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Forum Index » » Beta Testing Discussion » » A slot system...(Not a suggestion, duh.)
 Author A slot system...(Not a suggestion, duh.)
Chief Marshal
Galactic Navy

Joined: May 19, 2002
Posts: 2576
Posted: 2005-03-06 16:21   
This is a Modified slot system, thought out by me.

Before I even begin, I’m going to emphasize this : This is NOT a suggestion post. Period. Nor is it a post targeting the current slot system, this is here for people to give thought on.

Also, please., no flaming is necessary. I know the beta patch is due in a few months, or maybe even earlier. Don’t throw it in my face. Don’t say either that I never played beta, because I have. Also, do not say that beta is not finished, because I know that, too. So if you flame, you yourself make yourself out to be an idiot. This is for reasonable discussion only, about if it’s a good thought out thing, or if it sucks balls like no tommorow.

I know as I post this, it will be thrown out before read by Administrators (specifically Tael), but in truth, I don’t care. This post is mostly for the fun of putting it down in type and to see what people would think of it when applied to Beta. Again, this is not a suggestion post, but mostly a “Think about the options post.”

This system was devised in the best interests of all factions, and is unbiased to the letter (even though I want to make it so the EAD is uber )
It also bears some resemblance to 1.480 slot system, just a bit more modified.

Anyways here it is…

This slot system is based on a free slot system, but with limitations, so that it cannot be overdone. It is also limited by class of ship and the ship type, to prevent things like a scout with Heavy Beams.

This system, is also based on the current beta components, as they are implemented, however since some gadgets have not been implemented yet, I cannot form any basis as to where they belong. (V1.483). From release, which is 1.482.8. This is also based on the pretense that NOTHING is faction specific EXCEPT for the super weapons (Quantum Singularity Torpedo, Stellar Incinerator, Ion Cannon.)

(Exempted Gadgets as of date are : Anti-Ship Missile, Guardian Missile, All Homing Mines, Mass Pulse Cannon, Neutron Bomb, Planetary Siege Missile, PSI Form Beam, Quantum Singularity Bomb.

Basic layout is this, for slots they are based on type with exceptions:

Beam Slot (Includes Pulse beam, Standard Beam, Disruptor)
Heavy Beam Slot (Includes Heavy Beam, Disruptor Assault)
Projectile Slot (Includes Particle Cannon, Psi Cannon, Railgun, Gauss Gun, EMP Cannon.)
Torpedo Slot (Includes Proton Torpedo, Fusion Torpedo, Anti-Matter Torpedo.)
Light Missile Slot (Includes AR Missile, Shredder Missile.)
Medium Missile Slot (Includes IT Missile, Schlock Missile, Psi Missile, Sabot Rockets)
Heavy Missile Slot (Includes Proton Cruise Missile, Shock)
Sensor Slot (Includes ECM, ECCM, Beacon, Scanner. Mining Beam [Exception])
Power Slot (Includes Auxiliary Power Generator, Auxiliary Shield Generator)
Mine Slot (Includes Anti-Matter Mine, EMP Mine, Nuke Mine, and possibly all the homing mines when implemented.)
Engine Slot (Includes AME Drive, AFE Drive, PFE Drive, IE Drive)
Jump Drive Slot (Includes Anti-Matter Jump Drive, Tachyon Jump Drive)
Bomb Slot (Includes MiRV Bomb, Tele-Kenetic Bomb, Bio Bomb)
Heavy Bomb Slot (Includes Planetary Siege Missile)
Armor/Shield Slot (Interchangeable.) (Includes Light Armor, Standard Armor, Heavy Armor, Organic Armor, Reflective Shields, Active Shields)
Build/ Repair Slot (Interchangeable.) (Includes Repair Bay, Build Bay.)
Fighter Slot (Includes Fighter Bays [Interceptors, Bombers, Assault]]

These are the basic slots, most non specific ships will have, and ill go on about limiting them later on.
The special slots are as follows :

Special Beam Slot (Includes Flux Beam, ELF beam.)
Special Offensive Weapons Slot (Includes Flux Wave)
Special Defensive Weapons Slot (Includes Pulse Shield)
Special Super Weapons Slot (Faction Specific) (Includes Ion Cannon [ICC], Quantum Singularity Torpedo [UGTO], Stellar Incinerator [K’luth])
Special Jump Drive Slots (Includes Wormhole Device I, Wormhole Device II, Hypermass Accelerator [Exception])
Special Cloak Slot. (Includes Cloaking Device)
Special Repair Slot (Includes Auto-Repair)
Special Disruption Slot (Includes Jump Disruption)
The Limitations -

The slots are designed here to solve many current problems, but it also provides some other ones, as well as new options for specialized ships.

To be as blunt as possible, this system is good, except that it can allow for some pretty way out in the air modifications on ships. Though I did it as carefully as possible so it could be avoided.

Basic Slots are available on all ships where they are provided, special slots are specific to certain ship(s) where applied. (For example the Jump Disruptor is only available on Interdictor ships, but Flux/Elf is available wherever the slot is applied.)

To be as fair as possible, armor and shields are interchangeable, BUT you cannot have both at the same time on any ships not ICC, this would mean that on UGTO you could either have shields or armor, but on ICC you could have Armor AND shields.

Organic Armor should not be limited to K’luth either, BUT, on ships such as UGTO and ICC, their repair rates are drastically reduced than on Kluth ships, and the auto-repair should remain the same.

The Cloak in my eyes should remain only Kluth, but as it is, I don’t think it would work in release. It should take less power to activate (around 15), but its workings are affected by ECCM. More ECCM there is, the more power it takes to deflect it.

With the exceptions, I added the Mining Beam to the sensor slot, because there was currently no ship particularly suited to mining, except the extractor, but there were other ships better suited to mining than it.

Also, the hyper mass accelerator is only for Stations.

The WH and WHII devices can both be fitted on a Jump Cruiser, however, they would first need to build one and then buy it for an exceptionally large sum of credits, and the WH Device I should not be able to be to compensate for those credits when sold after the modding.


Now with the limitations on ships on the weapons and the like.

Beam Slot - Should be available on all ships. Limited to no more than 12 on any given ship.
Special Beam Slot - Should be available on all combat ships Cruiser or higher, BUT no more than 2 on any ship. [Exception - K’luth Drainer]
Heavy Beam Slot - Should be available on combat ships cruiser and higher. Limited to no more than 8 on any given ship.
Projectile Slot - Should be available on all combat ships and some non-combat ships.
Torpedo Slot - Should be available on all ships Destroyer and higher; limitations include - Destroyer, No more than 5. Cruiser, No more than 7, Dreadnought, No more than 9. Station, No more than 12.
Light Missile Slot - Should be available on all Missile Based ships.
Medium Missile Slot - Should be available on all Missile Based ships Cruiser and higher.
Heavy Missile Slot - Should be available on all Missile Based ships Dreadnought and higher.
Sensor Slot - Should be available on all ships where applicable.
Power Slot - Valid where reasonably applicable.
Mine Slot - Valid where reasonably applicable.
Engine Slot - On every single ship, however, the Engines performance should be modified by class type, and number. (Scouts have 1-2, Frigates 2-3. Destroyers 3, Cruisers 3-4, Dreadnoughts 5, Stations 6-7, Engineers 3, Transports 2-3, Supply 3.)
Jump Drive Slot - One every ship, except Stations and the Jump Cruiser.
Special Jump Drive Slot - Limited to Stations and the Jump Cruiser. Recommend implementation for the UGTO/K’luth Command Dreadnoughts.
Bomb Slot - On every ship designed for bombing.
Heavy Bomb Slot - On every ship designed for bombing, but limited to cruisers and higher.
Armor/Shield - All ships, including the extractor this time.
Build/Repair - Limited to Engineers, Supplies, Command Dreadnoughts, the Gangila, and all Stations.
Fighter Slots - Limited to any ship where applied, cruiser and higher; no more than 8-10 on a ship.
Special Offensive Weapons - Limited one per ship, and only on ships cruiser and higher.
Special Defensive Weapons - Limited to 1 Per ship, and on any ship Destroyer and higher.
Special Cloak Slot - Limited to all Kluth ships.
Special Repair Slot - Limited to all Kluth ships.
Special Disruption Slot - Limited to Interdictor Cruisers; Recommend implementation on GA-Rank Stations (UGTO Sector Command Station, ICC Line Station, K’luth Colony)


With this, tell me your comments on it. I will be glad to reason on it.

2nd Rear Admiral Sobaan

Joined: November 21, 2004
Posts: 30
From: The shadows of human imaginations abroad
Posted: 2005-03-19 09:19   
after a somewhat retracted run through of your post, it would seem your system is very very very un-open ended, the main idea of ship customization is to give the player room to modify a ship to fit his playstyle, not switch out for the best weapons for your hardpoints, which would propably be the case (feel free to contradict me here). Overall the system is very complexified and the newbies would propably have trouble getting into it, just because it's so overwhelming.

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Joined: July 03, 2002
Posts: 3695
From: San Francisco Bay Area
Posted: 2005-03-19 16:59   
I've been looking into the following system:

Light Mount - Fighter grade main weapons
Light Launcher - Fighter grade Missiles
Standard Mount - Standard CL/Disruptor/Rail/Gauss
Standard Launcher - Torps/Missiles
Heavy Mount - Heavy CL/ELF/ Assault Disruptor
Heavy Launcher - PCM/Siege Missiles
Core Weapon - QST/Stellar Incinerator/ION Cannon
Rack - Bombs
Small Bay - Reload/Build
Large Bay - Fighter/Mines

Drive - Engines
Jump 1 - Standard Jump Drive
Jump 2 - Wormhole Class 1 device
Jump 3 - Wormhole Class 2 device/Hyper Mass Accelerator

Defense - Armor/Shield {may make armor and shield different slots after testing balance}
Interdictor - Interdictor

EW - Scanner/ECM/ECCM
Special 1 - Auxillary Power Gen/Auxillary Shield Gen/Tractor {May combine EW with this class}
Special 2 - Flux {UTGO only}/Pulse{ICC Only}/AHR{Kluth Only}/Cloak{Kluth Only}


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