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Forum Index » » Beta Testing Discussion » » As requested by antdizzle
 Author As requested by antdizzle
Fleet Admiral

Joined: September 10, 2002
Posts: 310
From: smilingjester
Posted: 2005-01-11 19:53   
* Joining 'Developer Meeting'...
* [Evil]Rock nods at [Admin]Faustus...
01:01:01 [S.W]AdmBito: "Good thinking"
01:01:09 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "hey vinco if u dont want the green shirt i'll take it"
01:01:10 [Admin]Faustus: "LOL"
* [Evil]Rock slaps Demorian in the head...
01:01:15 Demorian: "And they pour in in droves."
* EVENT: 'Developer Meeting' event is starting now...
01:01:38 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "i wanna be a mod"
01:01:38 [Admin]Faustus: "FYI... I'm eating dinner at the same time right now "
01:01:46 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "ok"
01:01:44 [S.W]AdmBito: "I like the room off to the side; didnt want to disrupt normal Beta lobby chat"
* (Former)Fleet Admiral Enterprise has entered the room...
01:01:58 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "just a quick question in the next release will i be a mod?"
01:02:04 (Former)Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "lol..."
01:02:12 (Former)Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "You already know the answer to that one."
01:02:34 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "i think the answer is yes"
01:02:40 [S.W]AdmBito: "Yes, and I think Tael may be giving you extra prestige..."
01:02:45 [Admin]Faustus: "any word on tael?"
01:02:49 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "NO!"
01:02:48 (Former)Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "MOre like 'You dont know yet'."
01:02:52 [Evil]Rock: "depends on the votes"
01:02:54 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "tael gives bad prestige!"
01:03:15 (Former)Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "It all depends on the votes. And whether or not any or fake."
01:03:26 (Former)Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "The fake ones are of course counted."
01:04:04 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "i think that all the apps under 18 should be deleted from the sign up thread with a post saying u do not meet age reqs"
01:04:10 [Admin]Faustus: "anyway... this isn't a mod meeting... "
01:04:31 [Admin]Faustus: "I want to know where taelron is... and if anyone knows if he's coming or not?"
01:04:44 Demorian: "Yea, it's a Dev meeting folks... not here to do staff stuff."
01:04:44 Vinco: "No clue"
01:04:49 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "sorry havent seen him in a few days"
01:04:49 [Evil]Rock: "no clue"
01:04:57 Demorian: "No idea on that one, F. Haven't seen him today, but I haven't been online."
01:05:14 [Admin]Faustus: "ok... well, that seems about right..."
01:05:31 [Evil]Rock: "he posted a bit ago so hes been on"
01:05:39 [Admin]Faustus: "I haven't got an email from him in a fe days..."
01:05:45 [Admin]Faustus: "he might be working.."
01:05:55 (Former)Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "Might be relaxing."
01:06:04 [Admin]Faustus: "yeah, that too.."
01:06:21 [Admin]Faustus: "ok, lets get started..."
01:07:24 [Admin]Faustus: "I've obviously been getting some changes up into beta lately.."
01:07:44 [Admin]Faustus: "mostly, taking feedback from taelron ... and updating the beta wobs when he needs... additionally.."
01:08:13 [Admin]Faustus: "I'm making some graphics optimizations, that will improve the PC but are also needed for the XBOX version..."
01:08:45 [Admin]Faustus: "we should see a remarkable speed improvment when rendering hundreds of fighters now..."
01:08:52 [Admin]Faustus: "once this change is up..."
01:08:57 [Admin]Faustus: "also...."
01:09:23 Demorian: "Interjection: Did Gid's low-polygon fighter remakes ever make it into the game?"
01:09:31 [Admin]Faustus: "I spent a few days completely reorganizing the entire workspace for DarkSpace, Medusa, and GameCQ..."
01:09:58 [Admin]Faustus: "@demo... it's on the list... I've got to update our max exporter..."
01:10:07 [Admin]Faustus: "it's still for max 3.5 .."
01:10:25 Demorian: "Roger. Just asking. Carry on."
01:23:54 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "what are the chances of stack bombing making a come back and increasing the refire rate of the def bases to compensate for it? maybe even the HP or the building or inf?"
01:24:03 [Admin]Faustus: "@demorian.. you emailed me about a mini-game..."
01:24:25 Demorian: "@Faustus, we can discuss that in private, I think."
01:24:38 Demorian: "After the meeting, if you don't mind."
01:24:47 [Admin]Faustus: "alrighty then... any questions?"
01:24:51 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "what are the chances of stack bombing making a come back and increasing the refire rate of the def bases to compensate for it? maybe even the HP or the building or inf?"
01:24:50 [S.W]AdmBito: "Well..."
* (Former)Fleet Admiral Enterprise raises an eyebrow...
01:25:22 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "it'll make capping harder yet more enjoyable"
01:25:18 [Admin]Faustus: "@smiling... that just seems to hard to balance, and would open the door to exploits again..."
01:25:30 (Former)Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "What is the likelyhood that the UGTO EAD will maintain the same model?"
01:25:32 [Admin]Faustus: "not to mention, the lag a few hundred bombs caused some players.."
01:25:45 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "hrmm"
01:26:03 [S.W]AdmBito: "That was the old netcode, and it was a very temporary time"
01:26:06 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "what where u alternatives to that lag situation besides nerfing them?"
01:26:15 [S.W]AdmBito: "a flash when the bombs were in the air"
01:26:30 [Admin]Faustus: "stack bombing isn't coming back.."
* [S.W]AdmBito sees the door slam close...
01:27:00 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "shucks"
01:27:02 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "oh"
01:27:13 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "what about tha post i made about working for your res lost?"
01:27:20 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "did u happen to catch that post F?"
01:27:23 [Admin]Faustus: "look, the ideal is this... it takes 2-3 bombers to take out a well defended planet... "
01:27:34 [Admin]Faustus: "if thats not the case, then we re-balance the game..."
01:27:46 [S.W]AdmBito: "Rebalance..."
01:27:46 (Former)Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "Questions about the QST...is it going to remain UGTO only?"
01:27:47 [Admin]Faustus: "it should never been doable by 1 bomber, with a supply.."
01:28:03 [Admin]Faustus: "@enterprise... ask taelron.."
01:28:29 [Admin]Faustus: "cause I don't know "
01:28:34 (Former)Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "Hehe."
01:28:37 [S.W]Cassius: "what about shipyards where a person is in orbit of a sy planet and is down to 10 hull left and he suddenly disappears intoo sy and respawns with a new ship at 100 hull to avoid a death any change gonna happen there"
01:28:41 [S.W]AdmBito: "Can I ask a question along the lines of boming please?"
01:28:46 [S.W]AdmBito: "Or a few questions?"
01:28:57 [Admin]Faustus: "anyone watching that "rage against the machine" show on SciFi..?"
01:28:58 [S.W]Cassius: "see that all the time "
01:29:01 [S.W]AdmBito: "Ooooh, Cassius first"
01:29:13 (Former)Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "Thanks Dane."
01:29:43 (Former)Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "<---is busy with Terragen (who the heck knew landscapes would be fun to make..)"
01:29:56 [Admin]Faustus: "@cassius.... yeah, we could rework the blockade code...so that once a planet becomes blockaded, you can't spawn from it.."
01:30:03 (Former)Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "Question about planets...are they ever goign to increase in size?"
01:30:11 [Admin]Faustus: "and make it easier to blockade planets as well.."
01:30:15 [Admin]Faustus: "@enterprise... yes"
01:30:16 [S.W]Cassius: "that would be graet"
01:30:34 [S.W]AdmBito: "Its easy to bloacjae planets already"
* [Evil]Viet Minh @35420 sent to Clan: "hiya"
01:30:41 (Former)Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "Are there any new types of planets in process?"
01:30:50 [Admin]Faustus: "yeah, I'll re-work the blockade code tonight.. so you can't spawn from a blockaded planet.."
01:31:02 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: " @ F Working For Res Lost"
01:31:03 [=CEC=]Dane: "Not be able to spawn at all? or respawn? If you can't spawn at all people just coming in can't join a battle"
01:31:13 [S.W]AdmBito: "It should be something like 2-3 ships within 400-500 gu from XXX planet = no spawn"
01:31:38 [Admin]Faustus: "@dane.. they'll have to come into the game from a different spawn.."
01:31:41 [S.W]AdmBito: "For YYY time limit"
01:32:29 [S.W]AdmBito: "That is going to make it way to easy to cut off a system, a capture it piecemeal"
01:32:37 [S.W]AdmBito: "*and"
01:32:51 [S.W]Cassius: "my idea would be that you can from a shipyard but cant not go back in, or if ship is under 50% hull and go in you lose the prez and resource lost for that ship"
* (Former)Fleet Admiral Enterprise has entered the room...
01:33:03 (Former)Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "Silly internet cut me off after me question."
* [Evil]JM @74418 sent to Clan: "hi all"
01:33:21 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "u didnt miss the answer ent"
01:33:18 [S.W]AdmBito: "If a force, or fleet, or even two guys have to jump in from another system, they will be uncoordinated and be killed one at a time"
01:33:20 [Admin]Faustus: "@cassius... thats a better ideal, just make it so you can't use a SY if the planet is blockaded... but you can always spawn."
* (Former)Fleet Admiral Enterprise eyes Demorian suspiciously for a moment...
01:33:34 [S.W]Cassius: "yes"
* You sent to 4 Clanmembers: "hey JM in dev meeting how u doing?"
01:33:46 [Admin]Faustus: "good ideal.."
01:33:51 [S.W]AdmBito: "How about no spawning of stock ships?"
* [Evil]JM @74418 sent to Clan: "im fine"
01:34:07 [S.W]AdmBito: "So you can take moded ships out?"
* Demorian smacks (Former)Fleet Admiral Enterprise in the face with a sock full of assorted change.
01:34:11 [S.W]AdmBito: "Nevermind"
01:34:18 [S.W]AdmBito: "I see the problem still"
01:34:24 [Admin]Faustus: "yeah, NM..."
01:34:41 [Evil]JM: "hello all"
01:34:42 [Admin]Faustus: ";)"
* You sent to 4 Clanmembers: "good stuff nothing really exciting going on in the dev meeting but some cool stuff about the SY and the Platforms and the changes being made to each"
* (Former)Fleet Admiral Enterprise grabs the sock in mid-afterswing and latches onto it...determined to aquire the change inside...
01:35:02 [Admin]Faustus: "anyway, lets wrap this up then..."
01:35:11 [S.W]AdmBito: "heh"
01:35:20 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "hrmm"
01:35:18 [Admin]Faustus: "so me and demo can talk before I have to go clean the kitchen "
01:35:27 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "well how about this"
* [Evil]Viet Minh @35420 sent to Clan: "get a good ship for Grand Admirals if you can"
01:35:44 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "oh"
01:35:46 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "i know"
01:35:45 (Former)Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "@Faustus - I didnt know you eat."
* [Evil]Viet Minh @35420 sent to Clan: "something like Star Blazers"
01:35:56 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "someone asked me this earlier and i didnt know "
01:36:05 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "is there ever gunna be a new ship for the GAs out there? "
01:36:21 [Admin]Faustus: "MAYBY.."
01:36:26 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "cus as someone in the lobby pointed out earlier that it seems like a useless rank right now with nothing to be achieved from it"
01:36:29 [Admin]Faustus: "so low-priority right now.."
01:36:31 [S.W]AdmBito: "I heard Gid talking about a flagship once..."
01:36:45 [S.W]Cassius: "my only concern was the sy hate beating a hive down to 15 hull then watch it disappear and come back at 100 hull"
01:36:47 (Former)Fleet Admiral Enterprise: "Other than being higher than anyone else who isnt?"
01:36:48 [Admin]Faustus: "sorry, GA = Game Admin... "
01:36:55 [S.W]AdmBito: "I wave it around and smack people in the face with it like a sock full of change"
01:36:57 [Admin]Faustus: "thats what I was thinking.. you ment Grand Admiral"
01:37:00 Demorian: "F, make a private room whenever you're ready."
01:37:09 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "sure did"
01:37:19 [Evil]$milingJ35ter{=21st=}: "i have a few more Qs as well"
01:37:27 [Admin]Faustus: "ok, anyway... we'll work on a GA ship for the next update... l8r guys"

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