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 Author get on with it would you
BIOnics Industry Syndicate

Joined: May 29, 2001
Posts: 1955
From: Denmark
Posted: 2005-02-26 09:28   
this have to stop

we need one running map with loads of res on al lplanets that runs 24/7

make a map with 3 planets one for each fraction that have all it need

i just spent

1 hour capping systems as icc to i got to an kluth map that was large enugh and had something simple as an terran planet

ended up in proycon system

and after intence building of mines for 2 hours of the maps running time of 3 i cant even spawn an destoyer from the sy planet, this is redicilus testing conditions.

need us to have sane comments about the ships and layout we need to be able to load them up, in under 3 hours.

IM regular tester at lucas arts and there this would not happen NEVER ...


just to get something of my chest before i go even more insane that im known to be

P:@12 C:$38

LOVE the smell of human flesh in the morning smells like MVictory

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Hellza - master

Joined: February 24, 2004
Posts: 556
Posted: 2005-02-26 10:29   

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-Admiral Dylan Hunt
Vice Admiral
Praetorian Wolves

Joined: December 14, 2002
Posts: 63
From: New York
Posted: 2005-02-26 13:41   

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Grand Admiral

Joined: November 09, 2002
Posts: 181
From: San Antonio, Texas
Posted: 2005-02-26 17:08   
as I have stated about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I already prepared a map for Beta testing. It consists of 3 planets pre-built, with 3 mod moons of all 3 facs. I already uploaded it to the other side, since there was no upload on this beta site.The map name is "Beta test map"
The fleetless are not to be trusted.

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Fatal Squadron

Joined: August 29, 2002
Posts: 1384
Posted: 2005-02-26 17:52   

On 2005-02-26 09:28, Ragglock wrote:
IM regular tester at lucas arts and there this would not happen NEVER ...

Hey Ragg, how about you guys at Lucas arts make another Star Wars Rebellion, and maybe MMPOG?

I also agree that there has to be some longer&bigger maps here in beta so we can stop building for 4/5ths of the time.

Galactic Navy

Joined: March 23, 2003
Posts: 11180
From: Bristol, England
Posted: 2005-02-27 08:49   
I have a 3 planet map that all tech running, planets are UNCAPABLE, even if you had 14 bombers come towards it. With 20 AM torps a base, its pretty impossible to attack it, plus the 3000 safezone. Put one planet in the middle or nebula named "Attack Grounds". But I cant get a word out of Faustus for this as he's the one who can do the maps.

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Chief Marshal

Joined: October 22, 2001
Posts: 1276
Posted: 2005-02-27 17:34   
I modified Sirius pretty heavily to hopefully allow for easier testing.

Each faction has a small home cluster of three planets. The theory was one with depots, one for modding, and another with a shipyard. Please don't attack the enemy home base. In fact, don't even go to the enemy's home base - just leave any ships or planets alone if they're in the home clusters.

In the center are all the old Sirius planets, open to all. Feel free to attack any planets, ships, or whatever in the center of the map. I tried to leave enough planets floating around that factions could actually fight over them a bit or just fight around them.

The flight in from the home areas is kinda long; if you'd prefer me to move those planets in, I can do so, but it also helps keep them isolated and free from attacks from the ignorant or annoying.

The map is set as Metaverse, so there shouldn't be an end to it, but I set the timer at a few billion days just in case.

If you have any suggestions, post them here.

[ This Message was edited by: Mithrandir on 2005-02-27 17:36 ]

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