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 Author Ship Design Notes [2005-02-06 update]

Joined: October 14, 2003
Posts: 146
From: A state with too many A\'s....
Posted: 2005-03-19 03:44   
Ive noticed that fighters are now able to shoot down fighters, and fighters ram debris and die to the debris, kinda cool. on the issue of weakened fighters how come you guys removed the missles from the standard fighters? I mean I can see the lag issue, but why not something like a mini AR or Shredder, or something like a mini sabot rocket launcher, also it would be nice if fighters had an actual anti fighter weapon on the standard fighter, I mean arent they kinda supposed to be the jack of all trades master of none. Also why cant standard fighters attack planetary structures like they were supposed to be able to... Even though their still kinda cool and nice, takes forever to reload them I mean in modern combat we have catapults, and should only take like 30 secs to reload the tube and 5 secs to be fully prepped for launch and fighters arent powerful enough 1 group(first launch) vs enemy ship we really could use being able to either launch faster or have fighters with a bit more expanded firing capacity.

Ive also noticed that a lot of the ships have Firing arcs that dont seem to go with the rest of the arcs and symetry and where theyre coming from in comparison to its twin launcher. like for instance the one you said youve fixed on the Combat dread, It has 2 PCMS the fire left problem is that one comes from the right and one comes from the left so the one PCM has to go around the ship and eventually hit the target, so it should be one is to port and one is to starboard, but would really limit the fire power maybe it could fire both port and starboard. Theres a few others where one fires from the right and fore, and its twin fires right and fore but the way all the other weapons are firing from it should fire left and fore and it fires fron the left side of the ship... So yeah just a few problems like that, mostly in Cruisers and Dreads that Ive noticed. Then theres a few weapons that dont match up in stock like EAD has a torp thats lower lvled then it should be.

Another thing about stations the 4th reload on it, why not instead make a special reload for the station that wont go into other ships that has repairs faster or give it a much higher lvl reload like a lvl 10 or something like that. That could make life a lot easier and you wouldnt have to give it a 4th reload and it would fill its role as the repair station that sits off to the side fixing things.

[ This Message was edited by: Trekkie_Zero{Lost Atlantian} on 2005-03-19 04:07 ]

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