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Forum Index » » Beta Testing Discussion » » engie issue's noted 2-11-05
 Author engie issue's noted 2-11-05
ExtraTerrestrial Space Bums

Joined: September 29, 2002
Posts: 419
From: 29.740456 X -095.500764
Posted: 2005-02-12 14:22   

As I was on last nite building a sy planet I found a few bug's that i havent seen listed yet.

1. Planet locking. I noticed that after locking a planet, any other planet veiwed or worked on by that person will lock automaticly.

2. From inside the enginer interface constucting buildings will sometime's not enable the build gadgit. I found that the higher tech lvl building's required me to look, and make sure the build was working, and not a green ready icon when building was in progress.

3. Power station's need to be looked at. While it is helpfull to build lvl 3 powerstations in 40 sec there build time should be more in line with other lvl 3 building's.

4. Solar power these were great way back in the day. However in the current and future game version's they simply do not work. They either need to act like a planetary battery when on the dark side or made orbital so they can provide power full time.

5. Resourse management.

6. Scraping. After the first scraping of inf or a building the interface no longer require's double clicking. Just clicking on the noun and then the scap button will delet it instead of clicking the scrap button again.

Be ever vigilent in the dark of the void for we dance death in the path's without light

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