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Forum Index » » Beta Testing Discussion » » Suggestions regarding wormhole device.
 Author Suggestions regarding wormhole device.
Grand Admiral

Joined: May 30, 2003
Posts: 2449
From: United Kingdom
Posted: 2005-03-23 14:22   
Everyone will agree the the WH device is a valuable and often essential tool in the travel around the MetaVerse and when engaging in fleet operations. it was introduced as a method to rapidly travel in the new MV. Reducing the time it takes to get to the front lines and to attack enemy systems.
It is effective; extremely so. But I have on several occasions come to ask whether it is a little too effective and overpowered for its original intentions.
At the same times as the introduction of the Wormhole device we also got shipyards. In a way both of these fulfil a similar function:- rapid travel around the new universe.
The shipyard was intended to allow players to get to the frontlines fast, but the wormhole also achieves the same goal, but to the point where the game no longer has the front lines. Due to the nature of the WH you can easiliy bypass systems that you want to ignore. There are no longer any essential objectives to capture in this warfare, and unfortunately I beleive this takes away some of the fun of the game. the biggest issue is that a WH can easily span several star systems. It's range is enormous compare to the scale of the MV.
My suggestion would be to reduces its range. Make it so that you can only traverse a system at a time. It will help make the MV seem larger and capturing systems on your route a lot more vital in order for invasions to succeed. sure you can try teh daring deep space raid, but it will take more time and you will need to be careful that you have made plans to be able to escape if it fails. Not just open a wormhole back into your home clusters from deep in enemy territory or vice versa.

I would suggest reducing the station wormhole range to about 1.5 million GU. It still gives it rapid transport over distances but helps make territorial control a much more important part of the game. I think the JumpCruiser WH should be reduced to about 600k gu. Again sufficient enough to travel from system to system.

Please discuss the points I have made. I am interested in seeing other peoples views. And please just dont say 'yeah great idea' or 'no bad idea cos its lame'. I want to hear why you think so.
It's gone now, no longer here...Yet still I see, and still I fear.rnrn
DarkSpace Developer - Retired

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Fleet Admiral

Joined: April 12, 2002
Posts: 126
From: WinterRose
Posted: 2005-03-23 19:04   
Instead, I got another suggestion. Why not, just, don't allow it to work *inside* a system? I mean, compared to jumping into a system the old fashioned way, coming in at a point of a system from the outside seems just as neat.

And of course, perhaps return the ability for Stations to jump the old fashioned way, so they won't just get stuck out in the boonies and thus useless.

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