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 Author changelog?
Grand Admiral

Joined: February 24, 2003
Posts: 89
From: twitch
Posted: 2005-01-13 04:45   
is there a change log that is kept fairly well up to date anywhere for the beta client? At the moment testing seems to be a process of hunting through finding what has been changed.

If we had an up to date changelog at our disposal then we would know exaclty what needed testing from update to update

changes look great so far tho... keep up the good work


a resource that shows known bugs and so on would also be helpful

[ This Message was edited by: twitch {Dark Angels} on 2005-01-13 04:47 ]
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Grand Admiral

Joined: May 30, 2003
Posts: 2449
From: United Kingdom
Posted: 2005-01-13 12:45   
the is the Development Log which has details of the latest changes to Darkspace Beta.

As for currently known bugs please see this thread

Once the next updates have been done then we will work through the issues listed and I will edit the initial post to indicate which bugs have/haven't been fixed and also to indicate whther of not someone has check to see if the bug has been fixed in the latest version.
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