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Forum Index » » Beta Testing Discussion » » a few notes on beta testing i found
 Author a few notes on beta testing i found
Obiwan Kenobi
Grand Admiral

Joined: January 14, 2005
Posts: 99
From: Mooresboro , North Carolina United States
Posted: 2005-05-02 18:57   
i had a few minutes that i was bored so i decided to try out some stuff in the beta and see what worked. Heres what i found was wrong with what i used. Everything tested was UGTO.

The target of choice was sirus 3 with these ships it had 9 structures and 4 inf if that is relative to anything in this...

for the game in general i found that when i docked at a sy, instead of placing me in the ship selection screen, i stayed in the area my ship had been... i had to press escape and play to get to ship selection afterward. also when i exited the game it closed me out to windows instead of closing me out and loading the lobby...i had to load the entire thing again.

the planet itself had a few things that i think should be addressed too...for one when i was bombing i couldnt see any structures, i only saw the 4 inf on it. Also i never got a planet collision warning when running straight at the planet at full speed in any of the ships i tried.

As for the ships i used the bomber cruiser and scout...with the cruiser i used the neutron bombs i launched 4 in a direct run with the planet and only 3 actually showed yet 4 where shown as launched. Then i turned to the left side and fired 2 at the planet again, i got it showing 2 launched in my stores but never had a view of either bomb leaving my ship or anywhere in between me or the planet...i did the same for the right side and found that it launched both and only 1 showed on screen yet my stores dropped on both...i am also unsure if the neutron bomb has had anything done to make it work right but just to address the matter it still doesnt work

also i noticed that in the relase the bombers cant bomb any closer than 100 gu from a planet and when i tried that in here i was able to get as close as 52 gu from the planet and could still fire them.

for the ships in general i noticed that when i used ecm, eccm, or the scanner that my signature never increased or decreased and also when i increased and decreased speed that it was never affected either

gunboat destroyer is still listed twice in ship selection screen

well thats all that i noticed when i was in there...hope that helps some

Do or Do Not, There is no Try.

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-Admiral Dylan Hunt
Vice Admiral
Praetorian Wolves

Joined: December 14, 2002
Posts: 63
From: New York
Posted: 2005-05-02 19:38   
same things happen on k'luth with the sy.


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