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Forum Index » » Beta Testing Discussion » » K'luth cloak
 Author K'luth cloak
Vice Admiral

Joined: April 25, 2003
Posts: 4058
Posted: 2005-05-14 13:01   
Now, before this turns into a flame idea...I've had this weird idea about how k'luth cloak works.....

time to decloak from cloak(meaning weapons are able to fire): 1 second.

time to cloak from decloak(meaning weapons offline): Depends what your current sig is. so if your sig is high, it'll take longer to decloak down to 0.0 sig. I think maybe 2.5 sig a second would be a good cloak rate...

Also, why can't I jump while cloaked?



Joined: October 14, 2003
Posts: 146
From: A state with too many A\'s....
Posted: 2005-05-14 18:00   
Because at the end of the jump youd have no energy left, remember the cloak has to cover up all your sig and when you jump your sig rises up 50 and to cover that up by the end of a 10 sec jump youd be at half power, and that would be a safety so that the cloak doesnt kill your power gen...

At least thats why I think you cant jump while cloaked...

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