus: "@tael... they should be up... several days ago in-fact"
19:08:53 [Admin]Tael: "the new armor is still not showing up"
19:09:04 [Admin]Faustus: "checking... just a sec"
19:09:13 [Admin]Tael: "everytime i start the resourver it downloads updates, but i am not getting what i should"
19:10:41 [Admin]Faustus: "@tael... the armor is there... go look in your resourcer directory, you may need to manually update the files... because I had a bug about a week ago, that broke the updator.."
19:10:51 [Admin]Faustus: "do you know how to manually do it?"
19:11:03 [Admin]Tael: "kill the upd files"
19:11:12 [Admin]Faustus: "no"
19:11:28 [Admin]Faustus: "kill the file it's replacing, and remove the .upd extention.."
19:11:46 [Admin]Faustus: "i.e. if you see network.dll.upd, delete network.dll, then remove the .upd extention.."
19:12:23 [Admin]Faustus: "you can probablly just do the network.dll, because that will fix the updator.."
19:13:16 [Admin]Faustus: "anyway.... I gave you a bug concerning conflicting devices on ships... "
19:13:36 [Admin]Tael: "yeah i am still waiting on a key map list from Rock"
19:13:42 [Admin]Faustus: "on some k'luth ships, you put ECM, the hotkey conflicts with the cloaking hotkey.."
19:13:42 [Admin]Tael: "planned on changing those about 2 weeks ago."
19:14:02 [Admin]Faustus: "ah...."
19:14:17 [Admin]Faustus: "anyway, did you get your resourcer fixed?"
19:14:41 [Admin]Tael: "with everything else i'm working on, need someone else to compile the key maps so i can shoot through it fast."
19:15:23 [Admin]Faustus: "christ..."
19:15:28 [Admin]Faustus: "just synced my ports... "
19:15:47 [Admin]Faustus: "got a ton of new stuff..."
19:16:05 [Admin]Tael: "that will probably be the other ship that never appeareed"
19:16:22 [Admin]Faustus: "ok..... anyone know what "reflection" in programming means?"
19:16:32 [Admin]Tael: "bah, need to report the resourcer files tons of errors now.. be right back."
19:16:37 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): ".....thats a quote."
19:17:05 [Admin]Faustus: "wha?"
19:17:19 [Admin]Nax: "nope. take it that's a key term of some kind?"
19:17:37 [-GTN-]Crimson {Rightfull Revenge}: "leave it to rob to something funny in that.."
19:17:37 [Admin]Tael: "tried to replace the network.dll and got the #$%#@! error..."
19:17:47 [Admin]Faustus: "well, reflection, is the ability for a program to look at it'self in simple terms.... "
19:18:03 [Admin]Tael: "already restored from an archive i made... its updating now..."
19:18:13 [Admin]Faustus: "@tael... just do all the files then that end with .upd"
19:18:22 [Admin]Tael: "wasnt getting any"
19:18:27 [Admin]Faustus: "reflection in C++.... "
19:18:42 [Admin]Faustus: "is the ability for a program to enumerate all the properties and methods of an object..."
19:18:47 [Admin]Faustus: "in a generic way..."
19:19:12 [Admin]Faustus: "in other words... say for example, I have an Weapon object... and one of the properties is "damage" ..."
19:19:26 [Admin]Tael: "ah ok, that fixed it, updating the gadgets now"
19:19:35 [Admin]Faustus: "reflection, is the ability to enumerate those properties for all objects... it's important for serialization and tools..."
19:19:46 [Admin]Faustus: "more important for tools than anything..."
19:20:09 [Admin]Faustus: "because, thats how we show all the properties of an object in resourcer, that allow taelron to edit them and change them..."
19:20:29 [Admin]Faustus: "anyway... the reason I bring this up..."
19:20:35 [Admin]Faustus: "reflection that is..."
19:20:39 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "is to confuse us all?"
19:20:49 [Admin]Faustus: "LOL "
19:21:20 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "I had to check dictionary.com on enumerate.....those sentences STILL make no sense..."
19:21:27 [Admin]Faustus: "yeah, reflection is an advance topic... but it's something almost any engine has... including HL2, Unreal, etc..."
19:21:49 [-GTN-]Crimson {Rightfull Revenge}: "Rob, their makin this stuff up..just to make us try and understand "
19:22:11 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "no, i'm pretty sure 'object' is a real word..."
19:23:03 [Admin]Faustus: "ok.... anyway, to the point... I've been working on a new reflection system for medusa/darkspace... additionally, I'm going to finish up the platform code and I'm looking into getting voice chat into this version .."
19:23:23 [Admin]Tael: "bah sunshine has some gadgets checked out i need to update..."
19:23:36 [Admin]Faustus: "undo his checkout then.."
19:23:45 [Admin]Tael: "i am"
19:26:49 [Admin]Tael: "ok the wobs in the resourver are ready for roll out"
19:26:53 [Admin]Faustus: "anyway... I'm done..."
19:26:56 [Admin]Faustus: "any Q?"
19:27:03 [Admin]Faustus: "ok, updating.."
19:27:25 [Admin]Tael: "the new armor is also buildable in the ugto factories"
19:27:27 [-GTN-]Crimson {Rightfull Revenge}: "Voice chat? Something like Team Speak then? How would we do /y then?"
19:27:35 preybird12: "New armor?"
19:27:53 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "new armor? what kind of new armor? imperial armor? +5% armor strength for how much of a dictator you are?"
19:28:07 [*MYTH*]FireMoth: "see dev log. ablative armor"
19:28:26 [*MYTH*]FireMoth: "- New Armor type - Ablative sheds portions of itself to reduce damage caused by projectile weapons."
19:28:48 [Admin]Tael: "I have been reviewing the textures and materials and been thinking of consolidating them, many of them are the same textures... will require updating some of the models, but instead of us chewing up 5 or 6mb of the game with textures, we can get it down to about 2 or 3 mbs"
19:32:12 [~Z~]RedXIII: "- Implemented levels for all gadgets. This means, each gadget now has a level from 0 to 10 (even higher if we want)."
19:32:22 [~Z~]RedXIII: "This has always confused me... what exactly is the difference?"
19:32:26 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "I thought they already did that."
19:32:48 [~Z~]RedXIII: "In beta its been in for awile"
19:33:07 [~Z~]RedXIII: "but I never fully understood it"
19:33:15 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Or the reason why it was put in."
19:33:24 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "higher level is stronger...I guess it means like faster reload, more damage, more range..."
19:33:43 [*MYTH*]FireMoth: "slower reload usually"
19:33:40 Maskerade: "Is IT missiles not going ballistic if they lose target intentional?"
19:33:44 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Facinating... actually has a incentive to keep ships alive."
19:33:56 [*MYTH*]FireMoth: "lower ammo count"
19:34:00 [*MYTH*]FireMoth: "slower projectiles"
19:34:00 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Depending on how easy it is to elvel gadgets, of course"
19:34:05 [=Wolf=]ragAnok: "are we going to see the upgrader for the leveling system any time soon??"
19:34:05 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "@red: no it doesn't. dreads spawn with higher level..."
19:34:29 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Not the highest level fattie, and I dont think everybody uses stock dreads."
19:34:44 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "yeah true...hm."
19:35:08 [~Z~]RedXIII: "hoenstly I would like it if it was difficult to get lvl 10 stuff... as said, we need incentive to keep ships alive."
19:35:23 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "but if it was, it would have to be worth it.."
* [~Z~]RedXIII gives [Admin]Faustus a great big hug...
19:35:41 [~Z~]RedXIII: "- Decreased the number of shield/armor rings around the ships to compensate for the higher shield/armor ratings. "
19:35:43 [~Z~]RedXIII: "WOOHOOO!!!!!"
19:35:45 [~Z~]RedXIII: "THANK YOU FAUSTUS"
19:35:49 [=Wolf=]ragAnok: "12:33:40 Maskerade: "Is IT missiles not going ballistic if they lose target intentional?" i think you will find that it so they can lock on a new target"
19:35:55 [Admin]Faustus: "your welcome.."
* Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov) watches as the clouds part and a bright light brings down an [Admin] to give us the 5 RoC commandments and free us from the evils of the chatroom!
19:36:19 [Admin]Faustus: "yeah, it was a bit crazy... all those rings after tael upped the shield/armor levels"
19:36:35 [Admin]Tael: "There are special devices over level 10 that you may find on special occasions... so those you wont want to loose"
19:36:39 [~Z~]RedXIII: "BTW......"
19:36:49 [~Z~]RedXIII: "How do you upgrade deviceS?"
19:37:21 Maskerade: "I was sitting near a planet solo. I would uncloak misslies would launch, I'd recloak and they come to a stop and sit there waiting for me to uncloak again"
19:37:43 [~Z~]RedXIII: "...... very smart missiles Mask"
19:37:48 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "ooh...'special devices'.....so we finally get a Josef cannon, eh?..."
19:38:03 Maskerade: "not really"
19:38:09 [~Z~]RedXIII: "enh.... id like to see some IP Beams/IPS Beams."
19:38:29 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "IP? like beams that shoot out numbers seperated by a decimal?"
19:38:40 [~Z~]RedXIII: "no...."
19:38:46 [~Z~]RedXIII: "ugh I feel old"
19:38:53 [~Z~]RedXIII: "ive been in the community forever."
19:39:07 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "gasp!"
19:39:08 [Admin]Tael: "oh, the ai script is working now with the 128k limit removed"
19:39:11 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "we should count down in here."
19:39:24 [Admin]Tael: "still need to train it, it only knows about a couple of weapons..."
19:39:27 [~Z~]RedXIII: " Prestige gain turned off if over the servers max rank. Thank those abusing Newbie for this change back"
19:39:30 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Faustus, quick note there"
19:39:36 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Please make it so that presteige loss is also not counter"
19:39:39 [~Z~]RedXIII: "er, counted"
19:39:49 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Cause its annoying going there to help newbies, than come out with 50 less presteige"
19:40:04 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "50 less isn't that much if your like a GA with 20412934902849284 pres"
19:40:06 [Admin]Tael: "still need a way with the Editor and Lua/script interface to check and change/set a device's level"
19:40:35 [~Z~]RedXIII: "is everything going to go boom once the thing counts down?"
19:40:48 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "yes. including your computer."
19:40:54 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "noticed how it stopped counting down"
19:40:58 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "obviously the matrix has you."
19:41:00 [~Z~]RedXIII: "- You can no longer spawn from shipyards on blockaded planets."
19:41:00 [Admin]Tael: "that also reminds me, want to look at increasing the penalty for Res Loss... kind of low right now..."
19:41:06 [~Z~]RedXIII: "I thought this has always been in the game."
19:41:10 [~Z~]RedXIII: "......."
* [~Z~]RedXIII kisses [Admin]Tael
* Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov) audibly gasps
19:41:33 [Admin]Tael: "players are suiciding bomber and transport after bomber and transport because they are getting more points in the planet cap/bomb than loosing 20 transports"
19:41:43 [*MYTH*]FireMoth: "which one of you admins just send the CE into ross 448?"
19:41:47 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Tael...."
19:41:57 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Ive been saying that for months... hell, I think its been a year now."
19:42:00 [Admin]Tael: "how could i, i am in here..."
19:42:04 Maskerade: "Tael is gonna demote me..."
19:42:29 Maskerade: "and i don't zerg loo "
19:42:33 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Honestly though... if your going to up the penalty form res loss, your going to have to do something about people's current res loss"
19:42:39 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Say you increase it by a factor of 100"
19:42:44 [Admin]Tael: "There are a couple of ai's in the mv, but they usually stay away from players. just like there are rouge asteroids people have shot and are drifting around"
19:42:46 [~Z~]RedXIII: "You will also have to divide everybody's res loss by 100 too..."
19:42:50 [~Z~]RedXIII: "ot prevent everybody from being demoted to midship"
19:43:14 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "hey, that would be a good way to restart the game....."
19:43:15 [Admin]Tael: "i doubt anyone would drop more than 1 rank slot"
19:43:28 [=Wolf=]ragAnok: ":("
19:43:44 [~Z~]RedXIII: "I probably would."
19:43:56 [=Wolf=]ragAnok: "ppl how have done alot of bombing will not like it"
19:43:59 [~Z~]RedXIII: "id probably drop all the way to 1st or 2nd rear admiral"
19:44:10 Maskerade: "with the new requirements on ships, dropping a rank may be heart breaking for some"
19:44:20 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "and thats a bad thing?"
19:44:35 [Admin]Tael: "well if you were suiciding ship after ship into a planet you would be kicked out of the service irl... so loosing a rank is no big"
19:44:54 [Admin]Nax: "aren't you talking about weighting the prestige loss based on the current rank of the pilot (for deaths)?"
19:44:57 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Well, I never suicided ships into planets..."
19:45:08 [~Z~]RedXIII: "I suicided ships attempting to defend Exathra from enemy incursion."
19:45:12 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "question: Are we going to get more monsters spawning? or are they going to be out way into space.."
19:45:13 [Admin]Nax: "An ensign in a Frigate loses X...an Admiral in the same identical ship loses 5X"
19:45:14 [=Wolf=]ragAnok: "it would be for us who have laged into planets tho"
19:45:17 [~Z~]RedXIII: "As far as I know, in the ICC Handbook thats heroism, not stupidity."
19:45:23 [Admin]Tael: "there are some tweaks still to be made to the ship ranks and reqs... i just got the update doc and need to implement it"
19:45:46 Maskerade: "what it you aren't a kamikaze jsut enjoying the lovely autopilot that seems to engage every once in awhile? "
19:46:09 [Admin]Tael: "i sat in the mv today and watched a fleet suicide 3 bombers into a planet to guard their bombs and cap it, while their tranny jumped in and took it. Then they spawned new ships"
19:46:27 [Admin]Tael: "that is not how the game should be played, it should hurt to loose a ship, especially the bigger ones"
19:46:31 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Tael, that has been going on for over a year"
19:46:32 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "@tael: thats teamwork! like /connect!.......wait..."
19:46:40 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Gideon planned something similar."
19:46:44 [=Wolf=]ragAnok: "yeah that auto pilot is made by microsoft"
19:46:47 Maskerade: "yeah I've seen that too, seems to be the accepted norm for planet capping now"
19:47:07 [~Z~]RedXIII: "But as said, I think that nobody's presteige should change."
19:47:11 [Admin]Tael: "also already updated the bug tracker so we can do away with the alt-f4 death exploit"
19:47:29 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Too much presteige drop wont be very appreciated."
19:48:37 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "\o/"
19:48:43 [~Z~]RedXIII: "but I wholly agree that presteige loss for res loss should skyrocket... losing a Dread in 1.483 should be a fairly big thing."
19:48:46 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "how are you going to stop that"
19:48:59 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "losing a dread should make you get slapped in the face."
19:49:13 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "their should be a .wmv of faustus with a white glove slapping the camera. when you die in a dread."
19:49:26 [Admin]Tael: "ship alignments already changed, so tweaks to the res loss wont be as noticable, people are already going to loose access to ships"
19:49:33 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "I know people who get their ship back when the yhave lost it due to legit causes (lag etc), its those who do it when they die every time that need to be shot"
19:49:55 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Losing a dread in release is no big deal.... dreads have paper hull, wet tissue paper armor, and weapons that arent worth a damn."
19:50:22 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "technicaly, people shouldnt notice that much difference in prestige gain"
19:50:35 [Admin]Tael: "the mantis entry i made suggests we return to the AI controlling any ship that the client connection is lost."
19:50:38 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "as your going to be making more, so when/if you lose that dread, it will act just like it does in release"
19:50:38 Maskerade: "that 7mil resources I lost during the "old" system is gonna come back to bite me in the ass lol"
19:51:01 [Admin]Tael: "it will try to goto a gate or friendly shipyard... if you reconnect before it makes it, you are back in that ship."
19:51:13 [Admin]Tael: "if its caught in a dictor field it will need to run normally..."
19:51:23 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "sounds fair"
19:51:25 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "it should self-destruct!"
19:51:33 [Admin]Tael: "this will catch the exploiters since many of them are near death and will still loose their ship."
19:51:44 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "Tael, how are you going to deal with armour/repair exploit"
19:51:45 [~Z~]RedXIII: "I have 5.8 million res loss myself."
19:51:48 [Admin]Tael: "those in lag have a chance their ship will make it to saftey"
19:52:09 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "Tael"
19:52:10 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "I only have 3.5mil. thats odd."
19:52:18 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "Im on about when you actualy LOSE teh ship"
19:52:24 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Thats cause your not an ancient player."
19:52:36 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Ancient players usually have the ungodly large res loss."
19:52:45 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "oh..okay..."
19:52:46 [~Z~]RedXIII: "for one reason or another"
19:53:35 Maskerade: "FA red..FA"
19:53:39 [Admin]Tael: "the highest res loss isAntoni 43404072 "
19:53:48 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "you need the metaverse to update the garage/client when they disconnect"
19:53:52 [Admin]Tael: "thats 108510.18 points right now..."
19:53:59 Maskerade: "that's insane"
19:54:12 [~Z~]RedXIII: "the thing is Tael"
19:54:16 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "what will it be afterwards?"
19:54:16 JRE: "geez I thought my 17 mil was alot...."
19:54:17 [~Z~]RedXIII: "If you boost res loss loss by 10 times...."
19:54:21 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "what did he do......self-destruct stations randomly?"
19:54:34 [~Z~]RedXIII: "I dont think Antoni has 900,000 presteige to spare...."
19:54:58 JRE: "res loss is getting a boost?!?!"
19:55:24 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Yeah, it is.... cept I think that, by the number res loss is getting timed by, everybody's res loss should be divided by."
19:55:34 [~Z~]RedXIII: "say, res loss increases by 5 times"
19:55:35 [Admin]Tael: "so if we up the number from .0025 to say .005 only raises the loss to 217.020"
19:55:41 [Admin]Tael: "217020"
19:55:54 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "Tael"
19:55:58 [Admin]Tael: "i was only thinking about doubling it"
19:56:03 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "point is, some players will be WAY in the negatives"
19:56:06 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "even with double"
19:56:20 JRE: "so ill be like an uber midmanship "
19:56:28 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "antoni will be -50k"
19:56:53 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "wait tael.....are you doubling res loss in your profile, or the ammount of res loss you get when you die?"
19:56:54 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "if you times res loss"
19:57:01 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "do what red says....devide the res loss on the playerbase"
19:57:06 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "so everyone stays the same on release"
19:57:20 JRE: "just double the res loss that you get not what it is worth "
19:57:59 [Admin]Tael: "still playing with the numbers..."
19:58:03 [=Wolf=]ragAnok: "you could reset all res loss to zero then set the new values"
19:58:04 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Sorry tael, but thats the only way to go.... you cant increase the penalty for res loss without properly adapting the profiles to do it."
19:58:15 [Admin]Tael: "if we did that some people would go through the roof"
19:58:20 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Raganok, bad idea."
19:58:50 [~Z~]RedXIII: "I say we times res loss presteige loss by 10 and divide everybody's res loss by the same amount."
19:58:51 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "If you double the res loss penalty"
19:58:54 [Admin]Tael: "then again those people that have continually exploited and suicide runs into planets get away with it..."
19:58:58 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "half the playerbases' res loss"
19:59:01 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "that way, it works on release"
19:59:02 [~Z~]RedXIII: "So, instead of 5.8 million res loss, I only have 580000 res loss."
19:59:15 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "true tael"
19:59:25 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Tael... EVERYBODY gets screwed thguh"
19:59:37 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "well.....everybody gets screwed for newbie"
19:59:45 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "why not the same for negative pres?"
19:59:45 [Admin]Tael: "i'll look into the numbers when i have time, its not something i am saying we should do tonight..."
19:59:50 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "I go back to admiral"
19:59:52 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "and Im a fair player"
19:59:56 [Admin]Nax: "So what did you mean about players losing access to ships? ranks & badges changes?"
20:00:26 [Admin]Tael: "with the new ranks req's for ships some people wont be able to access ships they can fly now.."
20:00:27 Fattierob (x2 Pistolet Makarov): "I gotta go anyway. looks like the real debaters are awake anyway. night all"
20:00:33 Maskerade: "no easy way aroudn the issue"
20:00:37 [~Z~]RedXIII: "If I got affected. I will loose, oh, 13,000 presteige, settnig me back to Admiral."
20:00:59 [~Z~]RedXIII: "oh wait, no, not 13,000 presteige"
20:01:03 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "I lose 30k"
20:01:17 [~Z~]RedXIII: "14,500 presteige"
20:01:20 [Admin]Nax: "what's the calc currentlY?"
20:01:20 [Admin]Tael: "so say we raise the pres hit 5 fold, but divide everyones res loss by 4..."
20:01:22 Maskerade: "17556 here"
20:01:45 [Admin]Tael: "so you have a little more loss from it, but dont drop completely and the future penalty will hurt"
20:01:45 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "no tael"
20:01:47 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "you need to square it"
20:01:57 [=Wolf=]ragAnok: "that sounds fair"
20:02:12 [Admin]Tael: "that way its a 4/5ths split"
20:02:32 Maskerade: "well, I'd lose GA lol"
20:02:34 [Admin]Tael: "ross is quatered while penalty is increased by 5x"
20:02:35 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Well, its a lot less of a punch"
20:02:40 [~Z~]RedXIII: "iI wont lose FA."
20:02:59 [~Z~]RedXIII: "but ill lose about 3000-4000 presteige"
20:03:01 JRE: "why make peeps lose pres? whats the purpose behind that?"
20:03:01 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "I lose 4k prestige"
20:03:07 [-GTN-]BackSlash *Jack*: "yeh"
20:03:13 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Agreed."
20:03:15 [=Wolf=]ragAnok: "i would lose AD but only just"
20:03:24 [Admin]Tael: "thats what i am thinking, but will take me a couple of hours to run a good set of numbers that balance out while still offering a sting"
20:03:43 [~Z~]RedXIII: "But why smack everybody's presteige?"
20:04:24 Maskerade: "hard to institute a new penalty without hitting exsisting pres"
20:04:35 [~Z~]RedXIII: "No its not"
20:04:45 JRE: "just double the res lost you get"
20:04:47 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Divide everybody's res loss by 5, times penalty by 5"
20:04:49 [~Z~]RedXIII: "No net chnage."
20:04:56 Maskerade: "I said it's hard, not impossible "
20:05:07 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Not really."
20:05:21 [~Z~]RedXIII: "the hardest part is adapting tactics."
20:05:38 [Admin]Tael: "well its still on the drawing board but not actually planned yet..."
20:05:41 [~Z~]RedXIII: "I dont think people will be very happy their presteige will be *Censored*-slapped if they crash a bomber dessy or transport into a planet."
20:06:02 Maskerade: "getting rid of zerging is a noble goal Tael"
20:06:08 [Admin]Tael: "anyways i want to test out the new updates for now"
20:06:25 [Admin]Tael: "so we'll close here."
20:06:33 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Tael, I would actually recommend that you institutionalize that change with 1.483"
20:06:38 [Admin]Tael: "only have a couple of hours, seeing Starwars tonight at 3am"
20:06:41 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Especially since 1.483 ships have greater survivability"
20:06:41 [Admin]Nax: "wow, hmmm. I have 4.6M resources lost. I think that translates to 11K prestige -- so I could potentially be about to lose 99K more?"
20:07:14 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Since greater survivability, there SHOULD be harsher penalties for losing ships"
20:07:30 [~Z~]RedXIII: "as than its truely either lack of skill, a tactical error, or sheer stupidity that you lost that ship."
20:07:50 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Rather than today's 'Jump, Flux, enemy fleet dead' tactics."
20:08:24 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Thats also why everybody should NOT be penalized for res loss."
20:08:45 [~Z~]RedXIII: "because everybody should not be punsihed because of the 'one-shot-kill' gameplay release is currently."
20:09:07 [~Z~]RedXIII: "And im off my soapbox.... as if anybody listens to me nowadays."
20:11:30 [~Z~]RedXIII: "which... is why I am no longer a permanent part of the community. Anyhow... I must be going nwo."
20:11:31 [~Z~]RedXIII: "Farewell."


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Joined: July 02, 2004
Posts: 64
Posted: 2005-05-22 22:09   
it would be seriously unfair to penalise us all by upping our current res loss bcause of some exploiters, yes the penalties need to be harsher once the ships are tougher. but with the current lag and useless dreads it is unfair to affect our current pres.
i mean there are criminals in the world (i wont name you hellza i swear ) but does that mean we should all be arrested. anyways thats my 2 cents have fun guys

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