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Forum Index » » Beta Testing Discussion » » ICC pulse defense bases are way too efficient!
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 Author ICC pulse defense bases are way too efficient!
Fleet Admiral

Joined: January 21, 2002
Posts: 2001
From: Redmond,WA,USA
Posted: 2004-02-27 18:33   
Gideon, it works well except for the caveat that troops lose their Raze order 80% of the time after landing.

It is extremely effective, since most people just laeve all the inf on a planet on attack and dont distribute inf properly. Not blaming themf or it, it's just gonna be a fact.

  ICQ status

Joined: August 13, 2001
Posts: 1910
From: mrsparkle
Posted: 2004-02-27 19:13   
Have any of us tried dropping troops near defense bases, domes, or power plants, and setting them to "raze"?

I have too. I did manage to destroy a sensor base, but only damaged a defense base II about 30%. And that took a lot of time to get that damaged.

The biggest problem though is that the RAZEing infantry seem to ignore domes, generators etc.; basically everything non-military. I dropped them right next to a cluster of those 'invisible' diamonds that I knew had those types of structures, but they wound up trekking a few diamonds away to attack a defense base. They will only damage barracks, defense bases, shields, sensor bases, interdictors etc.

I even landed 10 razing troops on a starport (the only non-military building that's visible besides depots which are classified as defense for some reason), and they stayed there on that starport but never damaged it. Eventually got wiped out by the 32 rampaging heavy infantry defending the planet. It's like the starport was immune, but I think it's rather a glitch or oversight in the code.

I really did think RAZE was the answer though If thought if I could take out some of those domes or farms or generators I couldn't see but knew were there, problem solved. Nope. Check the RAZE code cuz I know my infantry ignore those buildings like they aren't there.

Or better yet, add another RAZE button. Have either RAZE military or RAZE civilian! ALT-M or ALT-C? Or whatever? That could work nicely.


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