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Forum Index » » Beta Testing Discussion » » Laymens explaination to Beta Testing Rules ** READ **
 Author Laymens explaination to Beta Testing Rules ** READ **

Joined: July 03, 2002
Posts: 3695
From: San Francisco Bay Area
Posted: 2005-02-13 21:10   
Engineers and Miners violating no attack priveledge

Something I have noticed is Engineers and Miners attacking other ships then claiming you cant attack them back because they are covered from a Do Not Attack clause...

Welp, its simple, if an engineer or Miner attack another ship, they have nullified their ceasefire priveledge. Thus are now subject to normal ship combat until destroyed by any other ship.

The Staff has been instructed that if either are attacked without provocation, then handle the issue as necessary. If they are attacked in retribution, to bad, they broke the cease fire and can be fired upon until killed.


Bombing in Beta

I am not ready to test it yet... Players are going to play with it, thats fine, non-flag worlds can be bombed once they are built up.

If an engineer is building a non-flag planet and is actively in orbit of that planet and asks a bomber to not bomb, then the bomber is to leave the planet alone until it is finished and the engineer is no longer in orbit.


Building in Beta

Build flag planets first.
Optionally you may build rare resource planets as long as they do not have defense structures that attack mining ships until all flag planets are fully built. Rare Resources are considered: Hyper Matter, Dark Matter, Uridium

Once all Flag planets initially reach 30 structures, building defense structures on rare resource planets is permitted.


Flag Planets

In beta each faction should be permitted to have atleast 1 flag, if possible allow each faction to have as close to an equal share of flags as possible.


Capturing Planets

Normal invasion and capping of non-flag planets (including non-flag rare resource planets) is permitted. In the case of rare-resources, building of defense structure rule is still in effect.

Point Defense shooting down of Troop Pods and Bombs are permitted at all times and do not violate a engineer or miners non-aggression protection clause.


Special Case Rules

Only an admin can excuse or augment these rules, If an admin needs to test something, they can give a moretorium for the period of time they are testing. At the end of their testing, normal rules and restrictions are placed back into effect.


If people continue to abuse or violate these rules and those included in the Beta Testing Guide and RoC, then those accounts will have their beta pres reset to 0 and will no longer be given free prestige.

Should we continue to have issues, the I will simply switch back off the free trial flag that allows everyone to play on beta and noone will have over a scout unless an admin gives individual permission. Switching of flags will be at admins discretion and when "they feel like it", so could take days.

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Galactic Navy

Joined: March 23, 2003
Posts: 11180
From: Bristol, England
Posted: 2005-02-13 21:58   
Thank you tael, much abliged for the rules that so many people are blind to in beta.

Hopefully people will read this.

Might be handy to make a news item of this thread.

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Grand Admiral

Joined: October 14, 2003
Posts: 329
From: Queensland, Australia
Posted: 2005-02-14 03:15   
*takes notes*


~Insanity Is Only The Beginning~

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Coeus {NCX-Charger}
Sundered Weimeriners

Joined: February 16, 2004
Posts: 3634
From: South Philly
Posted: 2005-02-14 17:34   
Much better. GJ

Darkspace: Twilight

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NeoHermes (vigilance)
Sundered Weimeriners

Joined: September 29, 2003
Posts: 217
From: Floating around somewhere
Posted: 2005-02-16 01:24   

"Never argue with an idiot. He will lower you to his level and beat you with experience"- Unknown

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Joined: February 02, 2004
Posts: 237
Posted: 2005-02-22 17:56   

Telekinesis, thats what you need, just lay back and let your mind do the walking

Fatal Command (CO)
Fatal Squadron

Joined: November 27, 2002
Posts: 1158
From: over here in New York noticing some ppl are like canoes.....they need to be paddled.
Posted: 2005-02-26 10:42   
you may want to explain this again to boba fett ,Mu La Flaga,Ragglock andAntoni as they cant comprehend written words.went into game as ICC which what I usually fly.....entire pro sys was capped except 1 planet,was 20 mins left on map...capped planet and was then attacked in engy and had planet capped away from me...even after telling them to check the forum for games rules in beta.Then Sheridan said that cause there wasnt evenough time left to do anything not to worry about it.I an worried about it..Its for testing.....not coming in and playing like its MV cause you feel like it.

[ This Message was edited by: Fatal Command *CO* on 2005-02-26 10:56 ]

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Galactic Navy

Joined: March 23, 2003
Posts: 11180
From: Bristol, England
Posted: 2005-02-26 10:44   
He has a point, people are now coming into Beta because they cant be bothered to pay for the release version. Its sad, but true :/

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BIOnics Industry Syndicate

Joined: May 29, 2001
Posts: 1955
From: Denmark
Posted: 2005-02-26 15:41   
what ever happend im sure it was an missunderstanding

i told ant to leave the flags alone well dident see much more after that becaus with 5 min left and no res tospawn other ships i loged

anyway took me about 2 1/2 hour work it up to spawn anything

so you expect you can do it in 20 min
P:@12 C:$38

LOVE the smell of human flesh in the morning smells like MVictory

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Galactic Navy

Joined: March 23, 2003
Posts: 11180
From: Bristol, England
Posted: 2005-03-19 13:59   

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Chief Marshal
Galactic Navy

Joined: March 22, 2003
Posts: 574
Posted: 2005-03-20 20:27   

Chief Marshal
Galactic Navy

Joined: March 22, 2003
Posts: 574
Posted: 2005-03-20 20:28   


Joined: May 29, 2001
Posts: 5726
From: The Land of Taxation without Representation
Posted: 2005-03-20 21:37   

I think bumps, unfortunately, assume that people read forums, and I would hazard a guess that the people you wish to reach with the bumps are exactly the people who will not be reading this.

Sad, but probably true.

Still, don't let me discourage you.
* [S.W]AdmBito @55321 Sent \"I dunno; the French had a few missteps. But they're on the right track, one headbutt at a time.\"

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Joined: May 06, 2004
Posts: 745
From: Florida
Posted: 2005-03-20 22:18   
It's a postcount thing.
Move like water.

1st Rear Admiral

Joined: November 28, 2003
Posts: 469
Posted: 2005-03-22 20:04   
Post count? Who really cares, there aren't ranks as far as I can tell...bumping so that people hitting lobby->darkspace beta will see this at the top, and maybe even read it...
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