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 Author [1.482] Aug 29th Stress Test - Post Bug Reports and Comments Here!

Joined: March 04, 2004
Posts: 130
From: eindhoven, the netherlands
Posted: 2004-08-31 02:19   
the beta is really weird at the moment
it says a dll can function because it only runs on NT and not on win 95 and 3.1 then it starts runninng the loading screen, wich crashes
it doesnt give the dll it actually needs but when i tried to send a bugreport it referred to : MFC42U.DLL.

btw im running win 98


[ This Message was edited by: dop-erwt{Red Plague} on 2004-08-31 02:20 ]
ignorance is bliss

disfunction is a function

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Grand Admiral

Joined: October 30, 2001
Posts: 2337
From: Starleague Cache
Posted: 2004-08-31 05:34   
Previous game I have had to deal with Stromberg moon and CowboyFunk constantly hunting my Extractor down when I was trying to extract hydrogen from the Boonie cluster because the cluster my faction was in, the gas giant was too big to be minable. I have yet to see your complain about that.

Also, previous, I had my 'uber fighter carrier' defending the ICC's built world, ive had PLENTY of times when Kluth and UGTO thought they could pick on my engineer. Too bad they died almost instantly after I pressed N.

At least Shigernafy laid down the groundwork of the Beta rules. Now lets see them obeyed and enforced.
Ghostly Specter of an Ancient Past.

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-Admiral Dylan Hunt
Vice Admiral
Praetorian Wolves

Joined: December 14, 2002
Posts: 63
From: New York
Posted: 2004-08-31 14:52   
i was in the middle of flying my ship and about to jump when it lagged. i didn't press j yet so i wasnt stuck in a jump. this is what the log said after i did the tracert thingy

Tracing route to jupiter.palestar.com []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 9 ms 11 ms 7 ms
2 10 ms 7 ms 7 ms pos2-0-nycmnyu-ubr5.nyc.rr.com []
3 11 ms 9 ms 9 ms pos0-2-nycmnyu-rtr1.nyc.rr.com []
4 8 ms 9 ms 10 ms pos1-0-nycmnyl-rtr2.nyc.rr.com []
5 11 ms 15 ms 14 ms pos3-0-nycmnyl-rtr1.nyc.rr.com []
6 11 ms 9 ms 10 ms pos2-0-nycmnyrdc-rtr1.nyc.rr.com []
7 12 ms 9 ms 11 ms so-1-0.hsa2.Weehawken1.Level3.net []

8 14 ms 11 ms 10 ms so-6-1-0.mp1.Weehawken1.Level3.net [
9 10 ms 15 ms 9 ms ae-0-0.bbr2.NewYork1.Level3.net []
10 11 ms 8 ms 11 ms ge-9-1-52.hsa2.NewYork1.Level3.net [
11 9 ms 11 ms 12 ms us-NYC-c-r2-pos6-0.core.viatel.net []

12 22 ms 16 ms 25 ms core-01-ge-0-2-0-0.nycl.twtelecom.net [66.192.24
13 33 ms 31 ms 30 ms core-02-so-0-0-0-0.atln.twtelecom.net [66.192.25
14 66 ms 64 ms 66 ms dist-02-so-0-0-0-0.ausu.twtelecom.net [168.215.5
15 68 ms 66 ms 68 ms 66-192-253-165.gen.twtelecom.net [
16 69 ms 67 ms 74 ms
17 88 ms 71 ms 67 ms rsm.prismnet.com []
18 68 ms 78 ms 69 ms jupiter.palestar.com []

Trace complete.

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Joined: May 29, 2001
Posts: 2747
From: Austin, Texas
Posted: 2004-09-01 01:40   
Dop, you'll need to completely uninstall and delete your DarkSpace beta folder, then reinstall to get the unicode dll's off your system.


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_x$witchBladex_ [1.5 Ahoy!]

Joined: February 26, 2003
Posts: 849
From: Upstate New York
Posted: 2004-09-01 11:08   
~While mining in an extractor I came across a little problem. As soon as you harvest the max amount of one slot, lets say 1000 Metals, as soon as you harvest more of that mineral, it automatically shows that you have harvested the max amount again. But when you sell it, it sells the amount you've actaully harvested.

* [=TB=]Enterprise @39933 sent to Clan: "Thats a lie Switch, you'd never let anyone else drink rum if it were right there. You'd slip teh roofies in and start drinking it yourself and not even realize it."

ADmiraLMaXimus (Bringer of Doom)
Chief Marshal
Praetorian Wolves

Joined: March 09, 2002
Posts: 354
From: Earth
Posted: 2004-09-01 11:56   
I was just entering the beta game and after i selected my ship i had to wait almost 1 min for it to appear in game then i was stuck at moving 5 gu and could type anything or move or jump had to log
Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold..... It Is Very Cold.... In Space.....

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Grand Admiral

Joined: October 30, 2001
Posts: 2337
From: Starleague Cache
Posted: 2004-09-01 14:53   
Bugs in both release and beta.

1: Gas Giants and Inferno planets need a return of planetary hexes, at least at the equator, for the purpose of mining.

2: Health bars usually display 100% health no matter the actual health of the structure or unit. I only know something is damaged by seeing the green bar, it never displays how much damage, however.
Ghostly Specter of an Ancient Past.

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Fleet Admiral

Joined: August 18, 2001
Posts: 67
From: Ozzyla
Posted: 2004-10-03 10:10   
[Post Cleared - If you haven't got anything nice to say, Ozzy.. don't say it at all. -Dem]

[ This Message was edited by: Demorian on 2004-10-03 10:13 ]

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Fleet Admiral
Galactic Navy

Joined: October 06, 2001
Posts: 3405
From: Charlotte, North Carolina
Posted: 2004-10-04 10:40   
I need to add something to this thread, then relock it (as it is old and presumably confusing to players who want to post new bugs).

I want to apologize to Ozzyla for clearing his above post, as well as to others who may have been offended by my censorship. He confronted me about the action this morning, and while I was stubborn with him at first, it didn't take long before my brain actually started working and I allowed myself to realize my error.

Basically, I viewed his post as insulting and derogative to DarkSpace, and that's why I cleared it. This was a decision based entirely on emotion and not in any way on any Rule of Conduct. As you all know, that's something I'm not allowed to do, and certainly do not aspire to do. It was a reaction of instinct, not of reason and not of fairness. This, in turn, led to a somewhat totalitarian action on my part. That is not the nature of Palestar's staff, nor is it mine.

However, I still stand by what I said in his cleared post and what I discussed with him this morning. He could have said what he said in a better, more constructive way than what he did, and if I may speak for him, he understands this. Unfortunately, this is not enough to warrant action on my or any other moderator's part, and once again I apologize.


PS. I also regret not saving the post text, else I could restore it. My bad.

PPS. Boo hiss, Coeus.

[ This Message was edited by: Demorian on 2004-10-04 10:53 ]

Coeus {NCX-Charger}
Sundered Weimeriners

Joined: February 16, 2004
Posts: 3634
From: South Philly
Posted: 2004-10-04 10:42   
Very big of you dem In Before The Lock!

PS. <3 Demy
[Admin]Faustus broadcasts "UGTO stop launching all those damn fighters... your lagging out the MV..."

[ This Message was edited by: Coeus {NCX-Charger} on 2004-10-04 12:06 ]

Darkspace: Twilight

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