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Forum Index » » Beta Testing Discussion » » Very interesting beta I must say...
 Author Very interesting beta I must say...
1st Rear Admiral

Joined: November 28, 2003
Posts: 469
Posted: 2004-08-04 18:41   
Very interesting...the play, observe and logoff buttons are no longer labeled (obviously because everyone already knows where they are and they jsut take up programming space), the ship names and weapons lists aren't there (probably same reason as last...or to make the game more mysterious) and off course the good old fasion server reboots when you cap a planet feature is still there (allowing the game to go on forever, no messy prestigue gain or silly screen after the game is over, and besides that it gives you a chance to see who the real players are and who are noobs (noobs hit reconnect))...all in all a great beta...having a lot of fun playing it! gonna go cap af to reboot the server now *giggles with glee*
Midshipmen still need Engineering or Supply Ships

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Joined: September 14, 2001
Posts: 4604
From: Oregon, USA
Posted: 2004-08-04 18:52   
uhh...news flash...

There is no beta up for testing. Whatever is there, is just an incomplete chunck of code that is not intended to be tested for anything. It's just a placeholder...

We will make a public news announcement when there actually is a beta up.
...and lo, He looked upon His creation, and said, "Fo shizzle."

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Forseth (Ret)
Fleet Admiral

Joined: June 01, 2003
Posts: 828
From: Forseth
Posted: 2004-08-04 19:27   

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Grand Admiral

Joined: March 03, 2004
Posts: 1956
From: Vancouver
Posted: 2004-08-04 20:35   
to quote a friend

" PWNED!!!"

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