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Grand Admiral

Joined: November 09, 2002
Posts: 181
From: San Antonio, Texas
Posted: 2005-02-05 11:02   
Beta is not the place to kill for fun. It is designed and put up for the use of "testing" the new ships and equipment. I fully agree with over half of you in this thread. Which is why I had already submitted a "beta test map" with all 3 facs, Shipyards, and Defences up and running and a "test moon" to test equipment on. Alas, I submitted it to the release side, for I didn't find the submit button for the map on this side. Happy hunting.

[ This Message was edited by: Zepher on 2005-02-05 11:04 ]
The fleetless are not to be trusted.

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Wyke {ThorsHammer}

Joined: February 22, 2003
Posts: 416
Posted: 2005-02-05 13:49   

Some general pointers for etiquette on the beta.

Building SY and getting ships requires resources so :
- Dont attack engineers,
- Dont attack extractors,
- Dont corner the only source of rare resources, make them mining planets to speed resource production, dont make them difficult cap, and transport off the resource you need.
- Dont bomb mining planets,

If you are short of resources tell the 'other side' (#1) and conversly If the other side is short of a key resource your faction will need to surrender a planet with that resource. So make it easy.

(#1) On the beta you should consider everybody on the same side, the side that is trying to make darkspace a great game for everybody, even those people playing another faction. And this is the entire point of the beta.

And its good to say it seems to be coming along fine.


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Lord DowneyBUM (UK)
Fleet Admiral

Joined: January 13, 2003
Posts: 437
From: London England
Posted: 2005-02-05 14:33   
Hurrah, so speaks the voice of reason.

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Grand Admiral

Joined: May 30, 2003
Posts: 2449
From: United Kingdom
Posted: 2005-02-06 09:16   
Anyone testing Beta is required to read the beta testing guide before proceeding. Thnx for the list Wyke, fits in nicely.
It's gone now, no longer here...Yet still I see, and still I fear.rnrn
DarkSpace Developer - Retired

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Grand Admiral

Joined: October 22, 2004
Posts: 784
From: Florida
Posted: 2005-02-07 20:21   
Cant we all juat get along

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